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15 Landscaping Ideas Around In-Ground Pools

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Create a more harmonious and beautiful outdoor living space with some of these landscaping ideas for pools...

THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN RELAXING while having fun and not is in the environment. And no where is this more important than the families summer hub - the swimming pool. Here are 15 ideas to help make your family time more fun (and also picturesque)


Image courtesy of Decoist

#1 Create Your Own Version of Palm Beach

When you want somewhere tropical to relax at the end of the day, why not create your own tropical paradise. Here you see a picturesque pool surround made from tiles and plenty of shade provided by palm trees and a range of other tropical plants.


#2 Back to Nature

Mother nature has always been the best at creating relaxing places for us all to relax in. With this in mind, why not take a hint from her works and create your very own relaxing oasis. The trees and shrubs offer shade for those long hot summer days and help to block those chilly breezes. A natural stone patio only adds to the beauty.


Image courtesy of The Spruce

#3 A Dash of Color and Simplicity

No one ever said the area around your pool has to be loaded with complex details. Start with a simple bench you can build in your shop in less than a day, add a few comfortable throw pillows you can make or buy and you have just created a cool and relaxing paradise.


Image courtesy of PlantNJ.Com

#4 Nothing Beats the Sound of Running Water

There is something very special about the sound of water cascading over a waterfall into the pool below. Here you can see a waterfall created using natural rocks and a pump that pulls the water out of the pool and over the falls. A few carefully selected shrubs, trees, and flowers can add to the feeling of having your very own woodland oasis.

Image Courtesy of Decoist

#5 A Hot Tub, A Waterfall, A Pool, and Palm Trees

What more could you possibly need to create your own exotic jungle themed swimming hole? Depending on where you live, palm trees are the perfect poolside companion. They don’t constantly drop needles or leaves in your pool, the remain in leaf year-round, require zero maintenance, and can provide quite a bit of shade.


Image courtesy of Homedit

#6 A Wooden Wonderland

Who says you can't create a relaxing setting in your back yard that everyone can enjoy. Building a wood deck around your pool not only adds a ton of natural beauty to your pool and backyard, it is very practical as wood does not get as hot underfoot like a cement or rock surround. It is less expensive and very easy to take care of.


Image courtesy of PlantNJ.Com

#7 Create Your Own Natural Landscape

Your pool and backyard should be a relaxing place where you can get away from it all. Using rocks and plenty of local foliage you can create your own spot of nature, even in the busiest of cities. This looks amazing!


Image courtesy of Simple Pool Tips

#8 Going Out on a Ledge

Or in this particular case, an edge, as this infinity style pool complete with plenty of overhanging foliage could quickly fool you into thinking you might go over the edge. Not only do the overhanging plants add plenty of beauty, they create shaded areas in the pool throughout the day. To infinity and beyond!


Image courtesy of PlantNJ.Com

#9 Welcome to the Cascades

The unique shape of this pool along with the walk-in/walk-out hot tub is only one part of what makes this pool so special. The waterfall sits high enough that it creates a cool a refreshing shower. So simple to build, yet this design has so much to offer!


Image courtesy of Idolza

#10 Why Settle for One Waterfall?

Why on earth would you settle for one waterfall when you can have several. Along the elevated wall of this pool are several waterfalls to be enjoyed. The elevated area creates the perfect place for relaxing in the sun.


Image courtesy of Moon Valley Nurseries

#11 No, It's Not a Mirage

We have all heard about the mirage of an oasis in the desert. This pool could easily fool anyone into thinking it's not real. That is until they hit the cool clear water in the pool. The trees, shrubs, and rocks do more than create landscaping, they provide small areas of shade throughout the day.


Image courtesy of Pinterest

#12 Create an Outdoor Dining Room

When the weather is hot no one wants to be stuck inside for dinner. Adding a large paved area on one side of the pool lets you create a place with room for a table and chairs or even an outdoor kitchen. Great for entertaining!


Image courtesy of Cipriano Landscape Design

#13 A Little Rock and Roll

Rock has long been a popular choice for landscaping around the yard. Why not use it to create a more natural look for the area surrounding the pool. This pool design also makes use of plenty of shrubbery and flowers to add to the illusion


Image courtesy of The Spruce

#14 The Perfect Place for an Ambush

There is nothing quite like having a pool that is deep enough to have a diving board. But notice the diving board seems to be carefully hidden in the shrubbery which helps to provide plenty of privacy. And of course, the perfect place to launch a sneak attack on unwary swimmers!


Image courtesy of Home Interiors

#15 The Best of Both Worlds

Not only did the builder of this pool use bricks to create a hot tub on the side of the pool, but they used tons of natural rock to create a multi-tiered waterfall for bathers to swim under. As you can see, you can never have too many plants around the pool.


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