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10 Practical Solutions for Your Motorcycle Shed

Man with no motorcycle shed

Although it may be picturesque to park your bike under a tree at sunset... its just not practical

When we think about motorbikes, we think about open roads and the exhilaration of riding. Not where we are going to stick our bike when we are not riding it.

Leaving bikes out in the open leaves them to being covered in dirt, dust, and rust. So its not a real option. So to help, we have found a motorcycle shed for everyone. We think are great solutions, so you can spend more time riding... instead of cleaning.

Because were not big fans of removing grime, dirt and bird poo either... Enjoy.

Open Motorcycle Shed Comparison Table

1. Speed-Way MTS Grey Sport Shelter



Sleek design

Only one color scheme available

Very easy to use

Lady does not come with cover

Like the professionals...

This bike cover looks the part. It is a well designed solution that’s easy to use. All you need to do is ride your bike in, then close the cover over the top.

The sliding cover means there is nowhere for water or dust to get on your motorbike. When we saw this we had one of those ‘why didn't I think of that moments.’ It’s simple, easy, it still looks motorcycle, and IT WORKS.

Practically the missus wont hate it either. It looks nice, and it sits below the fence line. It can also fit on a porch, veranda or deck. Flooring mats are sold extra, and available from different suppliers, if you want to put it straight on the ground.


A strong, lockable solution to keep the weather off of your pride and joy. Check out what size is right for your bike here.

2. Roughneck X-Large Storage Shed

Roughneck X-Large Storage Shed Available Here

Room for 2

This is a nice complete solution. It is a typical family style shed but its size allows it to store 2 standard motorcycles side by side.

It is well designed with skylights and windows in the doors for natural light, and it comes with a floor to limit the amount of dust inside the shed. There are also storage options for your accessories.

The shed comes with instructions and is easily assembled, but requires a level concrete slab which is the owners responsibility to provide. But even with that added into the cost of the shed, it is still good value.



Great Value

Not for Cruisers

Strong and Sturdy

Can't Paint It


Nice compact, safe storage for two motorcycles. Read the reviews here.

3. 15 x 8 ft. Outdoor Storage Shed

Lifetime 6446 15-by-8 Foot Outdoor Storage Shed with Shutters, Windows, and Skylights (Small) - a large motorcycle shed

15x8ft Outdoor Storage Shed Available Here

A kingdom for your motorcycle

Motorcycles can be a hobby for some and a religion for others. And if you’re the latter, then you need somewhere to worship… Welcome to your new sanctuary.

With room for your bike, your tools, accessories, leathers, and even a parts bike you wont be short of space. You could possibly fit 4 bikes in here but it would be tough trying to get them out.

Plastic sheds are also very easy to clean. So if you have an accident a clean floor, wall or even roof is only a can of degreaser and a few old towels away.

There are plenty of storage options for tools, and even windows so you can see what you’re doing during the day. It wouldn’t be hard to run some lighting on the inside either for those late nights on the tools.



Plenty of Space

A Little Pricey

Strong and Sturdy

Large Footprint


If you’ve got the space, why not. You’ll know your bike is secure and it provides a nice place to work on it. Read homeowner reviews here.

4. Yard Saver Lean-to

arrow lean to shed



Out of the Way Storage

Assembly Can Be Tedious

Secure Shed

No Natural Light

For when safety is a priority

Looking for a place to hide your bike? Then this discreet lean-to is perfect. Designed to sit up against a garage or house wall, the yard saver is out of the way and discreet looking

With no windows to see what’s inside, your bike is safely away from any prying opportunistic eyes

The double doors open up to the width of the shed (almost 4 feet) which is plenty to get your bike in and out, and the shed is long enough to store your accessories too


A good solution for when your bike is for your eyes only. It’s great value too, one click to see the price

5. Delux All-Season Motorcycle Cover



Strong and Waterproof

Can Keep Humidity In

Easy to Find Right Size

Can Wear if Used A Lot

A final layer of protection

Sometimes it’s better to be safe than sorry, and a little added protection never hurt anyone. That’s where a motorcycle cover comes in. If your leaving your bike outside, or its hibernating for the winter, a motorcycle cover can give you some more peace of mind

The covers are water resistant, and also keep the dust and dirt off your motorcycle. Although in humid weather, it can trap humidity in. And if you’re on the road, the cover rolls up into a tiny backpack so you can stick it behind or under your seat

If you’re concerned about getting the right fit, it takes only 3 steps to find the right size. You find your bike with the easy to use menu, then it suggests the size that you need, then order


The best cover we could find for an extra safeguard for your motorcycle. Find your correct size here

#6 - Backyard Discovery Ready Shed - Barn

Best Motorcycle Shed - Backyard Discovery Ready Shed Barn



Everything Included in Delivery

Your Wife Might Want it for Her Stuff

Strong Door Handles & Locks

A Pricier Option

The strength and simplicity of wood

If you want plenty of storage for your motorcycle, but never thought you could build a wooden shed then this is your answer. Everything is included with delivery in this strong and simple to build 8 x 8 foot shed. Yes even the shingles and the floor!

Made from 2 x 4 stud and wood paneling, this shed is straightforward to put up. The double doors make it easy to get your ride in and out, and there is a loft shelf to keep your helmet and other gear off the floor

On the down side it isn't the cheapest shed in this list. You will also want to position the doors facing south to get the light in. The size is great for motorcyle storage, but not really big enough to work on your bike


Simple to construct storage for your pride and joy... and it only takes a friday afternoon to put it together. See the prices here.

#7 - Steel Storage Shed by Arrow



Shelves Provided

Getting In and Out on a Windy Day

Great Value

Locking Mechanism Not Very Good

Economical bike storage

The best thing about this shed, apart from its durability and value, is that you can place this shed pretty much anywhere and have it up in half a day

The floor frame kit is included, so all you need is some plywood (and any base that you were going to use) and the shed kit and you’re ready to go

The shed isn’t tall so you shouldn’t’ have to worry about your HOA giving your grief about it. And just like more expensive solutions it will keep the rain, dust and dirt at bay

Usually used for gardening equipment, it will also hold a standard motorcycle. Getting it in and out might take some practice on a windy day but nothing a few lose bricks won’t fix


It’s a simple and economical solution to your motorcycle storage problem. Read homeowner reviews here.

#8 - Shed-in-a-Box



Can House Multiple Bikes

Can Get Dusty

Good Value

No Real Security

Your bike and a few others things…

This storage tent is a bit larger than standard motorbike covers, which allows you to store all yoru accessories and even another motorbike!

Being a fabric/canvas shed, its biggest weak point is the cover. But this one has a serious fabric covering, treated for UV and fading, among other things

We’re not huge fans of fabric sheds here, but if you are going to buy one, then this is a good one.


A good value solution, for those who need more than just bike storage. See the price in one click here

#9 - Quictent Motorcycle Storage Tent



Easy to Assemble

Not Pretty

Protects from Rain, Snow, Dust and UV Light

Floor Not Included

Custom made solution

Want a tailored solution that you can put it up in less than an hour, and have a cover over your motorbike before the rain sets in?

This motorcycle storage tent is an easy way to protect your bike. Set up the frame, put the lining on and you’re done. However, if you want something sturdy that the wife will accept then look elsewhere

But no matter what the look, it has a powdercoated steel frame and will keep the weather out


Quite a strong storage solution for what it is. Read those homeowner reviews here

#10 - Large Vertical Storage Shed



Looks Neat and Inconspicuous

Won't Fit Larger Bikes

Has Shelving Options

Requires Foundation

"I can’t believe it’s a bike shed..."

Yes! It doesn't look like a motorcycle shed at all, and that’s what we like about it (and probably what your wife likes about it too.)

It’s a tight fit but the shed will fit smaller bikes, and there is enough room for your helmet and other gear but not much else. Not enough space for your better half to want to store her ‘once-a-year-crockery’

The plastic construction means no maintenance, and a rigid construction at a reasonable price. Although be sure to check the length of your bike, the outside depth of the shed is 6.3ft


A strong shelter that will disguise your motorcycle gear. Read homeowner reviews here

Haven't found what you are looking for yet? What about this...

#11 - H-D Dome Tent with Parking



Never Leave Your Bike Again

Wife Will Wonder Where You Are

Protects You Both From the Weather

Kids Will Miss You

Have a special connection with your bike?

This is a standard motorcycle cover. It’s just some tent material that gets zipped over your bike. The only difference is its attached to a tent

We love this idea. This way you don’t have to leave your bike at all! And if your wife misses you, there’s room for her and her bike too!

It may seem novel but Harley owners say it’s a great tent. Strong and durable, easy to pack up and the ‘garage’ does detach from the tent when you and the wife need some ‘alone time’


We think it’s a great way to make friends at your next overnight bike event. As curious people wonder which part you sleep in… with the bike, or your wife? Available here

Special Mentions

Mike G. has written in to say he recently purchased a cycleshell and is happy with it. It's a marine fabric made (tent like) motorcycle shelter that is strong enough to take some snow and decent winds. You can check it out for yourself here.

In Summary...

Ok, so number 11 was a bit of a gag but it could come in handy. I hope this helps you find what you are looking for when it comes to a motorcycle shed.

If you have any suggestions for what should be in this list then please use the contact page.

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