15 Landscaping Ideas Around Patio and Paved Areas

15 Landscaping Ideas Around Patio and Paved Areas


A patio landscaping should look great and functional at the same time.

LOOKING FOR AN EXCUSE TO plant some beautiful plants? Or maybe create a little privacy for when your out relaxing on your patio? Either way here are 15 landscaping ideas around patio and paved areas to help achieve what you want.


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1. Create a Border

1. Start with a patio created using flagstones, add in a fire pit for cooler evenings and roasting marshmallows and then let your imagination run wild. This person chose to surround their patio with gardens filled with roses, flowers, and shrubs. What a great way to enjoy your morning cup of coffee watching the birds nesting in the trees.


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2. Creating an Outdoor Dining Room

One of the best ways to put a patio to good use is to turn at least one part of it into an outdoor dining room. Here we see a nice outdoor dining table and an after-meal table for entertaining. There is room for four to sit comfortably at both locations. (I love the use of curves and gardens to create a warm and welcoming environment)

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3. Fun in the Sun

While you might love spending time in the sun and the pool, there is going to come a time when you need a little shade. This lovely gazebo adds just the right amount of shade without taking it all away. The use of bricks to build the patio and pathways adds a nice touch.


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4. Natural Beauty Adds a Nice Touch

Using slabs of natural rock for the foundation of this deck is only the beginning. What really makes it special is the use of boulders and large rocks in the gardens along with a wide variety of plants. Adding planters full of flowers and shrubs adds a nice finishing touch.


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5. Staggering Beauty

While the built-in firepit appears to be the central focal point of this paving stone patio, it is overshadowed by the spectacular arrangement of flowers and shrubs planted around it. His homeowner used varying height plants arranged around it to create an image of space and privacy at the same time.


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6. Wicker, Hanging Plants, and Space

This amazing patio is the perfect combination of bricks, wicker furniture, and hanging plants. The brick patio is not only gorgeous to look at, it is very functional in all types of weather. But what really sets it off are the beautiful hanging and potted plants strategically placed all over it.


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7. Everyone Loves Curves

This is a true but simple fact, everyone loves curves, whether we are talking bodies, cars, or decks. The use of natural rocks to create curved walls for the gardens is a lovely touch to the flagstone patio surface. The low rock walls by the steps make the perfect place to set out potted flowers.


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8. Tucked into the Corner

This homeowner has found a great way to make use of the corner space in his yard. He built a small patio that is just big enough for an outdoor table and chairs. Love the way it is tucked into the corner with a small garden and fountain to enjoy when sitting at the table. There is nothing wrong with making use of every available inch in your backyard.


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9. Say It with Slate

Okay so maybe not, but this patio made from slabs of slate is a great start to creating your perfect patio. The natural rock wall and tall shrubs and trees add plenty of natural beauty as well as help to block summer breezes. Finally, the garden filled with rose bushes keep the patio separate from the side of the house.


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10. Trés Chic

This homeowner used bricks to create a lovely patio and surrounding walls. But the addition of lots of flowers, shrubs, and traditional bistro style furniture are what sets this patio apart from the rest. Note the way the homeowner added potted plants to the steps that lead down to the patio.


Image courtesy of American Deck & Sunroom

11. Patterns Within Patterns

The use of two different colors of brick turns what might have been an ordinary patio into a stunning work of art. The use of blue bricks to form a line that echoes the shape of the patio and the overall shield shape of the patio create a delightful complement to the all-wood decking.


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12. Stonehenge on Their Mind

When you look at upright rocks that are buried in the ground surrounding a patio, do you get a hint of Stonehenge? This homeowner made great use of a blend of horizontal and vertical rocks in the gardens to create this unusual and almost ancient look.


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13. A Private Little Hideaway

There is nothing quite like having a sloped area of your garden that can be used to create a quiet little hideaway complete with firepit, table, and chairs. The natural rock wall behind is a good way to keep the soil behind it from eroding away. Surrounding the area with flowers just adds to the natural beauty of the area.


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14. Wicker and Hedges

No matter where you live, there is nothing quite like the natural beauty of wicker outdoor furniture. The nice thing about wicker is that as long as you take a little time to clean it and wipe it down with linseed oil, it will last practically forever. The hedges make a great way to enclose the patio without blocking your view.


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15. Going Crazy with Pavers and Bricks

The materials you choose for your patio is just as important as the shape you decide on. Swoops and curves along with matching rock walls make this porch unique and truly beautiful. Note how the homeowner has created multiple layers and has carried the curved design throughout the entire deck. The low walls offer plenty of space for potted plants.


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