Looking for Helpful Fabric Shed Reviews?

Fabric Shed Reviews

fabric shed reviewsFabric sheds are very handy. Because they are easy to assemble and quite inexpensive, they can be used to cover items that you may not of otherwise covered.

But just because they are a cheap solution doesn't mean that they are all good.

Some are better than others. So to help find the best fabric cover we have had an in depth look at a few, to see what the differences are.

Now all you have to do is choose one…


Fabric Shed Reviews

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What to Look for in a Fabric Shed

The Frame

There are only two items in a fabric shed. The cover, and the frame. And the frame is the support for the cover, so it is important that it is strong.

It needs to be steel, and preferably powder coated and treated against corrosion and rust.

Strong Anchoring System

Keeping the shed tied to the ground is very important in a fabric shed because they are so light.

If they are not tied down properly they could fly away. Fabric sheds are anchored by pegs or augers and the frame itself.

Augers are a stronger anchor, and the longer they are the better.

Strong Cover Sheet

The second part of the shed also needs to be strong. Different companies use different materials to cover their shed (which we loosely call fabric.)

There's no secret here, the heavier the better. Some covers are treated with UV resistance, anti fungal agents and even ‘anti-aging' (whatever that is) but its the weight that which determines the quality.

The Assembly Instructions

Fabric sheds are the fastest sheds to erect, but just because they are quicker, doesn't mean that its necessarily easier.

The better fabric sheds have a video that will show you how to put them up. (We've tried to link to them where possible.)


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