21 Landscaping Ideas for Slopes - Slight, Moderate and Steep

21 Landscaping Ideas for Slopes – Slight, Moderate and Steep

Landscaping Ideas for Slopes

Turn that boring slope into something beautiful...

IS YOUR BLOCK ON A slant? These 21 landscaping ideas for slopes will help you turn your sloped yard into the envy of your flat yard friends and family. Sloped yards naturally help break up the different spots in your yard, and these landscaping ideas for slopes help accentuate that.

Slight Slopes


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1. Becoming a "Rock"(et) Man

Okay, so terrible pun, but the way this person used rocks to create a flat spot in their sloping yard for a small patio deserves recognition. The rocks help hold back the extra soil needed to create the patio and the mulch keeps soil erosion under control.


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2. Layering at Its Finest

Just because you have a sloping garden doesn't mean you can't do something different with it. Using paving bricks to created multiple tiered gardens and a nice gently set of steps takes what was probably an unused area of the yard and creates something beautiful and functional out of it.


3. Just Slab It Together

Yes, you can buy large slabs of rock just like these from a local distributor. Finding them is easy, the hard part comes in getting someone to help you lay them perfectly going down the slope in your backyard. But you will find as you sit by the firepit that the expense and effort are well-worth it.

Moderate Slopes

Landscaping ideas for slopes - use different levels

4. Holding It Back with Bricks

In this particular case, it looks like someone carved out a nice flat space for a small deck and flower gardens. Lumber was then used to create a retaining wall to hold back the rest of the slope. The tiered slope also provides a windbreak for whoever is sitting in the chair.

Landscaping ideas for slopes - build a wall

5. Keeping It All in Place

Dealing with a moderate slope can be easy if you use pavers to create the retaining wall as seen here. Note how the homeowner has built in a set of steps that allow everyone to get up into the rest of the yard. The trees and shrubs also help keep the soil in place.


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6. Gardens at Every Level

This yard features several tiers of gardens held in place using natural rock walls and steps. Natural rock like this is available at many DIY home and garden centers or if you are really lucky, you can go out and forage for them yourself.


7. Climb Your Way to the Top

Rather than focusing on the fact he has a sloping yard, this homeowner not only terraced his yard, he took the time and effort to build stairs to help everyone master the slope. Plus, he added a handrail that runs all the way to the top.

Steep Slopes


Slope Erosion Control Grids

8. Slowing Progress Down

In many ways, progress is a good thing, but when it comes to that steep slope in your backyard progress is not a good thing when all the soil starts washing away. This homeowner made use of custom plastic mesh to hold back the advances of time. You could fill the mesh with soil and plant grass, ground cover, or even flowers.


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9. The Modern Look of Cement

Here the homeowner has used cement to create a modern tiered look to make the most use out of what might otherwise have been wasted yard. Adding the step lights turns this part of his yard into a late evening paradise.


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10. Create Your Own Cliff

Not everyone gets to have their own personal cliff in their backyard. It looks like this yard had a nasty drop off the owner used to create the look of mountain cliff by using the structured planting of trees in the back and shrubs up front. Using rocks and slabs for the steps keeps the illusion alive.


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11. Truly Layered Beauty

Mowing down a slope this steep would be no fun at all. So instead the owner planted gardens in all the areas he couldn't or wouldn't mow. The staggered stairs stop at garden level for maintenance. That small beach would be a great place to relax in the sun.


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12. Clambering Down the Mountainside

It almost looks as if this person liked the idea of clambering down the side of the mountain. The rock steps provide safe passage even when wet and the guide ropes give it all a nice rustic look. He also used plenty of very large rocks to help hold the slope in place.


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13. When Did We Move Out to the Country

Although you can see the neighbor in the background, this homeowner turned his steep slope into his own personal forest with the judicious use of many different shrubs and plants of all sizes. Even the haphazard wood and gravel steps look like something you might find in a state or national park. (Hmm wonder if he's a park ranger)


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14. Climbing the Stairway to Heaven

Making this incredible stairway from lumber and gravel is a good way to provide plenty of non-slip passage up this steep slope. The wicker handrail and adds an incredible back country look to this lovely yard.


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15. It's All Fun and Games

This person took what many would see as useless and turned it all into something angular and beautiful. Not only did they add seats for the whole family, they also built in a slide for the little ones so they could enjoy the slope.


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16. Not All Slopes Are Straight

This slope has a bit of a curve in its slope. Making it the perfect place to create a scenic curved staircase made from slabs cut out of local rock. The carefully placed boulders also help to keep everything in place.


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17. Raised Garden Beds Can Feed the Family

This homeowner made great use of this slope to create terraces for his raised garden beds. The concrete walls keep everything nicely in place and there is a great place in the shade for the family to relax.


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18. Amazing What You Can Do with Railroad Ties

People have been using old railroad ties to create strong steps up steep slopes like this one for decades. Using ground cover plants is a great way to stop erosion and add a ton of color to what might otherwise be a boring slope.


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19. Follow the Garden Path

When life hands you short steep slopes throughout your backyard, you use them to create a fun path through the gardens. It looks like this homeowner hand-laid the rock walls, this style of building a wall is a lost art. The heavy use of mulch helps to keep the gardens in place and create a wonderful color palette.


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20. Welcome to Boulder City

This stairway made from slabs of granite and mini-boulders almost looks like it was made by mother nature. But look at the trellises lining the side that can be used for climbing flowers, vines, even veggies. (I love the idea of growing peas and picking them as I walk up these stairs)


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21. Ignore the Stairs

While these railroad tie and gravel stairs are certainly impressive, that's not what makes the owner's use of this slope so cool. It's the raised flower beds that climb up beside the steps that make it so amazing. Imagine what walking up or down them when all the flowers are all in bloom.

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