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10 of the Best Storage Sheds for the Money

Genuine Handcrafted Quality

Finding value for money isn’t like it used to be…

Back in the old days, determining value was a lot easier. You were always dealing with someone you knew, or someone who had a reputation that you knew of. All you had to do was ask your neighbors, what is good and what isn’t.

Nowadays it can be a little harder, there are so many options, and items can come from anywhere around the world. How is one to know what is good quality at a good price and what isn’t?

We found this problem when looking online for a shed. So we decided to look for the best storage shed for our money. In our research we found 10. So we hope it narrows your search down a little.

Top 10 Value Sheds

Open Shed Comparison Table

1. Suncast Glidetop Slide Lid Shed

Lifetime 7x4.5 storage shed

Suncast Glidetop Slide Lid Shed is Available Here

No Maintenance Required
Limited Space
No H.O.A Restrictions*
Customer Service Not Always Great
Fits 3 Bikes
Cannot Paint It

Perfect for smaller yards

Although small, this slide lid shed is very spacious and can hold up to 3 bikes. It's great dedicated storage for outdoor furniture, pool equipment, etc.

Although this isn’t the cheapest shed, we like it because of the quality. The walls are relatively thick and reinforced with steel for extra strength.

Easy to put together (around an hour) and only requires a screwdriver. The shed is also lockable and will take the harsh elements of where you live

And according to many owners it looks just like it does in the picture, which we think is the true test of a good shed.

Our Verdict:

This is a quality plastic shed, great for getting your garage or porch space back.

*Check your H.O.A restrictions to double check if you can put in slide lid shed in your area

2. The Yardstash IV

Yardstash Storage Shed is Available Here

Setup Is Easy
Not For Fully Exposed Areas
Portable and Easy To Move
Durability Questionable

If you like your solutions well thought out…

Even the color detracts from the Yardstash from standing out.

This thing is custom made for storing 2 adult bikes. There are even hooks for hanging your helmets and bike gear. But it will serve the purpose for your pool equipment or smaller garden tools. Although i’d measure my push mower (or anything else) before I bought this though.

The fabric is very heavy duty tarpaulin material, which is strong against the elements. The shed appears to be ‘weatherproof’ so reviewers have had water issues inside the shed. Although you can use a waterproof spray, this restricts the shed to only storing semi waterproof stuff like bikes, pool equipment, etc.

It’s a good option if you live in the city and need storage without giving up too much space. It is also a good product for some storage on your camping trip.

Our Verdict:

A convenient and portable solution, and a great way to get around strict HOA rules.

3. Shed-In-A-Box by Shelterlogic

Shed-In-A-Box Available Here

Holds 3 Bikes
Assembly Can Be Tedious
Stands Up To Snow
Extras Are Required

Something more portable perhaps?

Shelterlogic have been making fabric sheds for a while, and their experience shows.

The frame is steel and is quite strong. It comes with steel footplates, stabilizer blocks and auger anchors (although the longer anchors are recommended as an added extra)

However, it is a fabric shed and not metal, wood or plastic. Being a fabric shed it can be a little noisy in the wind, and there is no security apart from a thin film of fabric that works like a privacy shield.

On the upside the fabric does allow the Shed-in-a-box to be portable and cheap.

Our Verdict:

A great seasonal solution to store firewood and ride on equipment.

4. The Arrow Woodlake

Arrow Woodlake

Arrow Steel Storage Shed Available Here

Wood Grain (we are told that it looks better in person)
The Packaged Instructions Are A Little Hard To Understand
Easy to Understand Installation Guide Available Online
Everything Is An Added Extra, And You Do Need Some Of The Added Extras

How do they do it for the price?

Do you need to shelter your equipment from the weather, and want the job done on budget? Then this shed is a winner.

It is definitely a winner in its class. It’s a reasonable size while being very economically friendly. There isn’t much to the shed, but the important stuff is here. Galvanized metal wall panels and roof for protection against corrosion, and the door opening is quite large for a smaller shed.

As far as looks go, it may look like an outhouse, but were told the imitation wood paneling looks better in person. The light frame also allows the shed to be moved if needed.

Our Verdict:

An inexpensive solution for a small yard.

5. Classic Wood Saltbox Shed

Classic Wood Saltbox 8x8

Little Cottage Company Classic Saltbox Shed 

Great Quality
A Little Pricey
Added Extras Allow for Customizing
Requires Shingles and Other Pieces

Looking for a great quality wood shed?

Many of the cheaper wood sheds don’t come with windows or the same ornate details that this one comes with.

The two tone color is striking and gives the shed the settled in, classic look. It does catch the eye in a good way. It’s also Available prebuilt, but that’s not as much fun.

This shed opens up to being a workspace, although a small one, with the natural light that passes through the front window. The front wall is 6ft which is high enough to work in depending on how tall you are.

The manufacturer (Little Cottage Co.) also make this in a 8'x10' and other larger sizes.

Our Verdict:

It’s not often were surprised about quality, but this one is a great quality shed for the price.

6. Keter Factor 4 x 6 Resin Shed

Storboss Mountaineer MHD

Keter Factor Shed Available Here in 4x6, 8x6 & 8x11

High Ceilings
Must be Installed on Flat Surface
Plenty of Natural Light
Assembly Can Be Tedious

The “just right” storage shed

If value is important to you, then this could be the best value shed you ever find.

The Keter Factor Shed is a plastic, attractive and well-built shed that will look great in your yard.

It’s size is big enough to allow your mush mower to go straight in, and the windows allow natural light in so you can see what you are doing in the shed.

Not only that, Keter has been making this shed for years… So you know its popular (its had over 35 5 star reviews).

On the up side it comes with some shelves, some tool hooks and a pegboard to help you organize your equipment.

On the down side the instructions can be a little tedious, but look online there are time lapse videos of people building Keter Factor sheds produced on YouTube that helps clear things up. Here is one example.

Many reviewers are happy they bought this shed, and you will be too.

Our Verdict:

A solid, good looking shed at fair price.

7. DIY Shed plans

Build your own shed

Access to 1,000's of Shed Plans Here

Get Good Quality at Good Price
DIY Can Take Some Time
Get a Custom Job
Requires Some DIY Experience

Want more control? Do it your way and get a great job

DIY is a great way to save money, especially on an expensive item like a shed.

If you are going to DIY your shed, then buying plans is a great place to start. They are quite inexpensive and can be purchased online. We found one package that contains 1,000's of shed plans for under $70.

These plans are great value, and don’t just include the drawings, but also advice, photos and illustrations to help you build your shed. It’s the best thing, next to having a builder help you build it.

The benefits of building your own shed are that you get exactly what you want, at the quality level you expect. And a quality shed will improve the value of your home.

Our Verdict:

If you want something large, or a unique size then building your own can be the best value.

8. Suncast Vertical Tool Shed

Suncast Vertical Tool Shed

Suncast Vertical Tool Shed Available Here

Easy to Move
A Little Top Heavy
Great for Long Items
Too Small for Mower

Need storage on a small footprint?

Looking to store your tools or smaller equipment? The Suncast vertical tool shed is a great solution on a small footprint.

The 60lt is deep and tall enough to hold a snow blower, long handled garden tools and/or smaller tools and equipment.

It looks neat, doesn’t stand out and it fits in almost anywhere; on the patio, deck or balcony, maybe in the laundry, or in your carport or larger shed.

The shed is also lockable so it can be put outside and offers some security.

Our Verdict:

A well-built storage solution for your tools and equipment.

9. Arrow Hamlet

Arrow Hamlet

Arrow Hamlet Shed Available Here

Great Value
Assembly Required (2 People)
Tough & Durable
Panels Can Feel Flimsy

A great value metal shed

There’s no surprise that in a list of great value sheds, there are a few metal ones. They are durable, and very cost effective.

The Arrow Hamlet 10×8 is no exception. It’s great value, and provides a large footprint, enough for your ride on, families bikes, snow mobile and other equipment.

It does look quite neat in your backyard and doesn’t stick out like some older models of metal shed. The steel is galvanized to provide protection against rust and corrosion, which will help extend its life.

It’s easy enough to put up. You might want to look at some more information about the assembly here at our review page. Only because the printed instructions included with the shed aren’t much help.

Our Verdict:

Although the floor, earth anchor kit, and roof strengthening kit are extras you might have to buy, this is a great inexpensive solution.

10. The Lifetime 6402 - 8 x 12.5 Feet

Lifetime 6405 Shed

The Lifetime 6402 Shed Available Here

Steel Supported Walls & Roof
Will Most Likely Require Permit Application/Adherence
Strong Door Handles & Locks
Instructions Can Be Hard to Understand

Are you a green thumb or garden enthusiast?

This large, solid shed is a castle for the tools and equipment for your favorite pastime

It is a strong shed, the roof is low profile, but reinforced to stand up to tough conditions. It is designed to stand on a concrete slab, so it won’t move when bolted down. And a concrete floor is a perfect base if you need to get underneath it to do a quick job.

There are a few windows although this shed isn't really big enough to work in, the windows do help eliminate excess moisture and condensation which can lead to rust.

There's plenty of room for garden tools and equipment, although it does come with some shelving, you will need to purchase/make more to fit it out properly

While not being huge, there is enough space for your tools and tool boxes, and the double doors open with enough space to get your stuff in and out with plenty of space

Our Verdict:

A large small shed, to treat your new toy or equipment like royalty.

In Summary...

Thanks for reading, we hope you found your best storage shed for the money. You're preference to either build or assemble, has an impact on value. 

If you have any suggestions for what should be in this list then please use the contact page.

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