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Answering YOUR Shed Repairs Questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions about shed repairs, and our answer in how to go about fixing them.

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“How Do I Replace my Shed Siding?”

Siding is an easy job that you don't need to pay someone else to do. It shouldn't take long and with these tips, you'll be done in an afternoon.

A good amateur video with some handy tips

Tools You Need

  1. Hammer
  2. Flatbar – crowbar
  3. Stanley knife
  4. Wedge
  5. Sawzall (if your only replacing half a board)
  6. Handsaw



  1. Use a hammer to hit the nails in the weatherboards around the area you want to replace.
  2. Use your Stanley knife to scour around the area, this is to stop paint chipping away at the edges
  3. Stick your flatbar underneath the the weatherboard you want to replace, and the one above it, jarring it out a little
  4. Use your flatbar and hammer to take the nails out of the weatherboards.
  5. If your only replacing a section of board, then cut it, otherwise just pull it out.
  6. Replace the weatherboard with a new, pre-primed board and hammer it in, then hammer the one above it in.

“What about fixing rot in smaller areas?”

This video goes into specific detail about repairing small areas, like window frames. He uses;

  1. Builders bog
  2. A sharp chisel
  3. Putty knife

Trade Tips

  1. It's better to start with too little bog, than too much. You can always mix up more.
  2. Do not overfill the hole with bog. It is harder to chisel it away than add more.
  3. Filling the last 20% of your hole with an outside rated wood putty is a good idea. Bog sets very hard and is difficult to sand when patching old wood.

“My Door is Busted, How Do I Fix it?”

You can patch a door with some masonite or plywood, but other times doors aren't worth fixing. So here is a quick video of a classic shed door being made from scratch.

Trade Tips

  1. Make the door a little oversize, that way you can square up all the edges with a saw later on.
  2. Check your door opening for square and make your door appropriately.
  3. Paint the top and bottom of your door before you put it in, its easier this way and the door does need to be sealed there.
  4. If you need to start again, here are some shed door plans

Any more questions, please contact me. I'd love to hear from you.

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