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Which Shed Do I Need?

What do you NEED to make the right decision?

When we were looking to get a shed, WE WANTED THE RELEVANT INFORMATION ON THE SHEDS WE LIKED. We also wanted to feel confident and know that what we were going to get, was going to do the job and is what we wanted.

Sheds are a large purchase, for some they sit third on our lists of largest ever purchases behind our house and car. And because we are going to have to live with them anyway, we want them TO BE EXACTLY WHAT WE WANT.

And because there are many factors that will go into your new shed, you need to be CONFIDENT ABOUT WHAT YOU DECIDE TO GET.

Making a decision on which shed do i need

To make it easier we have organized sheds into 4 different categories…

Sheds sorted by Price, Size, Material and Purpose

Tips for making a decision

  1. Have a quick look at your local government website, or ask your HOA (Home Owners Association) to see what you can and can’t build without a permit. You may find that if you don’t have much to store, 2 horizontal storage sheds are a lot less hassle than 1 garden shed.
  2. Get a shed that is larger than what you need right now. You can always use more room in the future. Extra attic space can come in handy for once a year stuff like holiday gear etc.
  3. On shed kits and premade sheds, the foundation usually isn’t included in the price. This can potentially add money and/or headaches to your shed assembly. Foundations can be as much as $500 for a 12×12 concrete slab.
  4. Sheds (especially metal and plastic ones) require a flat and level base so all the parts go together and line up properly. And with most sheds, you have to organize the foundation yourself.
  5. If your looking to buy an exposed timber shed, buy a cedar one. Although it can be a little expensive, cedar naturally resists pests, rot and also doesn't require retreating (paint or lacquer) every few years.
  6. Try to build the shed when the weathers nice. Building a shed is fun, but not in the rain or snow. If you do need HOA or local government approval this can add extra time and does require pre-planning.

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Any Questions?

Here at ZacsGarden.com, we are trying to take the confusion out of creating and maintaining your garden. If you have any questions, please use the Contact page or use the comments below.

Thanks for reading, and hopefully we help you discover which shed you need.