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Shed Designs, Plans and Ideas

Want to Build a Shed... Then this is Where You Start!

Shed designs plans and ideas - shed in nice setting

Here's a picture of the finished product

Looking at pictures and plans of sheds is a great way to get inspired while sussing out what will suit you best.

We've collected 100's of plans and pictures to make it as easy as possible to get a feel for the look, materials, size and price of your next shed so it does what you want it to do, and looks how you want it to look

You can click on all the images to get a closer look, and most images are big enough to print if you prefer hard copies

And lastly, if you don't mind others looking at your shed for inspiration, use the contact page to send us some images of your shed, and we'll be sure to put them in the appropriate place

So What's Available at ?

Plenty of Shed Ideas and Designs

Heaps of Shed Plans

Loads of Shed Kits

And Answers to ALL the Most Common Shed Building Questions...

What Questions Do I Need to Answer Before I Can Start?

When looking for ideas for your next shed, ask yourself these questions…

What Size Does Your Shed Have to Be?

If you want to know what size shed you will need to fit your items try this web based app. It's free to find out how big of a shed you need if you don't already

What Do You Want to Make it Out Of?

Not sure what material is the best for your place? Learn about different shed materials here

What is Your Budget for the Shed?

We have a table of information that can tell you the approximate price you will pay for different sizes of shed in different materials. Worth a look before you get started You can find it here

lake cabin

Best of luck with your shed build. From here, the best place to go is the how to build a shed page

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