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Hi I'm Zac and welcome to my website

It all started when my wife was at me for ages to build a shed. From then on I've always loved spending time in my yard. Whether it's just pottering on working on a project or two

Building a Shed?

WHEN MY WIFE told me I needed a shed, I didn't know where to start...

And as I looked into sheds, i started to realize how many options and how much choice is actually out there.

"What size, what material, where should i put it, and do i need a permit were just some of the questions that I needed answering.

My research journey took me to many retail stores, asking professionals and also all over the internet.

So to make my life easier I arranged everything in one place

You can find it all here: How to Build a Shed

Looking to Keep Some Chickens?

DO YOU WANT free barn fresh eggs every morning?

Fantastic natural fertilizer and a hands free way of managing weeds in your lawn?

It sounds too good to be true doesn't it?

But before you jump in and get yourself all of the equipment you need to get started here's some info to help

It covers a range of the basics, and no so basics on chicken husbandry

Including tips, techniques, and product reviews so you can learn by other peoples mistakes...

You can find it all here: Chicken Husbandry

Want to Start a Garden?

IS THERE ANYTHING better than getting your hands dirty and pulling out food for your family?

Serious gardeners have known this for many years, but for those new to gardening...

Instead of relying on someone else for your food, why not grow some yourself?

If you are looking to get started then your in the right place 

There's information on everything you need to know, and more for those who have some experience and want better rewards

The best place to start is here:

How to Start A Garden

And remember to send me some photos of your first crop!

Pest Control

IT'S NOT A COOL SUBJECT but it affects every homeowner at some stage

Whether your trying to lay some seed, grow some fruit and veg or just get unlucky pests are an unwelcome annoyance

The good news is you don't necessarily have to call out a professional and get your checkbook out

There are things you can do to keep pests from your house and yard...

You can find it all here: Pest Control

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"Keep up the great way you're sharing your knowledge. Thank you and good luck with what you do."

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Thanks for your info, great stuff.

 - Tim

Thanks for doing the webinar. I was unable to catch it that night and was hoping it would be available. Gonna send you some photos soon of my continuing shed project.

 - Mark

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