13 Comprehensive Plans and Walk-Thru’s to Build Shed Doors

13 Comprehensive Plans and Walk-Thru’s to Build Shed Doors

A Woodworker Making His Shed Doors from Shed Door Plans

Whether it's time to finish your shed project, or you need to replace existing shed doors, here are some plans and how to guides to get you started. We've looked at the most popular shed door types, and the plans to build them.

Now all you need to do is order the material, build it and measure the size of your mower so it will still fit through the door.

NOTE: Looking for shed designs, check our handpicked shed door ideas page for 40+ shed door ideas

Single Shed Door Plans

The standard shed door is the simplest of the 3 to build

Simple and Easy to Understand

shed-door-single-door shedking

Image courtesy of Shed King

One of the simplest doors to construct is the single door. And these plans make it easy to build one. They aren't the most comprehensive but there are drawings with sizes on them, and a few notes written by the author

The sizes are important and you will need to adjust them to suit the size of YOUR door, and the thickness of your siding or anything else.

If you want some help building a solid shed door it's all here to help you.

Custom Shed Door Designed and Built in One ShortVideo

If you plan to make your door plans using the computer (sketch up) then this is a walk through guide on how someone else has done the job.

This is a great walk through guide for beginners. You may not be able to make your door entirely from this video. However, it's a great to watch if you haven't had much experience woodworking before.

You'll get to see how this door is put together and maybe take some ideas and use them in your door build.

Rough Opening Preparation with Detailed Drawings


Image courtecy of Build Crazy

Just as important as the size of the doors is the preparation of the rough opening. The rough opening is the door frame work in the wall of the shed.

These well detailed elevation drawings show you how to build the door frame and where to install the drip cap (flashing). 

There is also a written guide on how to install your door after you've put the frame together. Great for a new shed build or if your changing the size of your door.

Single Shed Door with Window

shed door plans ana white

Image courtecy of Ana White

Scroll down half way to see this shed door plan. There's not a heap of detail included, although there is a cutting list and also a list tools you will need to build it.

If your looking for something simple with a little character this might be for you.

Large Single Door Step-by-Step Guide

Shed Door from probarnplans

For sheds that will be used for storage of larger equipment i.e. rideon lawnmowers, golf carts, and atvs, If the situationcalls for the use of one larger door instead of the construction of the two smaller doors this is your plan.

It goes through the issues effecting the door such as weight and opening sizes. Of course a larger door will call for a larger rough opening.

The door itself is quite simple. And the plans are not a lot of detail included just a step by step guide and some other brief notes.

Plenty of Real Images During the Shed Door Build


Image courtecy of Cheap Sheds

If you can look past all the sales stuff there's a good shed door walk through guide here. Plenty of real images of progress of a shed door build

The guide starts with the frame and covers everything including the door trim. A reasonably thorough step-by-step guide of how to build a shed door.

Double Door Plans

The advantages are double the size, the disadvantages is that it's double the work. Here are our top picks for double shed doors

Extensive Double Door Plans and Walk-Thru Guide

The video and look at the blog post are both quite detailed. They provide a user friendly walk through of a shed door build. 

The doors have a nice finish and detail although they aren't the strongest doors we in the line up. 

The blog post is also very comprehensive. It includes a run down of material prices, plenty of images and even some explanation of the techniques that have been used. Well worth checking out.

For People Who Like to Read


Image courtecy of Country Skill Blog

Long description of a shed door build project. Some real images but the detail here is in the written content.

The door at the end isn't the finest we've seen but it is an easier build and the shed door is quite sturdy. This plan is a good guide to building double doors that are uneven sizes. Good guide if the situation calls for it.

This door ended up quite expensive to build (in New Zealand), hopefully it wont be so expensive for you.

Watch an Experienced Shed Door Builder

This is a comprehensive and easy to watch video on how to build and install some double shed doors. It includes how to build the door, install it and put gate hinges on.

The doors look good when they are finished. Worth a watch if you want to pick up some tricks from an experienced shed builder.

Printable PDF Shed Door Plans


Not the most flashy of Shed Door Plans but they are quite extensive and thorough. All the pieces are laid out so it's easy to recreate for you own build.

The images in the plans are detailed enough to be helpful and not confusing. The doors look more like traditional barn doors than some of the others we have seen.

Sliding Shed Door Plans

Want something fancy to really open up that space? Sliding doors are a little more work (because of the sliding mechanism) but help create and save space.

Neat, DIY Sliding Shed Doors

shed barn doors instructables

Image courtecy of Instructables

A neat and well laid out guide to putting some sliding doors on a yard barn.

The sliding runner mechanism is made from skateboard wheels and some steel flat bar. The downside of this is that you need a workshop to do it.

If you do have a workshop then this can save you some money and give you a great looking sliding setup that should work until the cows come home.

Simple Yet Elegant


Comes with a material and hardware list and some detailed drawings that look to us like they have been done on sketchup. 

This plan isn't the most comprehensive walk-thru guide we've seen but they are detailed enough to get a semi-experienced woodworker through the project.

Download the plans in pdf format from Barn Tool Box, or here.

Sliding Door Mechanism


Great detailed drawings of the mechanism of the sliding door. Great for DIYer's who want to make it themselves. Also good for people who want to buy a kit and aren't sure where to put their studs and measure the door frame.

This is a little advanced so we recommend this for confident woodworkers and DIYer's. If you haven't had much experience then choose one from above.

Shed Door Security - BONUS

A good option for some extra shed door security, if you are concerned about thieves. As you can see there are many options available to you when you decide to build your own shed. 

Remember to secure your shed windows as well. 

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