15 Landscaping Ideas to Transform the Area Around Your Deck

15 Landscaping Ideas to Transform the Area Around Your Deck Into A Masterpiece

landscaping ideas around deck

Maximize the outdoor living area of your landscape...

MAKING A DECK LOOK BEAUTIFUL can really make a house. Not only for those looking from the yard but also some quick landscaping can give some privacy or create a bit more of a barrier. However you want to finish off your deck then here are some great landscaping ideas around decks to help get you started.

1. Simple Yet Spacious

Even though this house has plenty of yard space to work with, they have chosen to add a simple deck with a shade-roof structure on top. The shade this roof provides plenty of shade during those hot summer months, yet allows just enough light in that you could stretch out and read a book or perhaps a nice chat with your neighbors.


2. The Bistro Look

Many cafes and bistros have outdoor eating areas with tables that have umbrellas to block the sun and even light rain. Having two tables out here instead of one allows for a bigger family to enjoy the fresh air and a good meal. You could even create an adults table and a kids table so that everyone can have fun.

Wood Deck landscaping

3. Natural Wood Beauty

There is nothing quite like the beauty of well-preserved natural wood. This entire deck, complete with built-in benches looks like it is made from pine that has been sealed and varnished for added beauty. There is plenty of room for a table and chairs as well as a gas grill for outdoor cooking pleasure.

4. No Diving Allowed

Just because the homeowner built his deck high enough to be used a diving platform for the pool below, doesn't mean someone should try it. The elevated deck looks great and adds an extra level of space underneath that can be used for many different things, including storage. The multi-level staircase makes great use of minimum space.

5. Add Gardens to Your Deck

Once you have your deck built and in place, why not spruce it up with plants? Here you see the homeowner has added a garden filled with shrubs and small trees along the deck and numerous potted plants on the deck itself for added beauty.

6. If the Whole World Had a Front Porch

There was a time when most homes had a front porch or deck. This was where you met your guests and enjoyed their company over a cup of coffee or glass of iced tea. As you can see in the picture, it is also the perfect place for hanging and potted plants.

7. Simple Yet Purposeful

This is one of the simplest types of deck, designed to create usable space outside of the French doors that probably lead to the living or dining room. There is plenty of room for a bench, table and chairs, and even a small gas grill.

8. Let the Sun Shine All the Time

This elevated deck covers an area of the backyard that is otherwise mostly unusable and turns it into a large family-sized place for picnics, barbecues, and all-around fun. Note the sunbursts built into the railings, they add a very nice finished touch and provide plenty of safety for smaller children.

9. A Detached Deck

No one ever said a deck has to be attached to the house. This detached deck offers a small area that is the perfect place for a couple to enjoy lunch or perhaps a chilled glass of their favorite wine on a sunny summer day. (I love the way they planted gardens filled with roses surrounding the deck)

10. Tiered Beauty

While this particular deck doesn't appear to be anything too out of the ordinary, the rustic handrails add a nice touch. But look at the tiered gardens surrounding it made from pavers. What a great way to work with a yard that slopes away from the house.

11. A Different Approach to a Sloping Yard

This homeowner took a different approach to dealing with a sloping backyard. The deck itself was built in multiple layers and includes a screened in gazebo so that the family can eat a tasty meal cooked on the grill without being attacked by flies and mosquitoes.

12. Of Wood and Steel

Not only did this homeowner run his deck the length of his home, but he chose to use the perfect blend of wood and decorative steel railings. These railings are not only beautiful, but they add plenty of long-lasting safety for those who have small children or elderly family members living with them.

13. A Little Privacy Goes a Long Way

The addition of privacy fencing to one end of this deck looks as if it was strategically placed to provide the homeowner with a small amount of privacy from the home next door. It also provides a convenient spot to mount the hangers needed for hanging plants.

14. Magnificent and Massive

This deck was built to stand the test of time. The use of massive pressure treated legs and planks in its construction has created an extremely strong structure that can handle just about anything, including several inches of snow in the winter.

15. Modern Materials

This deck starts out with a wood platform but appears to have the very latest in vinyl fencing for railing. Not only does using this type of fencing speed up the construction process, but vinyl does not rust or rot, meaning should last virtually forever and never need to be painted.

In Summary...

Thanks for reading and I hope you got some ideas from this guide on landscaping ideas around deck. If you need some more inspiration, see my practical landscaping ideas. Any comments or queries, use the comment form.


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