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How to Scare Seagulls from your Property


The city of Brisbane (Australia) is having trouble scaring seagulls, pigeons and other birds away

As our flying friends continue to multiply, we notice more and more of them at the beach every year. Perhaps they enjoy our tasty sandwiches or maybe they simply want to join in our family activities. Whatever the reason, you may find it extremely irritating to pick up after the mess seagulls leave behind. Of course, you more than likely do not wish to harm the birds either. How can you properly deal with this dilemma while reaching the result you so desire? As fate would have it, you are not the only human who has faced this problem. In the following article we will discuss 5 steps to scaring away seagulls without harming them.

1. Never feed seagulls

This is a huge green light for seagulls. If one bird sees you sharing your lunch with another one of its peers then you will be in for some serious pestering. Instead, make it a point to never feed the birds flying above your head. Also, encourage your children to follow your lead and teach them why they should never feed seagulls. Educating your children will make it harder for seagulls to become an unpleasant part of your trip to the beach.

2. Remove and keep a lid on all trash

If seagulls can nibble on bits of the trash you leave behind, then they will find you and your family irresistible. To avoid this, keep a lid on all trash cans in your possession, and hide any wrappers or uneaten food in proper Tupperware containers tucked neatly inside your cooler. Obviously, if you are out on a private beach be sure to bring your own trash bags and pile up your refuse inside of them and take them with you when you leave.

3. Buy a supersonic bird alarm

If you own a boat or property where seagulls frequent, invest in your own sanity by purchasing a bird alarm that keeps seagulls well away from you and your family. There are several products on the market that are harmless to birds but work well to keep them at bay. Do your research and find the right device for your seagull infestation.

4. Get a pet

Cats, dogs, and even other species of birds have all been known to scare away seagulls without harming them. If you introduce the right pet into the habitat where seagulls hang out, you will see a decrease in their numbers and will less likely be irritated by their presence.

5. Purchase Bird-be-Gone

If your rooftop has become the home for a flock of seagulls, then consider investing in a seagull repellant to keep them off your property. Bird droppings from seagulls are not only disgusting but they can also cause damage to your home. Use a repellant to keep your roof free from harmful seagull droppings.

If you still have trouble scaring away seagulls, consider calling a local bird rescue or animal control service. They will safely extract the birds for you and take them to a safe location far away from your property.

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