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10 of the Best Cheap Wooden Sheds

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Solid and traditional...

There’s no question why wood is the traditional material for building sheds. in the olden days people used wood because it was THE BEST MATERIAL to build a shed from. Back then, almost everyone had a wooden shed.

Now the problem is that wooden sheds TEND TO BE THE MOST EXPENSIVE. It’s much cheaper to buy a plastic, metal or even canvas/fabric shed.

These days it can be hard to find a good quality, well priced wooden shed. So to make it easy, we’ve found the best wooden sheds for the best price.

So now all you have to do is find your tool belt.... Enjoy

10 Cheap Wooden Sheds Comparison Table

Best Barns Danbury

The Danbury by Best Barns

Just like Lego

This shed comes delivered to your driveway, ready to be put together. All the hard stuff is done, the panels are cut and the doors are pre made. All you have to do is put it together.

If your kids liked Lego when they were younger, then they will enjoy the challenge of putting this shed together.

Even if you don’t want a shed, it’s a great excuse to spend a weekend with the kids, and get pizza after.


A good shed for 2 people to put together over a weekend. See more information here.

Great for Storing
Riding mower Garden equipment
Workbench Wheelbarrow

Suncast Cedar and resin hybrid shed

The Cedar & Plastic Hybrid Shed

Something more modern?

If the traditional look won’t suit your site, then this plastic & cedar hybrid shed might.

The darker wood grain appearance looks great in an area with plenty of trees and bushes. The combination of plastic and cedar forms quite an attractive shed.

It also comes with the bonus of very little maintenance being required and two windows. It also has a sturdy floor so it can take a battering.


A well-built shed for those who want something different. There is more information available here.

Great for Storing
Riding mower Long handled garden tools
Push mower Wheelbarrow


Majestic Shed

The Majestic 8×12’

Bang for your buck

If you are looking for good value for money, then you can go past this shed. It’s a great size for a standard size yard and will store all the usual suspects, along with a riding mower.

It comes with a loft and an 8ft work surface, although there are many extras. You must pay to get it delivered to your property, and you need to provide the paint, floor, and foundation.

It’s taller than average so there is plenty of vertical room for storage of those ‘once-a-year’ items in the wrap around loft.


A great value shed, that does have a few mandatory additional extras. See the exact price here.


Great for Storing
Riding mower Once-a-year items
Push mower Workbench


Horizontal Refuse

Horizontal Refuse Shed

Organize your yard

If it’s your yard that needs tidying, then this horizontal shed is like calling for ‘organizing backup.’

The round top is designed for natural snow run off, but we question whether it would work or not. In any case, it looks quite nice and sets the piece off.

It was created to keep pests out of trash cans, but it will hold your pool or garden equipment, as well as your rubbish.

And maybe if you put it there, your family might just use it and clean up after themselves…


The cheapest wooden horizontal shed we could find. Get a discount on the list price here.


Great for Storing
Bins Sports equipment
Pool equipment Garden tools


Classic Wood Saltbox 8x8

Classic Saltbox

Want the classic look?

We are surprised how cheap this traditional saltbox style shed is.

It is a quality wood shed delivered to your property. With high quality siding that comes primed ready for paint, 2 windows and shutters, and 2×4 used in the framework.

It doesn’t come with paint, shingles, drip edge or a foundation, but even so it is a good quality shed at a great price.


A quality shed, especially for the price. Available here.


Great for Storing
Push mower Garden equipment
Workbench Wheelbarrow


New Castle

The New Castle

When bigger is better?

If a small shed isn’t just going to cut it then take a look at this quality 12×16’ shed.

There’s plenty of room for your riding mower, workbench and even a card table… You could even set it up as a pool hall if you were so inclined.

So whether it’s for storage, for a workshop or you just want a place to get away, then this shed has the size to offer you what you want.


A larger sized wooden shed that’s good value for money. Click here to get a discount from the list price.


Great for Storing
Riding mower Extra storage
Workbench Motorbike


Ted's Shed Plans

Shed Plans

The cheapest wooden shed

Thought of building your new shed yourself but you’re not confident enough? Or maybe you don’t know where to start?

When people think of plans, they typically think of large blueprints with small writing and scribbles everywhere.

Would it change your mind if you could see visuals, schematics and full color pictures of your new shed before you build it?

Even if you have a hard time with written instructions, these plans are quite easy to follow, with full color pictures so you don’t have to be technical to give it a go.


Build something you can be proud of, and save some money at the same time with Ted’s Shed Plans.

Great for Storing
Riding mower Garden equipment
Bicycles Workbench


2x4 Basics Frame kitBarn Style Shed Kit

A helping hand

If you’re not confident with your carpentry skills, then this shed kit is the next best thing to having a carpenter as a next door neighbor.

This shed building kit will help even the most novice woodworker. The galvanized steel brackets remove the need for any complicated angled cuts.

The kit even comes with a material lists with all the sizes of material you need. So there’s no need for math at all!


A great guide for a first time shed builder, and a great way to save money. Also available in a peak style roof.


Great for Storing
Household items Garden equipment
Golf Clubs Wheelbarrow


Classic wood gable shed

Classic Wood Gable Shed

A standard shed

If you build this shed, then you may have to bring the personality.

It’s quite standard, which isn’t a bad thing for a shed. It’s strong and will hold up to strong weather.

It will do what all good sheds do. Keep your items and equipment safe, secure and dry. But you have to customize it yourself.


There are vents, but no windows which about sums up the functionality focus of this shed. More info…


Great for Storing
Riding mower Garden equipment
Workbench Wheelbarrow


Rowlinson Wallstore

Rowlinson Wallstore

Need extra storage?

If your just a bit too full, then this out of the way lockcable storage unit is big enough to get you out of trouble.

It will fit the kid’s sports equipment, pool equipment, or your garden tools easily and give you great access to your items with shed wide opening doors.

It is a very convenient unit as its designed to sit alongside a fence to save room. You could even have two or three side by side, if you needed the storage, and it wouldn’t look out of place.

The wallstore has a nice wood finish that will suits most yards, or it can be painted to match your house.


A convenient solution for when size matters. More info here.

Great for Storing
Bicycles Garden equipment
Sports equipment Pool equipment


Thanks for reading.

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