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Scarecrow Motion Activated Sprinkler review

Hoont powerful water blaster

Hoont Powerful Outdoor Water Blaster

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Aesthetic 4/10

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Want to scare the birds and pest off your property and get a kick at the same time?

A motivation activated spinkler is an ethical way to deter animals. It detects and sprays animals in a 1000-square-foot area day and night, and keeps them from coming back.

How does a motion activated sprinkler work?

The scarecrow simply put is a sprinkler with a motion sensor. When something trips the sensor the sprinkler fires for about 3 seconds. Scaring whatever it is in the vicinity.

This short burst of water scares the pests, after a while they learn to stay away from the property.

Using a Motion Activated Sprinkler

The sprinkler is made of metal and is attached to a plastic stake which pushes into the ground. This lets you place it where you want. A bracket is also available (for extra cost) so it can be hung too.

The sprinkler uses a 4 ‘AA' batteries (not included) and your hose connection. It sticks into the ground and can be placed anywhere you can run your hose to.

Having the adjustable motion sensor does help save water. The motion sensor has a sensitivity dial. This is used to detect slight movements or larger ones depending on your pest and situation.

If you choose to have the sensitivity up high, then it is recommended that you place the unit in an open space. Away from moving bushes, trees, where you walk, or even shadows as they seem to set the unit off and waste water, and battery.

The batteries can last up to 4 months with daily use. Premium batteries are recommended. When the batter runs low the sensor tends to become a little erratic.

It can be a good idea to buy a timer and put it on the tap faucet so that it doesn’t get activated when you don’t want it to (i.e. at night).

A lot of owners feel satisfied watching the pest they are trying to keep out of their property squirted with water.

The Motion Activated Sprinkler will

  • Spray anything that tricks the sensor
  • Keep pests off your property and stop them coming back

The Motion Activated Sprinkler Works Best Against

  • Birds (Buzzards, crows,
  • Dogs (some dogs will think it’s a toy and play with it)
  • Cats
  • Chickens
  • Squirrels
  • Children/teenagers/people
  • Deer (most deer)
  • Skunks

Mixed reports on smaller animals, possums, raccoons

Conditions it works best in

  • Night
  • Day
  • Still areas (no moving trees, bushes)


  • The company (Crontech Electronics) has good customer service.
  • The decals provided for the unit to look like a scary face as an added repelling feature quickly faded to white in the sun.
  • Some animals will outsmart the sprinkler, so moving it around or using two to cover each other can help stop this problem.
  • It is made of plastic and some adjustments may need to be made to stop it from leaking.
  • Some customers find that using Teflon tape helps any leaking at the inlet.

The Motion Activated Sprinkler is also

  • Lightweight plastic shaft; metal sprinkler head
  • Includes sprinkler mount and motion detector; ‘4 x ‘AA' Batteries not included
  • measures approx 9 inches tall

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