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The Pros and Cons of Fabric Sheds

Fabric shed

Fabric shed

Canvas, Polyethylene, Polyester, and Fabric

Sheds that are canvas, polyethylene or have a fabric cover we have called fabric sheds. They are more like tents, as they have a frame, and a cloth like lining.

The technologies involved in fabric covers are well developed. You can buy them with anti-fungal agents, UV resistance, even ‘anti-aging’.

But for us, they are not in the same category as wood, metal or even plastic. They are different and serve a different purpose.

But if they do suit your needs, then they are a quick and inexpensive solution. And to make it easier to make an informed decision, we have listed the PROS and CONS of fabric sheds.

ShelterLogic 10x10 round style fabric shed 300x200

ShelterLogic round style fabric shed

The Cheapest Shed
Fabric Will Eventually Tear
Easiest Assembly
Weakest Shed Material
No Need for a Foundation
Can Get Wet Inside
Great Temporary Solution
Makes Noise in the Wind
Good for Camping
No Real Security

The Five Top Pros of a Fabric Shed

1. The Cheapest Shed

Fabric sheds are popular because they are the cheapest solution per square foot. They provide shelter and will cover your things for the best price.

2. Easiest Assembly

If its something easy to put up then fabric is a great choice. It shouldn’t take more than an hour to put up a fabric shed and it can typically be done with one person.

3. No Need for a Foundation

Because they basically are storage tents, fabric sheds get fixed down just like camping tents do. With pegs, augers and string. This means they can go pretty much anywhere without any hassle. Even on a concrete slab they can be weighed down with bricks and other heavy items.

4. Great Temporary Solution

Because they are easy to assemble, they are a great temporary solution. They don’t leave marks and they fold up small enough to fit in the trunk of your car. This makes them portable and great for a quick fix.

5. Good for Camping

All of the above reasons make fabric sheds good for camping. If its your motorbike, or ATV that you want to protect when you’re not using it, a fabric shed will do the trick. And it’s easy to disassemble and take home when you’re done.

The Five Top Cons of a Fabric Shed

1. Fabric Will Eventually Tear

Because it moves in the wind and is not rigid, the lining will eventually tear. Some homeowners say they can get about 5 years out of their fabric shed, but it could be less depending on the weather and conditions it is exposed to.

2. Weakest Shed Material

Fabric sheds don’t deal with abuse of any kind. Such as knocks or bumps. They can stretch and tear if your not careful.

3. Can Get Wet Inside

Fabric sheds don’t typically come with a built in floor. This is an issue in areas prone to heavy rain. It will mean that the ground inside the shed will get wet. This really limits fabric sheds because you can only really put things that are okay outside in them. Like your motorbike or riding mower.

4. Makes Noise in the Wind

It’s not well known but if you have a fabric shed and its windy, the shed can be a little noisey. It is especially bad when the shed sits outside your bedroom window.

5. No Real Security

Fabric sheds have zips on them to open and close them. No room for a padlock there. But they can also be cut open with a sharp knife. At least if someone is going to break into a metal or wooden shed they would need to make some noise. If security is an issue, then we suggest stay away from fabric.

Best Fabric Shed Reviewed

If you're aware of the cons of installing a fabric shed and still interested in one, here are two you should consider.

1. ShelterLogic Round Style Storage Shed

ShelterLogic 10x10 round style shed blank

A quick and easy way to keep the weather from your equipment, and one of the stronger fabric sheds available. Read the detailed review here, or check out its price.

2. Caravan Canopy 10 x 10

Caravan Canopy 10x10

A quality shelter, that you can set up in 5 minutes, adjust the height yourself and enjoy on a nice day. If you're looking for an in-depth review, see one here, or check out the product page for an updated price.


Fabric sheds can be set up quickly and easily, and teporeraly, but know that they won't suite all uses and last long as other shed types.

If there's a fabric shed you'd like to include in the review, please contact me. I'd alsp appreciate any feedback.

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