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10 Cheap Sheds for Sale


Need a cheap storage fix?

What about pitching your tent in the backyard, or reorganizing the dog house…?


OK if you’re looking for cheap sheds for sale, then you've COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE.

We've looked at cheap sheds FROM ALL AROUND THE WEB and found some of the best ones. Best quality, best size, best durability and all for the best price.

Were sure there’s something here for everyone.

It took us hours, we hope it only takes you minutes… Enjoy.

Dollars in a wallet

Cheap Sheds Comparison Table

Arrow Hamlet 8x6

The Hamlet

The benchmark

You might get out of this cheaper than you thought with the Hamlet by Arrow. It is a metal shed that will go up in half a day and save you from breaking the bank.

Metal sheds have been around for years, and they will continue to be because they set a great standard. They are durable, keep the weather off your equipment, and they are great value.

It’s a great size too, being large enough for your riding mower, garden tools, and equipment.


A dependable solution that will save you money and headaches. See more information here.

Great for Storing

Push mowerRiding mower
Garden suppliesWheelbarrow
Arrow Brentwood

The Brentwood

Out of the way

Don’t want to be looking at a shed in your garden? Then this is small enough to hide behind a large tree, and still hold your push mower and other long handled garden tools.

It’s quite petite as far as sheds go, but that doesn’t mean it’s not tough. The panels have a baked on enamel paint finish which is quite tough and will withstand tough weather.

The beauty of a smaller shed is that there isn’t many parts to go wrong. The roof is flat so no joins for water to find its way in, and the single door slides in and out simply.


Great out of the way storage of your usual yard maintenance suspects. Get a discount off the list price here.

Great for Storing

Push mowerLong handled garden tools
Garden suppliesHand garden tools
Rubbermaid RoughNeck

Roughneck 7×7′

Cheap and Nice

Being cheap doesn’t necessarily mean simple design and crude materials. The Rubbermaid roughneck is a great example of providing more for less.

Yes, it is a sturdy shed that will hold you’re riding mower and garden equipment, but it also has nice features such as skylights and windows in the doors for natural light.

It also comes with its own floor (although the homeowner needs to provide a flat, level foundation), and has plenty of storage options including hooks, shelves and racks.

The instructions are clear and easy to follow and with no problems you should have this up in an afternoon.


A good shed with features from more expensive sheds.. Suitable for a standard family yard. See exactly how much, here.

Great for Storing

Push mowerBikes
Riding mowerGarden tools
Arrow Lexington

The Lexington

For larger yards…

This great value 10 x 14ft shed will easily hold all of your equipment, even if you have a larger yard.

It is cheap, but comes with some great features. The gambrel roof allows some extra headroom across the width of the shed, and sliding doors make it easy to get in and out on windy days

It does cop some bad reviews, but if you have a flat, level foundation then the assembly shouldn’t be too hard. The foundation is the responsibility of the homeowner, but Arrow do sell a foundation kit (for a shed this size we do recommend a concrete slab.)

And all that space for a lot less than you think. It’s hard to beat the price for this much square footage.


It’s a neat looking, clean shed that will serve your larger yard well. See more information here.

Great for Storing

Push mowerSnowmobile
Riding mowerOnce-a-year items
Ted's Woodworking - Shed Plans

Shed Plans

Want to really save money?

There is no doubt that building a shed is cheaper than renting storage space, but building your own shed is even cheaper than that!

Not only is it less expensive, but you are in total control. You get the quality you want, and you can spend your money where you want.

Buying hardware and material is cheap compared with what you get in shed kits, so why not keep some of that money for yourself?


If you’re willing to spend the time and give it a go, anyone can build a shed with the right plans. We found a great deal here.

Great for Storing

Push mowerLong handled garden tools
Riding mowerBikes
Majestic Shed

The Majestic 8 x 12′

Wood Value

Wooden sheds are typically more expensive, but this one is amazing value.

Just looking at it, it looks like a custom build. But it comes delivered to your driveway, precut and ready to assemble. You can customize it by painting it to suit your home.

Once assembled you’ll get plenty of storage space in this 8×12, plus the added height which even includes a wraparound loft for those once a year items.

You do have to provide the shingles paint and foundation, but it comes with a shelf and the ability to purchase extras, like a window or even flowerbox.


If you’re after one shed for all of your storage needs, then this is it. You won’t believe this price!

Great for Storing

Riding mowerLong handled garden tools
BikesChristmas decorations
arrow lean to shed

Yard Saver Lean-to Shed

Save on Money and Space

If your yard, garage, and spare room are full of stuff, then this lean-to can help give you some much needed space back.

Designed to sit up against a fence or house wall, it is out of the way, but the footprint is big enough to store some sizable items. It is quite roomy for a shed that sits out of the way.

The double doors also make it easy to get your push mower or bicycles out without fuss.

Some reviewers complain of leaks in the shed, and this lean to like many others requires a flat level base. If installed on one, it will hold up fine.


Great extra storage for when you get full up. Click here for a discount on the list price.

Great for Storing
Push mowerLong handled garden tools
Garden suppliesMotorbike
Storboss Mountaineer MHD Storage Shed Doors Closed

Mountaineer MHD Storage Shed

Got a project boat, car or hotrod?

Or maybe you need some warehouse space at home?

Either way the Storboss Mountaineer is a cheap way to get safe, secure storage at home.

On the outside the steel is galvanized and has a double baked on enamel paint for long lasting storage. The two massive, lockable doors with door stops open up to 8ft wide. Plenty of space to get things in and out.

Inside you can see the braced trusses designed to carry a heavy snow load. They are low profile so there is plenty of headroom for taller folk.


Strong, reliable storage for when you need more room to grow. Available in more sizes.

Great for Storing

Riding mowerBoat
Small CarBoxes
Horizontal Refuse

Horizontal Refuse Shed

Are things not being put away?

If you need a hand organizing your front or back yard, then this horizontal shed can help.

It is on a small footprint so it can sit out of the way and store your bins, smaller garden equipment, BBQ, patio furniture or pool equipment.

The massive door opening, gives plenty of access to your items, and the reinforced roof comes up to make everything easily accessible. Making putting things away so easy, that your beloved family might start doing it more often!


Great for cleaning up your yard on a small footprint. Read homeowner reviews here.

Great for Storing

BinsSports equipment
Garden suppliesHand garden tools
Peak style fabric shed

Peak Style Shed (Canvas)

Temporary cheap storage

If you need storage now, but don’t want to commit, or don’t want something permanent then this is a solution for you.

The frame is made with baked on powder coated, high grade steel, so it will stand the outside conditions no worries.  The fabric cover comes with a lot of technology, including anti-fungal agents, fade blockers, and UV resistance.

The shed itself is quite tough for a fabric/canvas shed. But it’s not a wood, plastic or metal one. Left in harsh conditions for a long period of time it will eventually tear.


A good solution, but not a year round one. Click here for a discount from the list price.

Great for Storing
Riding mowerMotorbike

Thanks for reading.

If you know of any cheap sheds that should be here? Please let us know!


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