Practical Landscaping Ideas You Can Use For Any Yard

15 Practical Landscaping Ideas You Can Use for Any Yard

How to Take the Next Step With Your Outdoor Space

Landscaping Ideas for Slopes

You don't have to have a professional come in to have a nice yard

ARE YOU LOOKING FOR a some inspiration you can use for your yard, but not spend a ton of money? Doing your own landscaping can save you a bundle, but only if you start out with the right plan.

Fortunately, I've already done the homework and come up with these fantastic ideas to share with you.

Sprucing Things Up with a New Take on Edging

Edging adds beauty and practicality

Cheap Landscaping Edging Idea - Planks of Lumber

No one ever said the borders around your garden and along your pathways had to be boring. Why not spruce up the edges a firm border along your pathways or around the gardens.

You can get creative with what you use for edging. Here is a few links to some inspiration to get you started

Landscape Inspiration that Add Much Needed Privacy to Your Home

Keeping those nosy neighbors at bay

Small Garden

Is there nothing worse than having nosy neighbors who watch your every move in the backyard? There are several great ways to create a little extra privacy starting with adding privacy fencing. But, not everyone wants to stare at a boring fence when sitting out on the patio.

Instead of fencing, why not use trees and shrubs to create an all-natural privacy screen that both you and your neighbors can enjoy. Even if you can't plant them in the ground, you can always use planters for shrubs and smaller evergreens to build a privacy fence.

New Looks for the Side of Your House

Scrap pallets have so many uses

Landscaping ideas for side of house - Landscaped side of house with gate

Just because it is the side of your house doesn't mean it has to be boring. Why not use this area for a climbing garden? Add trellises and plant climbing flowers, ivy, tomatoes, virtually anything that climbs.

You can plant flowers or make the area even more useful by planting vegetables or fruit that your family can enjoy all summer long. They can build the trellises out of old pallets, make your own from scrap wood, or run down to your local discount hardware store and buy them.

Steep Landscaping Ideas for Slopes

Tame those slippery slopes

Landscaping Ideas for Slopes

Slopes can be challenging to work with, which means most people leave them covered with grass as it's easy to maintain. But why not terrace the slope and add in a few flower gardens instead. Building above ground gardens into the slope makes the job easy but turns that boring slope into something beautiful you can be proud of.

Raised garden beds can be made from scrap lumber, old trees, or rocks, all of these will give you a slope that is much easier to take care of and looks amazing.

Clean Up the Shady Areas Around Your Trees

Become a master of the shade


The shady areas around your trees can appear hard to work with, but it's certainly not impossible. In fact there are many solutions including planting flowers and cover plants that thrive in the shade. You can also add rocks, pavers or edging blocks to create separate spaces

Spending a little time thinking about these shaded spots in your garden will not only will the splash of color and texture, but it will also make mowing and maintenance around your trees much easier.

Creative Inspiration for Around Your in Ground Pool

Add beauty and privacy for your in-ground pool

Landscaping ideas for pools - privacy heding

The area around your pool should be awash in color all summer long. Placing strategic flowers, shrubs and even trees with some paving, decking, and edging will leave you with a space everyone will want to spend their summer

What's Possible with Landscaping for Above Ground Pools

Give your above ground pool a little natural beauty

Landscaping ideas for pools - Above Ground

While that above ground pool might be an oasis in the summer, most don't look that good from the outside. These ideas will help you blend your pool into your yard. Not only will this look great, but the shade will help keep the water cooler.

Inspiration that Will Transform the Hills in Your Yard

Creative and useful landscaping for sloping areas


Image courtesy of Pinterest

Landscaping hilly areas in your yard can be tough. Forget the grass and turn that hill into something you can be proud of. Try digging the area up and planting it with a selection of your favorite flowering shrubs and flowers. You can cover the rest of the ground with mulch, pea gravel, and river rocks.

You can use a few larger rocks as well to create a garden that remains beautiful all year round. Alternatively, you can cover the slope in terraced gardens using bricks, logs, railroad ties, or lumber to create the walls.

Ideas to Transform a Small Backyard

Small areas that are big on beauty


Image courtesy of Pinterest

When all you have to work with is a small area, you need to make the most of ever inch. Why not add a small patio for the family to relax around the fire pit? Add grass around the patio and add in a few flower gardens for color.

Depending on how much room you have, you can even add a few fast-growing trees that will provide you with shade after a few years. Create a path to your patio with paving stones and you can use the patio all year long no matter how much snow falls.

Redesign Your Small Front Yard

Create amazing curb appeal

Curb Appeal Ideas - Ruhl Home

Having a small front yard doesn't mean you should stick to nothing more than a small patch of grass. There is plenty of room to add flower gardens to separate the lawn from the house.

Use window boxes filled with your favorite perennials, add annuals to the gardens, create unusual shapes for your gardens by using rocks or pavers to edge them. If you have steps leading up to your front door, add planters filled with flowers to each step. The more color you add, the more curb appeal you will create.

You can even line the sides of your paths and driveway with flower gardens. Why not add a birdbath if you have room? The birds are sure to appreciate it and your family will love watching them bathe all summer long.

Using Rocks to Create Amazing, Low Maintenance Spaces

Rocks are the perfect addition to any landscaping


Image courtesy of Pinterest

Rocks can be an amazing way to make the yard around your home look fantastic. You can use them to create borders around your gardens. Create new gardens under your trees and fill them with flowers. Instead of mulch, you can use river rocks instead of mulch in your flower gardens.

The rocks will help keep moisture in the ground and help to keep the weeds down. Another great use for rocks is to create a number of fun walkways throughout your yards, use various colors of rock for added beauty.

New Inspiration for Your Large Backyard

The more room you have the more creative you can be

LAndscaing ideas for large yards

There is nothing like having a large backyard to work with when it comes to landscaping ideas. With so much space the possibilities could be endless... Depending on how much time and budget you have.

These ideas are a great place to start when you want to get the most bang for your buck when landscaping your large yard

Give Your Ranch Style Home a Great New Look

Create your own private ranch home getaway in the city

Landscaping ideas for ranch style homes

Your ranch style home covers a lot of space, but that doesn't mean you can't have a beautiful yard. In fact, making the most of the space near your home can be a great way to beautify your lawn

You can also use these gardens to plant your favorite herbs to use when cooking gourmet meals in a backyard outdoor kitchen.

Patio Landscaping That Will Create an Amazing Place to Relax

Plants are the perfect way to create an inviting and relaxing patio


Image courtesy of Pinterest

Your patio doesn't have to be nothing more than a slab of concrete or paving stones. Your patio is the perfect place for a garden surround.

How big your gardens are is completely up to you, but try to go at least three feet wide so you have room to plant your favorite flowers that will bloom all summer long, a few shrubs, and if you can, add a few trees that will grow and provide you with plenty of shade.

If you love birds, this is the perfect place to add in a bird bath or water feature like a small pond with a waterfall.

Transforming Your Deck in a Creative Way

Make your deck into a floral showpiece


Image courtesy of Pinterest

If your family is like mine, you spend a lot of time out on the deck relaxing, enjoying a barbecue, having an ice-cold glass of tea. Why not turn your deck into a showplace?

Start by adding gardens around the deck to hide the pylons and add a splash of color. Then add in a few planters on the deck itself, these can be used for flowers, herbs, tomatoes, shrubs, even small trees.

Put everything in planters you can easily move so that your wooden deck doesn’t end up rotting underneath them. A roll out awning (similar to those used on RVs) has become a very popular way to add shade in the summer when needed.

Making Your Home Beautiful - One Area at a Time

The areas around your home are like a blank canvas waiting for you to create your vision of the perfect landscape. Whether you choose to use these landscaping ideas or simply use them to stoke the fires of your own creativity, the main idea is to get out there and turn the areas around your home in places of pure beauty.

Another aspect of landscaping is it's impact on a property's value. According to HomeAdvisor's report landscaping, fencing and deck or porch make some of the most popualr remodeling projects around the house. BankRate has some advise on making the most out of outdoor projects, including lawn maintenance, materials to use in your projects and even financing solutions. 

One thing to remember is that while flowers and shrubs add plenty of beauty, you can use most garden areas to plant veggies, fruits, and herbs that can be used to feed your family.

If you could visit my home, you would find that I have used every possible inch of my yard for gardens that give us flowers all year long, herbs we used to create great meals, and fruits and veggies to feed us. I love to add in a few garden gnomes peeking out here and there that put a smile on the faces of everyone who visits or passes by.

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