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What Does It COST To Build A Shed?

Need a new shed, on a budget?

We could dream all day about if only money was unlimited…

But it’s important to stay within the lines, because there’s only so much hard earned cash to go around.

And just because you’re on a budget doesn't mean you can’t GET THE SHED YOU WANT.

To help get the best shed for your buck we've organized these sheds by their price. We've tried to make it easy to see what's good value, and what isn't.


On the table…

We had a look on (their prices are usually pretty good), and found what size shed you could get for how much. These sheds aren't the best quality sheds, and foundations aren't included, but we think IT’S A GOOD INSIGHT into the cost to build a shed.

$2506x65x4V or H Shed**Framing kit***
$50010x1010x8V or H Shed**V or H Shed**

*All prices are without foundations which we do recommend that you put in.

** V or H shed is a Vertical or Horizontal Shed (like a cupboard or deck box).

***Framing kit is a box of plastic brackets that help to build a wooden frame. 

Sheds by Price

How do you get a quality shed for a great price?

You've heard it all before, you get what you pay for. But its good to know what your paying for to make sure you're getting a good deal. So here is what to look for in a shed

1. The thicker the material, the better

Not only does it make the shed sturdier but its an indication of quality.

2. Resistance

Sheds are susceptable to rot, rust, fading, pests and corrosion. But these days sheds manufacturers are quick to address their deficiencies.

3. Reviews

Read homeowner reviews and do your research. It's easier at Amazon, or Home Depot to see all the information, and read reviews from previous purchasers.

6 Typical Extra Charges

Companies do have some sneaky extra charges that can add to the cost to build a shed. Its good to be aware of them before you start.

1. Delivery

Typically delivery is free, but some sneaky manufacturers will try to make their money in the delivery. You do want to get a shed delivered to your property because they can be quite heavy and cumbersome to move yourself.

2. Accessories

You may need to put in a window or something else in your shed so it will do the job you want. Accessories such as shutters, vents and flower boxes tend to be overpriced, so make sure you add it in before you purchase.

3. Foundation

Foundations typically aren't provided, so they are an added expense. Putting a good foundation down can be quite expensive so it is worth nothing the price before you purchase the shed. We have some information on choosing your foundation if you are unsure of what your options are. Find it here.

4. Paint & Drip edge(Flashing)

This is another added extra that can cost you some coin.

5. Shingles

This is only with wood sheds. Sometimes manufacturers will tell you how many bundles of shingles you need to finish the shed.

6. Storage options

On some sheds, you are restricted to special storage options, only offered by the manufacturer (especially plastic sheds). These shelves, hooks and racks can be quite expensive.

 This is a good amateur account of a cheap shed build

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Thanks for reading.

If you have any more tips for building your shed and tips to control the cost to build a shed, then please let us know.

For more information on what's involved in building a shed. Click here.

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