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What To Look For When Buying Bird Netting

Scare away birds

Would you be scared by this?

If you are looking into purchasing bird netting, there are some things you should research before purchase of the bird netting. There are different kinds of bird netting systems available for your needs. This includes floating bird netting for fish ponds, settling ponds and liquid waste ponds. Look for a netting system that provides effective bird barriers for fish farm ponds. This type of netting is effective in keeping predators, such as ducks and herons from your high valued product. This is a must when running a fish farm as birds will swoop down and eat up your profits.

Bird netting is effective in a variety of industrial applications including bird barrier netting for industrial settling ponds. Settling ponds are found at waste facilities so if your company is in waste management or the oil refinery business, remember to choose an industrial application that fits your needs.

The one inch size bird netting is ideal for bird pen cover netting and flight pen cover netting. Bird netting can be very specific and includes netting for pigeon control and starling barrier netting. Starlings and pigeons are both a nuisance and will attack when feeling threatened.

Look into twine thickness and mesh sizes before purchasing any bird netting.

Remember you have to find the proper netting to suit your needs. One company offers twine thickness in three sizes and mesh sizes in 2 types. The twine thickness and mesh sizes are UV protected, twisted and knotted in polyethylene in black. The sizes for the twine and mesh are PE 600D x 6ply x 1 inches square, PE 600 D x 12 ply x 1 inch square, PE 600 D x 21 x 2 inches square. All netting measures at 50 by 100 ft. at this particular company.

Bird netting of this quality can be joined to make larger sizes and can be available with rope or wire borders custom size. Mesh is available in any variety of mesh size, twine thickness or color. In addition all polyethylene materials are rot resistant and UV protected.

There are a variety of different companies to search before buying the right bird netting for your enterprise. The bird netting is safe for birds and also keeps your product safe. Bird netting is specifically used for either fish ponds, settling ponds or liquid waste ponds. These are 3 examples of bird netting and the reason bird netting is important.

Remember the specifics of what you need for bird netting. Don’t forget to take measurements and decide what type of birds you are actually going to use the netting for. What type of bird is the biggest risk for your business or home? Starlings and pigeons can be very pesky birds when living urban and rural when they make a nest in your home or business. There are risk factors for the birds when it comes to waste management. Birds are still protected under wildlife species and netting is safe.

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