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About Zac Spade of Zacs Garden

“My wife had been reminding me for ages…”

ALWAYS COMMENTING ON my tools, our bikes and just the stuff in our lives that kept piling up and up.

You see, when I moved into this house it was just me. The place was plenty big enough, and I used a spare bedroom for my tools and equipment.

But now with all of her stuff, and the stuff we've accumulated together it's getting too much. I knew that…

“I needed a shed”

I THOUGHT I'd have a quick look online to find a shed that I wanted…

I was overwhelmed. Unfortunately for me at the time, I couldn't just build a shed. I had to;

  1. Get the right size
  2. Get a permit approved
  3. Decide which material would suit my yard best
  4. Build a foundation that would support it adequately
  5. Assemble it so it didn't leak or have a slant
  6. Fit it out to store my stuff
  7. And then keep up the maintenance once it was installed

I DIDN'T know how people did it. Doing all the research about what could potentially be thousands of dollars investment. How do you know your getting the right shed?

I even talked to some friends who all had different opinions, that just confused me further.

So to make it easy I thought I would put everything I found here.

I wanted to make it simple to understand, and easy to use. So this is my attempt at;


FOR HOMEOWNERS like me, people who need information on shed building

And since I've put that information up, ZacsGarden.com has grown to other categories too. See them here.

I dedicate it to those of us who are willing to have a go to save some money and get the best for themselves, their family AND THE VALUE OF THEIR HOME.

Thank you for your support, and I encourage you to get involved so we can make this better.

If you have any comments, questions or feedback about the site, please use the contact page!

Before I go,

This site does make money from affiliate commissions. The money made unfortunately does not make me rich, I still go to work everyday. The money however, does pay for the site.

The programs ZacsGarden is apart of include but are not limited to Clickbank, Amazon, and Rakuten.

It is important to note that we do suggest sheds that we do not get commissions from. It's about the best product, not the next buck. You can read more about it here.

Thanks again,

Zac Spade