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Getting Rid of Crows


Crows are among the most intelligent and adaptable birds out there. Crows help humans by eating pesky insects and rodents and they all clean up road kill. Crows can also be a nuisance by tearing up open trash, destroying crops and making a lot of noise. Crows are exceptionally smart so remember whatever method you use to get rid of crows probably will not work forever so you may have to change your methods periodically.

Here are some tips for getting rid of crows. Remove easy food sources by keeping crows out of your trash. Remember crows are early risers and are famous for tearing open trash bags so make sure your trash is in a secure container. Prevent the trash cans from being tipped over by securing the handles to stakes in the ground or placing trash cans in a tight fitting bin. Remove all water sources from your yard to make it less a less attractive environment for crows. Crows like to be near a steady water supply.

Pay attention to where the crows roost or perch. Cut down the branches of the trees that they like to perch in and this will help deter roosting. Use bird netting to keep crows away from your crop of fruit trees and other plants that they will eat. Use 4 inch mesh if you want the crows out , but like the smaller birds in.

You can use visual scare tactics to rid crows at least temporarily. In time the crows may learn the visuals won’t hurt them. Visuals include CDs, aluminum pie pans or any shiny metal object that reflects the sun. Visuals like these scare crows and make it hard for them to see where they are going. Tie the visuals down securely as crows are often known to carry off shiny items. Fake decoys sometimes work that resemble a crow’s natural predator. A more life like the decoy will bring better results.

Use sound to chase the crows away. Recordings of predators have worked for some people and many companies sell CDs designed to get rid of crows. There is a company called “Crow Away” that specializes in these CDs. There are also many websites that will allow you to download animal noises and you can burn those onto a CD. Conceal the speakers somewhere outside where the crows can’t see them. Play the CD at different times of the day if possible. Change the direction of the noise to increase your chances of tricking the crows.

If all else fails, call or visit your local Audubon society for help and suggestions on getting rid of crows. Crows can be a nuisance but try following these tips if you are having problems with pesky crows. There are many ways you can improvise and design your own device. In addition, there are many websites and companies available that will be more than willing to help with suggestions to get rid of your pesky crows.

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