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Shed Size Calculator App


*Disclaimer – The sizes used in the shed size calculator app are approximate sizes. The application is designed to give you an approximate size. Please measure your items before making decisions on the size of your next shed.

So, how do you know what size shed to buy?

We heard stories of people getting all of their equipment out and measuring it. Sounds like a long day!

There are also calculators available online that work like old love testers. You put in all of your information and it matches you with a shed size. It's not a very visual process though.

To make it easier, we have measured everything and put it online. Now you can move the items around to see what size shed you need, all from the comfort of your arm chair!


We've tried to make it as easy as possible.

  1. Select the size shed you want
  2. Move the items in and out of the shed to see what fits
  3. If you need a custom item, fill in the custom sized item area

It’s that easy!

You can see the sizes we have used for the App here

ItemLength (ft)Width (ft)Length (px)Width (px)
Riding lawn mower636934.5
Push lawn mower4.51.85220.7
Sedan car10611569
Patio furniture2.522923
Work bench525823
Pick-up Truck18820792

Px (Pixel) sizes worked off 11.5px per foot

Can you think of a way we can improve our App?

We welcome constructive feedback, please contact us here.

You can also learn everything you need to know about building a shed on our how to build a shed resource page

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