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17 Landscaping Ideas for Ranch Style Homes

Landscaping ideas for ranch style homes

Make a classic charming ranch style homes landscaping...

ADDING LANDSCAPING TO A HOME can really finish it off and add color and depth. Here are 17 landscaping ideas for ranch style homes that will help if your not sure where to start.


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1. Stunning Shade Trees

If you are looking to create the classic "ranch home" look, nothing is better than having plenty of shade trees surrounding your home. Adding in the hedges not only helps keep the winds down and add a classic touch to your home.


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2. Simple Yet Elegant

Adding flower gardens are a great way to get started beautifying your front yard. They don't have to be huge or heavily planted. This homeowner added a few nice curves to the front of his home and then covered it with mulch to keep the weeds out.


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3. Multilayered Plants Add a Nice Touch

The homeowner used plants of various heights to create the gardens going around his home. Not only does this look amazing on its own, but using layers like this give the garden an illusion of depth.


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4. Gravel and Mulch

This homeowner started with a red gravel driveway instead of cement or tar then created gardens that were curved to match the path going to the front door. The bright yellow plants add a nice touch of color to the gardens and draw the attention of passersby.


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5. Keeping the Public at Bay

Note the way this homeowner uses large rocks to create a border between his yard and the sidewalk as if to say to the public, "stay back". The tiny patch of grass among the mulch looks a little like a golfing green. Anyone for golf?"


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6. It's All about the Flowers

A traditional ranch home has at least one flower garden in the front yard. This homeowner has used the space between the sidewalk and his house to create a garden filled with beautiful flowers and a tree that will provide tons of shade in the future.


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7. Almost the Traditional White Picket Fence

Like apple pie and baseball, white picket fences are about as American as you can get. While this might not be exactly what most people have in mind, it adds a cute touch the front yard of this house. Note the use of topiaries in the gardens.


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8. Like an Island in the Storm

Adding an island garden is a great way to break up a sea of grass like this one. You can add a single garden like this or several and then fill each with different plants to liven up what might otherwise be a boring lawn.


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9. Glorious Color Greets Visitors

This homeowner must love color judging by the garden filled with a riot of colorful flowers that greets visitors as they come up the sidewalk. You can put in gardens just about anywhere in your yard to add a touch of color and give it great curb appeal.

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10. A Seat with a View

This homeowner created a place to sit and enjoy the beauty he has created in his front yard. The flowering tree adds an intense burst of color each spring that lasts all summer long as the leaves replace the flowers.


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11. Covering Up That Bare Spot

When your front (or for that matter back) yard has big trees, chances are good it has big bare spots under them. Just because grass won't grow there, doesn't mean shrubs and flowers can't be planted there along with plenty of mulch to hold the water in.


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12. Say It with Shrubs

Flowers are great but they tend to have a short lifespan and can be challenging to care for. This house has a wide range of different colored shrubs to add color to his front yard. You could add a few colorful flowers to the gardens for a touch of color in the spring.


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13. Why Not Add a Patio

If your family likes to spend lots of time in the great outdoors, why not build a nice patio in your backyard. This is the perfect place for barbecues, morning coffee, afternoon tea, or a nice glass of wine of an evening.


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14. A View from the Porch

Nothing beats the smell of fresh flowers when you are sitting on your front porch. This home has a narrow garden that runs the length of the porch. Note the use of a plastic or tin border to keep the grass out of the garden.


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15. Create Your Own Desert Garden

Just because you live in a desert climate, doesn't mean you can't have a garden. This homeowner has planted a range of different types of cacti and succulents that can stand the hot sun and require very little water to remain healthy.


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16. The Perfect Family Playground

When you have a large yard that has more than one level, you can do like this homeowner and create different areas for everyone. The lower level is perfect for a play area, the center is ideal for a summer meal, and the deck offers a wide range of opportunities for relaxing after a hard day's work.


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17. Life's Simple Pleasures

Sometimes the simpler your landscaping idea is the better it looks. The small garden incorporates room for the trees and separates the lawn from the porch. Small pavers were used to create a walkway from the driveway to the front steps.


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