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What Makes A Good Fake Owl?


Can you spot this fake owl? We have found that a bigger and brasher is better when it comes to fake owls.

When people think about bird scarers and bird deterrents, they now think of a plastic owl. They are everywhere these days, and are the most popular form of bird scarer commercially available. This got us thinking, why are they so popular

  1. Is it because they are easy to set up?
  2. Is it because purchasers believe they will do the job?
  3. Is it because they are cheap?

Were not sure, but we can help you determine what makes a better owl than a fake one. We came up with this checklist to help you when your looking for a good, effective fake owl.

  • Big, realistic eyes. Eyes really scare pest birds. You see fake eyes on a lot of different bird scarers, (bird balloons are a good example). If your bird scarer has big and reflective eyes that’s a good start.
  • Moving parts. Moving parts are a way to keep the birds guessing about your fake owl. If your fake owl has a bobbling or moving head that can help extend the usefulness of your fake owl.
  • Size. The bigger the better when it comes to fake predators. It makes it easy to see the birds see first of all. Secondly the larger the bird scarer the more it scares them. Kinda like how Arnold Schwarzenegger is scarier than Mini-me.
  • Ease to set up. Yes it is important to have a fake owl that is easy to set up, because that owl can easily be moved! A lot of fake owls are hollow plastic and are designed to be screwed or tied down to something. This takes time and makes it tougher for you to move. So if you can find one, or edit one that you can half fill with water, to give it some weight so it will sit on something on its own. Or put some kind of weight on the bottom of it, you moving the owl around will make it much more effective.
  • A good deal. Another aspect of scaring birds that we recommend is using more than one bird scaring technique. So simply put, a better deal is so you can use two more techniques at the same time.

For more tips search around our website, and for more information specifically on fakes owls click here. I reviewed a veriaty of bird scarers and other pests around the garden.

Thanks for reading, if you have any comments or criticisms, please use the contact page! If you found the information useful, please share it with your friends as it helps to spread the word. 

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