13 Examples of Cheap and Easy to Install Landscaping Edging Ideas

13 Examples of Cheap Landscaping Edging Ideas – Easy Enough to Install for Any Garden

Cheap Landscaping Edging Idea - Planks of Lumber

Because Cheap Landscaping Edging doesn't have to look cheap...

Do you know where your gardens end and the lawn starts?

Is your garden slowly creeping further out into the grass?

MAYBE YOU'VE THOUGHT ABOUT adding edging but thought it was too expensive and/or time consuming? I used to think that way to, but after spending a long time doing my homework, I came up with these 13 great cheap landscaping ideas that are sure to help.

1. No Dig Landscape Edging

Simple yet dramatic

Polypropylene edging like that shown in the picture can be an excellent way to mark the line between your gardens and the lawn. This particular type of edging has the advantage of being very flexible.

This makes it the perfect choice for gardens that do not follow "Traditional" shape. Installation is simple, all you have to do is gently tap the edging in place and then use the enclose nails to help hold its place. This kit comes with 60 feet of flexible and durable steel edging, 18 spikes, and 3 connectors.

Installation is easy and requires no digging. The steel edging lets you create curves and straight lines with ease. Unlike many traditional forms of edge that stick up, this one is designed to be installed at ground level.

No digging required to installDoes not come with enough spikes
Kit includes everything you will needMaterial is hard to cut
Very flexible, makes curves easilyPlastic edging can break

Image courtesy of Amazon

2. Stone Wall Edging

Timeless good looks with a modern twist

Nothing looks nicer than a nice stone wall around your gardens. People have been using stones in one form or another to build walls for centuries. Of course, not all of us have the skills need to build a stone wall from scratch.

While this one might be made of plastic, it looks just like real stone and comes in sections that add up to 9.75 feet long. The tan color was chosen for its ability to blend into the scenery. You can use the sections to create straight lines or curves and they come with 9.5" long metal stakes to help keep everything in place.

Looks like real stoneSusceptible to damage from string trimmers
Can be used for straight lines or curvesColors fade in sun
Easy to assembleMay break during assembly

Image courtesy of Greenfingers.com

3. Plastic Landscape Edging

Easy installation makes this edging a hit

This easy to install plastic edging is a great way to put the final touch on your gardens. Made from a durable green plastic, this flexible edging can be used to mark the boundary between your gardens and your lawns.

The material is tough enough to resist major damage from string trimmers. It can be used to edge gardens, patios, or lawns. Each set contains six lengths approximately 1 yard long that interlock with each other to form a solid edging.

Easy to installMay not be flexible when cold
Strong enough to resist damage from string trimmerMay fade over time
Green color blends inGreen color can be harder to see

Image courtesy of Amazon

4. Garden Fence Edging

Affordable, classic, and classy

Give your gardens that classic look with these sections of white plastic picket fencing. In this set, you get four pieces that measure a combined 24 feet in length and are 13 inches high. The durable plastic resin material will never rust or crack. Best of all, with this type of border, you will never have to break out the paint.

It is perfect for encapsulating long straight runs or sweeping curves. Each piece has a pair of built-in spikes for easy installation.

Easy to installSomewhat flimsy
Won't rust or crackNot tall enough to keep even small dogs out
Never needs paintingPosts bend when installing

Image courtesy of Amazon

5. Iron Fence Edging

Very pretty and practical at the same time, what a concept

When was the last time you bought any type of edging that was at the same time pretty and practical? This iron fencing can be used on curves as well as straight lines, making it easier to go around curves.

In this set, you get 6 sections that measure 18 inches long by 18 inches high and 2 sections that measure 6" by 18 inches. All pieces have been powder coated in a pewter color to give them a classic good look. The "easy-locking" ring system adds flexibility to help you go around corners.

Measures a full 18 inches above groundHard to install as all pieces must be lined up first
Larger pieces are quite sturdyPoor quality Styrofoam packaging materials
Metal pieces tend to stay in ground better than those made of plasticIron will eventually rust

Image courtesy of Coopers of Stortford

6. A Pebble Border

Pick your own pebbles

Natural stones or river rocks can be a fantastic way to add a border to your gardens. You can buy a wide range of pebbles or river rocks from your local discount hardware superstore or buy direct.

These pebbles come to you attached to a length of mesh intended to help keep them locked in place. This makes creating your border much easier than trying to do so one pebble at a time. Bear in mind that over time the pebbles may come loose and become a hazard when mowing the lawn.

Natural pebbles look amazingPebbles may come loose
Being attached to mesh makes installation easyLoose pebbles can be flung by lawn mower
Can also be used to create pathsOne set doesn’t cover very much
border lawn edging

Image courtesy of Ebay

7. Border Lawn Edging

Plastic logs that look realistic and make a great border

Why not add a beautiful log surround to your gardens? These logs come in sections of five equal length full round logs with two spikes to help hold them in the ground. They are a good way to keep your lawn and garden separated.

You can use them to create borders, planter boxes, and tree rings. They are flexible enough that going around in circles is easy. Each log is coated in a water-based paint to help prevent rot, pest infestation, or dry rot. Each log measures 5 inches tall by 1.25 feet long and is brown in color.

Real wood has a very long lifeMay rot or become infested
Flexible to go around in circlesInconsistent quality
Easy to installShort daisy-chain lengths mean you need a lot to cover a longer run

Image courtesy of Amazon

8. Solar Edging

Put a little light in your yard

If you are looking for an innovative way to light up your yard, gardens, or paths at night, these solar powered interlocking panels might be just what you are looking for. Each set comes with three dozen 6-inch interlocking panels you can use to create a variety of shapes.

The solar powered panels each have an LED light that is powered by the rechargeable battery. The 36 panels can cover up to 18 feet and turn on and off automatically.

Easily add solar lighting to your yardDo not come with corner brackets or edging stakes needed to install them
Turn on and off automatically400 mAh batteries only last 3-4 hours
Long lasting LED lightsManual on/off switch hard to operate

Image courtesy of Planted Well 

9. Cut Wood Edging

Do it yourself edging that looks amazing

No one ever said you have to spend a fortune, to create a border for your gardens. In fact, if you are searching for cheap landscape edging, it doesn't get much cheaper than this.

Simply take lengths of board and cut them into useable sizes like the ones in the picture. You can use flat boards, half rounds, or whole rounds and dig them into the ground to create your border. You can even use scrap lumber from other projects to save even more money.

Easy to work withBoards/logs must be protected to prevent rot
Very inexpensiveBoards can splinter
Can be used to create any shapeWood tends to attract pests

10. Steel Edging

Create a weathered look using steel sheeting

If you plan to be creative when developing the shape of your gardens, you need a form of landscape edging that can match the shape. Steel edging such as that pictured above can be bent into virtually any shape easily.

You can choose how high the edging goes based on the sheet metal you buy. Steel tends to rust with age, an aesthetic that many people truly appreciate. However, rust also presents its own share of problems, especially if you have young children.

Can be bent into any shapeRust can cause tetanus if cut on the metal
Can be cheap if bought from scrapyardsRust will eventually destroy edging
Aging effects can be pleasingSheet metal like this may be hard to find
stone block edging

11. Artificial Block Edging

More than just eye candy

While cut rock is always a nice choice when it comes to edging, it can also be quite expensive Artificial block edging offers all of the benefits of natural rock without the cost.

These blocks are stamped and are available in a range of patterns and colors to complement your gardens. These blocks can be used to add a touch of elegance to your yard and will provide you with many years of flawless service.

Beauty that lasts for yearsEven though they cost less, can still be an expensive option
More affordable than natural rockBlocks are heavy
Easy to installWeeds and grass can grow under the blocks
Simulated Stone Block Edging Kit - Dekorra

12. Simulated Stone Edging

Looks great costs less

Give your gardens and trees a natural rock look without the high cost of buying hewn blocks. These resin blocks measure 10x5x4 and weigh only one pound. You can use them as tree surrounds, in straight lines, or to create an endless variety of patterns and shapes.

This particular kit comes with 16 blocks and ground stakes. You can create a straight line run of 12 feet or a circle that measures 52 inches in diameter.

Only weigh one poundColors may vary with each block
Weather and UV resistantBlocks are hollow with openings on each end
Can be used in straight lines and circlesExpensive for plastic blocks
Landscaping Edging - Treated Pine Sleepers

13. Treated Pine Sleepers

A lifetime under the tracks retirement to your garden

If you have a large area of your garden or lawn to shore up, treated pine sleepers like these make a great choice. You can use them to create walls as well as borders.

Sleepers tend to be very strong and can last for decades without any further treatment. You can stack them, make long runs, cut them and make short runs, the choices are endless.

The one thing to keep in mind is that you should never use any type of treated lumber, especially sleepers in your vegetable garden as the chemicals used to treat them are highly toxic and will leach into your garden soil.

Treated sleepers will last for many yearsChemicals used to treat them are toxic
Can be cut to sizeHeavy due to treatment
Can be stacked to create support wallsCan be expensive

The End of the Edge

I hope this has given you at least some new ideas regarding the many different types of cheap landscape edging available. Bear in mind, you can use more than one style of edging or start out small and upgrade as you can afford to do so.

I use several of these in different spots around my yard. The idea was to provide you with enough information to make choosing the right one for your yard much easier.

I hope you have learned something about choosing the best cheap landscape edging for your gardens

If you have any information you would like to see here, please contact us here.

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Thank you for reading this.

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