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What to Look for in a New Electric Wheelbarrow

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Get a grip on an electric powered wheelborrow that will simplify any job around your garden

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Stop breaking your back – use an electric wheelbarrow.

Stacking items in a traditional wheelbarrow, picking up the handles and wheeling it around is back-breaking work.

We believe the best wheelbarrow works to make your life easier. Not harder.

The 5 Best Electric Powered Wheelborrows Available Online

We’ve worked hard to find the best electric wheelbarrows on the market to help you move loads from 200 pounds to a staggering 500 pounds with the push of a button. There are models for every budget and intended use.

1. Landworks Wheelbarrow with 330lb Capacity

Powerful 1/4eHP Wheelbarrow With Up to 12 Hours of Battery Life

Have a long day’s work ahead of you? Landworks makes the day easier with a powerful wheelbarrow that takes the painstaking work out of transporting heavy items: stone, mulch, debris – anything up to 330 pounds.

A steel powdered coated body is used in the construction of the wheelbarrow to eliminate the risk of rusting and allow you to haul even the toughest of materials. The motor (more on that soon) is capable of producing speeds of 0-5 km/h, or roughly 3.1MPH.

The motor is able to transport a full load up a 12° slope, making it perfect for construction projects where ramps are used extensively.

Landworks packs 180W of power and a ¼ eHP motor into their wheelbarrow, making it easy to go up hills, ramps or over rough terrain.  Battery-powered and operated, the unit charges in 2 to 5 hours and can last the entire workday.

Battery life is dependent on load weight, but it’s not uncommon for the battery to last 10 or more hours.

Forward and reverse functions are available that help with positioning and can help you get the wheels unstuck if necessary. We would have liked to see an anti-theft key or some sort of locking mechanism to lower the risk of theft.

There is no braking mechanism when going downhill, so if you’re trying to transport heavy items down a steep decline, it can lead to unwanted acceleration.

Landworks offers an affordable, practical wheelbarrow that can carry moderately heavy loads and has speeds similar, or a little faster, than the average walking speed.

Powerful enough to go up hills
Delay in reverse disengage
Battery lasts 10 to 12 hours
No anti-theft key or lock mechanism
Reverse function
No brakes for steep hills

2. Makita XUC01X1 with 275lb Capacity

The Expensive, Long-lasting Wheelbarrow That Offers Up to One-Mile of Distance Per Charge

Makita is a well-known brand that provides a power-assisted wheelbarrow that holds two 18V LXT Lithium-Ion batteries, although only one battery is needed for operation. The company built their barrel’s BL brushless motor from the ground up to ensure that it’s optimized for performance.

A single battery charge allows for 60 minutes of continuous use, or roughly one-mile in distance, before needing to be recharged.

Maximum speeds are 2.5 mph, and there’s a two-speed option that allows you to adjust the speed based on incline or the workplace. The speed is able to be maintained even on a 12° incline, making this model a great choice for worksites where the terrain is sloped.

If you do get stuck in the mud with a 275-pound load, you can tap the reverse button, which will help you get back to work as soon as possible.

Makita is a brand that’s designed to last, but it’s a pricey model that is sold as a bare tool, meaning that there’s no battery included. For the price, we would have definitely liked to see one or two batteries included.

The wheelbarrow is a good option for a high-end, long-lasting and efficient power-assisted wheelbarrow. While the unit is expensive, it does come with one of the most efficient motors on the market.

Brushless motor delivers an impressive performance
Battery not included
Two speed options up to 2.5 MPH
Reversible function

3. PAW 44219 with 200lb Capacity

The Electric Wheelbarrow That Keeps Going...and Going

The PAW 44219 offers up to 12 hours of run time, so if you have big job, this wheelbarrow won’t quit until you do. With such an impressive battery life, you’ll have more than enough time to get the job done without having to take recharge breaks.

But in exchange for that long run-time, you’ll need to put in quite a bit of work assembling this wheelbarrow. Assembly can take up to an hour in some cases. Once you have it up and running, it will have no problem hauling heavy materials, including concrete.

The 44219’s steel frame adds to its durability. While its load capacity isn’t as high as other models, it does have some attractive features. For example, this wheelbarrow has a curved brace shape as well as an adjustable tray brace that can help with dumping loads.

Electric wheelbarrows are all about convenience, and the adjustable tray brace can help make it easier to move loads from one place to another. All you have to do is steer.

If you need to haul ultra-heavy loads, the PAW 44219 may not be right for you. But if you want a powered wheelbarrow that will give you hours of use on a single charge, this model is a great option. The 12-hour battery life is one of its most impressive and attractive features.

The only other complaint with this model is that the tires tend to have problems. Some users have complained about tires cracking even after being stored in a covered area. This kind of issue can happen with any wheelbarrow, so this is nothing out of the ordinary.

Overall, the PAW 44219 is a great choice for big jobs or anyone that doesn’t want to have to recharge their unit often.

Heavy-duty steel frame for extra durability
Assembly can take up to an hour
Impressive 12-hour run time on a single charge
Tires tend to have problems
Dumping assistance feature

Can haul heavy materials, like concrete

4. SuperHandy Wheelbarrow with 330lb Capacity

A Workhorse of a Wheelbarrow That Won’t Tip Over

The SuperHandy wheelbarrow truly is super handy. Heavy loads are no match for this electric wheelbarrow, which can handle up to 330 lbs. With the ability to navigate 12° slopes and 4 cu.ft. of cubage, the SuperHandy wheelbarrow is the workhorse you need in your garden.

If you’re tired of breaking your back hauling heavy materials, like soil or stone, through your garden, this electric wheelbarrow may be a great choice for you. For everyone else, this electric wheelbarrow may have more power than you really need.

This electric wheelbarrow can operate with two batteries, although the manufacturer only includes one. Recharge time is quick, and you’ll get up to five hours of use on a single charge. Keep in mind that the actual battery life will depend on what you’re hauling and the terrain. The heavier the load and the steeper the terrain, the harder the wheelbarrow will have to work.

Worried that this wheelbarrow can’t handle touch terrain? Don’t be. The 13” PU tires can handle anything, from snow to gravel and even construction sites.

Even when fully loaded, you don’t have to worry about this wheelbarrow traveling at snail speeds. This model goes up to 3.1 MPH, and it even has a reverse function that can move at 2.2 MPH.

Speaking of speeds, the SuperHandy wheelbarrow has convenient controls right on the handlebars. With the press of a button, you can adjust the speed and direction. 

Another great advantage of the SuperHandy model is that it’s made of powder coated steel, so it won’t rot like wood barrows.

The manufacturer also includes a versatile modular cargo bed that you can use as a flatbed.

Heavy load capacity
Can’t be used as a traditional wheelbarrow
Easy direction control
Battery life could be better
Reverse function
Second battery comes at an extra cost
Anti-tip feature

5. Landworks Electric Utility Cart with 500lb Capacity

A High-end Utility Cart Capable of Hauling Impressive Loads

Landworks’ utility cart is a high-end utility cart/electric wheelbarrow with a staggering 500W motor that can handle up to 500-pound loads with ease. The alloy steel material offers a decent level of durability, but as you’ll see shortly, the cage is often swapped out for something more durable by users.

Max hauls can reach 1,000 pounds, making this a great option for heavy usage. Construction sites are the ideal choice for this item because it removes the heavy lifting from the equation.

When going up slopes, this model can confidently go up 15° slopes even when loaded with 500 pounds. It's a more powerful option than the first Landworks on our list, but it does come at a higher price.

The 13” lugged tires are a real asset to this utility cart because it allows the unit to go through up to 2” of mud (possibly more) without any issues. The added height also reduces the need to bend over and pick up heavier items from inside the cage.

A 500-pound load capacity reduces the need to add additional trips when transporting items, and a 1,000-pound haul capacity is one of the best in the industry. The unit can go up to 5km/h (3.1mph) in forward and up to 2.2mph in reverse,

When full, the battery will last up to 5 hours, depending on inclines and total weight. 

The cage does have flimsy sides, which can be damaged with heavy stones or other heavy items. Since this is the case, a lot of users opt to swap out their cage for another one. It's not a necessity, so the choice is yours.

One final issue is that when going on uneven terrain, the unit can tip over.

Landworks knows that for heavy-duty jobs, you need a wheelbarrow that can handle intense loads. This wheelbarrow is packed with power and functionality.

Easily powers through 2” of mud
Battery charger can overcharge
13” lugged tires
Screen side panel can easily bend on heavy loads
500lbs load capacity
Tips on rough terrain

Heavy Loads Made Easy

Working in the garden can be back-breaking work. Whether you’re hauling topsoil, mulch, stone, gravel or some other heavy material, an electric wheelbarrow can save you time and energy. Just load it up, steer and go. Having the best tool for a job is key for getting it done right and quick around your garden.

Most models offer an impressive runtime, and weight capacity will vary from one model to the next. However, they will all do the hard work for you.

If you have any tips or suggestions for other electric wheelbarrows to add to this list, feel free to send a message through the contact page. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and to check out our Facebook and Pinterest for more great ideas.

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