15 Garden Ideas – See What’s Possible in Every Garden by Zac Spade

15 Garden Ideas – See What’s Possible in Every Garden


THERE IS NOTHING WORSE than knowing you want to start a lovely garden for your family but are stuck trying to find the right garden ideas to match your dream. There are any number of ways to create a new garden, which can lead to more than a little confusion. My suggestion is to look around everywhere you go, you never know what you might happen upon that will give you the inspiration you need.

Make Your Garden Uniquely Yours...

No one ever said a garden has to be this size, that shape, or in a particular type of container. In fact, many avid gardeners will go out of their way to use unusual containers for their plants.

Others put their plants in unusual places in the house or yard. Your garden should be something that does more than feed your family or provide a place for flowers to grow, anyone can do that. It should be something that makes a statement about who you really are.

This being said, here are a few of the more creative ideas I have come across in my travels. Some are somewhat common, but you will find that one or two of these great garden ideas are truly unique. I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed collecting them.

Flower Garden Ideas

1. Flower Garden Ideas

Nothing is more beautiful than a huge swath of colors such as those you might see in a flower garden. Use these ideas to create your own rainbow, using a wide variety of flowers to ensure maximum color spread.

Vertical garden Ideas - Beautiful vertical garden in city around office building

2. Vertical Garden Ideas

Who said your gardens had to be horizontal to succeed?

When you are limited for space or simply want something a little different, why not go up instead of out. You can create a vertical garden on fencing,with pallets and window boxes. Be creative, let your mind wander, you might be surprised at the results.

Herb Garden Ideas - Freshly harvested herbs

3. Herb Garden Ideas

The best way to make your favorite dishes taste amazing is to use fresh herbs.

You can plant them in containers or an open patch of garden. You can even grow them inside on the window sill in small pots or troughs. Herbs will produce all year long inside and most of the year outside. Some will even resist frost.

DIY Garden Ideas

4. DIY Garden Ideas

Sure, you can run out to your local department store or discount hardware superstore and choose from an increasingly large range of garden stuff...

But, who sets out to create a garden only to have it look like everyone else's? Look around your garage, garden shed, local scrap yard, you might be surprised at what you find and how easily it can be turned into a planter, storage for tools, or just garden art

Front Garden Ideas - Ruhl Home

5. Front Garden Ideas

Planning to brighten up the front of your home?

You will have the best house on the street with these simple but effective garden ideas. From a few well-placed flower beds, to trees, hanging baskets and just about anything you can do to add color and life to your front yard.

Rock Garden Ideas

6. Rock Garden Ideas

Not all gardens consist of just soil and plants. You can create an amazing relaxing garden using rocks ranging in size from gravel that is used to create paths through your garden to boulders.

Boulders also come in a range of sizes, use them to create your own garden landscape.

Vegetable Garden Ideas

7. Vegetable Garden Ideas

Whether you want to get the kids interested in eating healthy, providing food for yourself or you just want to know where you food is coming from, growing your own vegges is great

And all the best ideas I could find relating to growing your vegetable garden are here:

Backyard Garden Ideas

8. Backyard Garden Ideas

Your backyard is a place where you and your family can get away from it all...

It is also the perfect place to get serious about your garden. From vegetable and flower gardens, to gazebos and sheds, it's all here to give you and your family a place to relax, year round.

Container Garden Ideas

9. Container Garden Ideas

If you can't (or don't want to) dig gardens in the spot you want to grow plants, all is not lost.

People have been container gardening for centuries. You can use virtually anything that will hold soil as a planter. And all that other people are doing with their planters (including DIY stuff) is here

Indoor Herb Garden Ideas

10. Indoor Herb Garden Ideas

Even if you can't put in an herb garden outside, there is no reason you can't grow your favorites on the kitchen windowsill.

You don't have to buy fancy containers, anything will do, even a few leftover Styrofoam cups. For all the ideas and detail on what to put your herbs in and where to put them, take a look here

Desert Garden Ideas - Cactus and Gate

11. Desert Garden Ideas

Just because you live in the desert does not mean you can't have a garden.

What it does mean is that you have to tailor your selection of plants to suit the climate. With so many different varieties of plants available, you'll need to be creative, but the best ideas I have found are here...

Creative Garden Ideas - Elephant

12. Creative Garden Ideas

Planting vegetables, flowers, trees, and shrubs is only the beginning when it comes to gardening for many people. You might be surprised at the crazy ideas you and your family can come up with to decorate your yard and gardens.

Indoor Garden Ideas

13. Indoor Garden Ideas

Why not bring the outside inside by using a variety of planters, pots, and stands?

Although light can be a large factor there are other things to consider. To see what's possible, and the benefits of an indoor garden, go here:

Home Garden Ideas

14. Home Garden Ideas

There are not too many places where you can't get something to grow. Make use of odds spaces, create planters from things you would normally throw away, and make use of both indoor and outdoor areas all year long. For the best of home garden ideas, take a look here

Raised Bed Garden Ideas

15. Raised Bed Garden Ideas

There are a number of reasons to build raised garden beds...

Some do it purely for aesthetics, or accessibility, while others have poor soil to work with. When built right a raised garden bed can help minimize weed growth and bring the beds up to where they are easier to work in.

Whatever your reason, you can find all kinds of ideas for raising your garden here

Create Your Own World

When you make the decision to build one or more gardens around your home, you open up an entire world of creativity.

There are no set rules for what a garden should or should not look like. Dig some of your gardens into the ground, use plenty of planters and pots, and most of all plant as many varieties of veggies, flowers, trees, and shrubs as you can. Use your garden to paint your own world, one plant at a time.

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Thanks you for reading.

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