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How to Build a Garden Shower

Garden outdoor shower

There are many ways you can go about designing your garden or outdoor area. Whether you’ve got a small backyard or a big pool, a garden shower makes a good addition to your outdoor space. Now, we've already talked about ways you can make your outdoor space ideal for play spaces in our article on How to Make an Outdoor Play Space, so let's go a different route this time with something that everyone can use: an outdoor shower.

An outdoor shower will allow you to enjoy the invigorating feeling of bathing under the sky, or have the convenience of hosing off your kids’ feet after playing outside. But aside from that, a 2018 report published by Realtor notes that houses with outdoor showers tend to sell for double the value than ordinary houses.

While building and installing a garden shower may seem difficult, it can be quite easy even for someone with no prior design knowledge. To help you out with this, we've prepared some tips to make the process a bit easier.

Figure out the drainage and plumbing system

The first thing you have to address is the drainage and plumbing system. Most municipalities have local codes that address outdoor shower construction and where water can drain. You'll need to know these ordinances and obtain the necessary permits before starting.

Next, there are several ways you can go about installing the drainage for your outdoor shower, such as through dry wells or shower pans. The most straightforward option is to connect a shower to your garden hose. You can even get a warm water option with your garden shower by having your plumber install a hot water faucet next to your outdoor faucet.

When it comes to drainage, location is also an important factor to consider. If your shower is positioned near your yard, then you can simply let the ground absorb the water from the shower. If your shower is located far from your yard, then at least make sure to position it near your existing drainage system. This is so you can have your plumber easily integrate the new drain into your plumbing system.

Select the right materials

It's important that you use the right materials for your garden shower. This is essential, as your garden shower and drainage system will be particularly vulnerable to external and environmental factors that could lead to complications down the line.

For your pipes, you’ll want to stick to stainless steel, especially if they are exposed. Rusty iron pipes can cause low water pressure, according to a HomeServe Living post, and can clog your entire water system. They’re also prone to being obstructed by gravel, sand, or dirt entering your pipes and into your shower system. When in doubt, consult your water provider or an expert plumber. If you want to go the extra mile, galvanized pipes can be particularly useful if rust is something you want to avoid. The process of galvanization can prevent rust and corrosion for 50+ years.

Styling Your Shower

The last but often most exciting part about building a shower is styling. Just because it's outdoor doesn't mean you need to forgo good design. As we've mentioned in our article on 15 Landscaping Ideas Around In-Ground Pools, a great way to design your outdoor space is by working with nature trends. You can do this with your shower as well by incorporating wood into its overall design and making use of colors that blend in with your outdoor space's aesthetics.

You can also add railings or even a portable shower curtain to complete the look. Adding railings or a shower curtain will also give you some much-needed privacy when you're using your garden shower. If you're conscious about how eco-friendly your space is, you may want to avoid using polyvinyl chloride, as the process of making these materials releases toxic by-products into the environment.

We hope these tips will be of help when you're installing your own outdoor shower. Remember that these tips are to be used as a guide, as you're free to design your shower in whatever way you want. Don't let these tips limit your creativity and vision when it comes to designing your outdoor space. If you're looking to make more outdoor renovations and remodeling, check out our article on The 6 Most Common Ways to Install Garden Shed Lighting.

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