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Caravan Canopy 10 x 10 Review

Size (ft)10 x 10 x 11.75
Weight (lbs)58
Storage Space (cu ft)1175
Assembly time5 minutes (1 person)
Price(See below)

Wherever you want shelter, this is an almost instant solution that doesn't compromise on quality

Caravan Canopy 10 x 10

Very quick to assembleOnly 4 small legs
Quite sturdySecurity non existent
Lightweight and easy to moveNot for harsh conditions

Need an instant, portable shelter?

The Caravan Canopy 10×10 is an easy quick solution for any shelter. It is great for, (and really built for) sun and light rain protection.

Shelters like these are the choice of many market stall owners, because they go up fast, are quite mobile and are relatively stable. But you don’t have to be hawking gourmet hot dogs or handmade necklaces to own one.

They are also GREAT FOR WHEN YOU NEED SOME MORE SHELTER in your yard like family get togethers and as a temporary storage solution.

This model of canopy is made from anodized aluminum which is maintenance free if treated well. The aluminum is lighter to move than its steel counterparts.


Caravan Canopy 10x10 sidewall kit

There is a 4 wall sidewall kit available as an added extra for some privacy

The Caravan Canopy 10×10 is A GREAT VALUE BUY in between the very cheap $99 models, and the full commercial models which cost quite a bit more. The quality is there, and the price is quite reasonable.

The canopy when folded down can fit into almost any car, so it’s easy to store in an attic when not being used. It also fits in the provided bag easily when not being used.

Because it is made for market stall owners the canopy is very easy to assemble. Simply pull it out of the bag, walk the legs out, set the height then secure the shelter. It will take one person around 5 minutes all up, (maybe 10 minutes the first time).


There are some cons. Securing the 4 scrawny legs to the ground is one, although you can get weight bags to help anchor the shelter.

The canopy will keep most of the water out. It’s around the sides that is the bigger problem, but this can be fixed WITH THE SIDEWALL KIT ADDED EXTRA. It creates an enclosed space rather than an open one. This can help keep your equipment from the weather and/or prying eyes.

The canopy frame is mostly aluminum but also does have some plastic joints. These will last if they are treated well. To avoid plastic joints you need to purchase a true commercial grade shelter which is quite a jump in price.

Our Verdict:

Wherever you want shelter, this is an almost instant solution that doesn't compromise on quality.

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