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Bird Scarers – How to Keep Pest Birds Away from Your Property​​​​​​

Bird scarers - happy straw scarecrow

Bird scarers - happy straw scarecrow

A Residential Bird Control Guide for Home Owners

Bird control is a multi-million dollar industry. Why? Because pest birds can become a problem for property owners if they are not controlled.

  • Birds leave messes which can cause health problems, especially if left for periods of time
  • Birds are noisy which can be very annoying to people when they are trying to sleep, as most birds are up quite early (even on Sundays)
  • If birds have nested, they can get territorial which creates an issue for residence who may be attacked by birds.
  • Birds also eat plants, lawn seed and any food people try to grow in their gardens.

What’s more is that they will nest almost anywhere and are quite intelligent which means that basic bird control measures are rarely effective.

Scare away birds

Would you be scared by this?

Not all bird control measures are created equal. A local hardware store near me once hired a professional to come in and attempt to catch some birds that are living in sections up near the roof. These birds are so smart they wait for the roller door to open in the morning and are always in before closing time at night!

Unfortunately, the professionals cages are always empty. So using a professional does not always work!

Domestic Bird Control For Home Owners

So what do you need to know before you embark on controlling birds on your property?

Why are they coming to your property?

Controlling birds is easier when your property is clean, well pruned and there is nothing there for the birds to eat. Sometimes they will congregate if they are eating something in your garden, or you have recently dug up some dirt (birds like this because it’s easier to go through the loose dirt to look for worms).

If you keep your property clean and patch up any holes and spaces where the birds can get in, this should solve 90% of your problems.

What types of birds are coming?

If you look on the reviews section, you can see what gets rid of what.

The type of bird is important because some control methods work best on some birds, and some bird control measures need to be used a certain way with some birds.

How much area do you need to protect?

You can use physical barriers for small areas (such as netting, spikes, broken glass or wiring), for larger areas you will want to think in more detail about what birds are coming and why they are coming to your property, then choose the bird control measure appropriately.

How long have they been there for?

If the birds are nesting it is really hard to get rid of them without using barriers as they have young ones which they will protect vehemently.

When to call in a professional

You can pay for bird control or you can do it yourself, if you have a light problem then have a go yourself, it is much cheaper and most techniques don’t require a large time investment.

If you have a big problem, you can still try yourself, there are ‘industrial strength’ bird scarers available for domestic use too.

If you are to get someone in make sure they have good reviews, because they will take your money whether they get rid of the bird or not so make sure you get a good one!

Homeowner Bird Scarer Reviews

These reviews are of mostly my experience with the different bird scarer products. However, there are some that I haven't tried and I have taken the information from other people who have used the products.

Bird Scarer Information Articles

In these articles, I answer questions about bird deterrents and keeping pest birds away from a property.

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