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What to Look for in a Plastic Shed

7 Dealbreakers When Buying A Plastic Shed


What you need to check in getting a plastic shed...

IF YOU HAVE BEEN looking at the various different styles and brands of plastic sheds on the market, no one could blame you for being confused. Quite simply put, there are many to choose from.

To avoid confusion, it helps to have a good basic idea of what to look for. But not everyone has a running knowledge of the best type of shed to buy.

To help I’ve put together this short guide to help you avoid making some of the more common mistakes. It may also help ensure you end up with the right shed the first time.

What to Look for in a Plastic Shed

The Walls

There are a number of things you should be looking for in any plastic shed. For example, single layer walls may save you money, but they are not as structurally strong as double layer walls and may not be suited to areas with high winds or heavy snows.


LIFETIME 6402 Outdoor Storage Shed

Many of the more expensive sheds feature bolt together assembly and steel frames for added structural integrity. These are much better suited to areas with lots of snow and winds.

TIP - For extra strength, look for double layer walls and/or steel frames

DEALBREAKER - Flimsy thin walls. They will move around letting water in and eventually distorting and permanently warping

The Floor

Some plastic sheds come with floors, these can be placed directly on the ground instead of a foundation.

Others require some form of wood or concrete foundation, something to keep in mind as both of these options add to the final cost and the time it will take to get your shed up and running.


If you are interested in plastic sheds with built in floors, look for those with reinforced floors that can handle the weight of anything you plan to store in them along with your weight without sagging or cracking.

TIP - For extra strength, look for reinforced floors

DEALBREAKER - Floor not reinforced and not included

Plastic or Resin

Years ago plastic sheds were made from the same basic plastics used to make little kid's playhouses. Not only was this plastic structurally weak, it did not hold up well under extremes of heat or cold.

Believe me, I know as my first plastic shed sagged in the summer sun. If this wasn't bad enough, when the temperatures dropped below freezing, the roof cracked and started leaking.


KETER Manor Large 6 x 8 ft. Resin Garden Storage Shed

Today's top quality sheds are made from a plastic resin that has been designed to withstand the effects of Mother Nature and all she has to throw at them.

While we are at it, consider how much snow you get each winter and then look closely at the stated snow load for the roof. You should look for a snow load of at least 20 lbs. per square foot to be on the safe side.

One of the great things about a plastic or resin shed is that the material is completely impervious to rust or any other form of corrosion, which is one of the reasons why so many people are turning to them.

TIP - If you live in a snow zone, take special note of the snow rating. 20 lbs. per square foot is a good place to start

DEALBREAKER - No steel trusses/roof frame in a snow zone


If you are going to be storing lawn mowers, weed trimmers, or anything else with gasoline in the tank, your shed must have some form of ventilation.


Many plastic sheds offer at least some form of soffit or end cap ventilation. Even if all you are going to use your shed for is storing toys and garden tools, you should still look for one with some form of ventilation as this will help keep it cooler in the summer.

TIP - Make sure the shed has ventilation

DEALBREAKER - No ventilation in a shed 6 x 4 feet or larger


Windows are a great way to let in plenty of natural light. Most plastic sheds come with at least one side window or windows in the doors.


LIFETIME 60005 Outdoor Storage Shed with Windows, Skylights and Shelving

The only problem with them is that the majority are fixed windows, meaning they are not designed to open or close and as such offer nothing in the way of ventilation. Some sheds also have built-in skylights for extra natural lighting that might come in handy if you are looking for a workshop or art studio.

TIP - Look for sheds with at least one window or skylight. It helps keep the shed a little warmer in the cooler months and can help fight condensation, mildew and rust. As well as provide light

DEALBREAKER - Poor seals or no seals around windows


Every shed no matter how big or small has to have some type of door, naturally. The big difference is whether or not the shed has a single or double door.


SUNCAST Alpine Shed, Robust Double Doors with Articulating Metal Hardware

For storing tools and toys a single door will probably do the trick, but if you plan to store your lawn mower, tiller, or any other type of power equipment, you will need a shed that has double doors that give you enough room to move the equipment in and out.

Doors are also a weak point in the shed so take note when selecting your shed that the door is strong and the locks provided are robust

TIP - Make sure the doors have a good strong locking mechanism

DEALBREAKER - Doors that cannot be padlocked or reinforced easily


While we are talking about doors, we should also factor security into the picture. No matter what you plan to store inside of your plastic shed, there is always someone who feels the need to steal it from you.


SABRE Wireless Door Security Alarm DIY EASY to Install

No matter what type of shed you buy, it must have a way to securely lock everything inside. Most plastic shed feature some form of hasp or handles designed to let you use a padlock to secure your stuff.

While you are looking at the different plastic sheds, take a good look at how they are made to be locked and ensure it will stand up to attempts to break in.

TIP - If you want more tips on securing a shed, go here

DEALBREAKER - Flimsy doors and poor locking hardware on doors and windows that open

Thanks for reading

I hope this helps you in some way select the right plastic shed for you.

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