How to Find the Perfect Bike Hanger for Your Shed or Garage

How to Find the Perfect Bike Hanger for Your Shed or Garage for Cheaper Than You Think

How to Find the Best Bike Hanger For You

FEEL LIKE YOUR ALWAYS moving bicycles when you want to get something in your shed or garage?

How many times have you gone out into the shed or garage, only to find your expensive bike laying on its side because one of the kids knocked it over?

Or worse, maybe your having to bring your bike into the house where it leaves lovely big tire marks on the carpet and brake lever marks on the walls... followed up by having to listen to your other half complain about the mess

There is nothing like having to replace a few brake levers or scrub the carpets to make you realize the time has come to do something about finding proper storage for your bike.

One of the best ways to combat this problem, is to find the perfect bike hanger, without killing your budget.

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The Benefits of A Bike Hanger

Bikes on a Porch

If you are like most of us, you have probably been leaving your bike up against a wall in the shed, garage, porch or even somewhere in the house since you can’t remember when

While this has at least kept your bike from being stolen it has not been without its share of problems. Even if you have used a floor standing bike rack your bike still ends up spending more time getting in the way when you are not riding it

Bikes present a tough storage problem. And because of this they always end up getting in the way. If you keep your bike out in the garage, not only does it always seem to make getting in the car a challenge, but can often cause damage to your car or other items in the garage or shed.

Truth is that bike hangers make the most of your size limitations and help avoid any future damage along with the lecture from your other half. No matter how you look at, hanging your bike on the wall or from the ceiling out of the way simply makes good sense.

How Much Should You Spend on a Bike Hanger?

As you start looking into bike hangers, one of the first things you are likely to notice is the price range. Prices can range from inexpensive and highly functional to absolutely ridiculous and barely usable.

The simple reality is that if the bike hanger you are considering costs more than around $40, you are literally buying a Rolls Royce when a Chevy will do the same job. The average $40 model will have everything you need to store your bike(s) up and out of the way quite nicely thank you very much. 

Buying more expensive models loaded with bells and whistles (meaning features 99.99% of people will never need), you are flushing your cash down the toilet.

Should You Choose A Wall Or Ceiling Hanger For Your Bike(s)?

Cocoweb Two Bike Storage Rack

Hanging a lightweight bike on a wall can save space. 2 bike storage rack/hanger

Now that we have established the fact that you need to find a way to get your bike up and out of the way, the next step is to decide which type of bike hanger makes the best choice.

There are two different styles of bike hanger, those designed to be mounted on the wall and those designed to hang your bike from the ceiling.

In order to decide which of these is the best bike storage solution, you need to take a close look at the amount of storage space you have available. Bear in mind that most bike hangers are designed to store your bike with the wheels perpendicular to the surface to which the mount is attached.

If you are considering a ceiling mount bike hanger or hoist, will you still be able to walk under the bikes or will they be sufficiently out of the way to ensure you don’t end up cracking your skull open.

bike in shop in pathway

If you keep running into your bike, then a wall or ceiling bike hanger can give your floorspace back to you

Of course the need for space also applies to wall mounted bike hangers as you must have plenty of room to walk around them without running into them.

The number of bikes you plan to store must also be taken into consideration. Wall hangers are a popular option for those who need to store more than one bike, but at the same time there are a few good ceiling mount racks that can hold multiple bikes or you can install more than one “single bike” ceiling rack if you have enough room.

Scroll down for the pros and cons of each wall and ceiling bike hanger

What About Weight?

How much does your bike weigh? While the average street racing bike is ultra-lightweight, this is not the case with many mountain bikes and kids bike. These can be quite heavy, something that must also be taken into consideration as you make your decision.

Take a good look at the area you plan to install your bike hanger. Can you attach the rack to a wall stud or ceiling beam? If not, will the wall or ceiling be able to support the weight of the bikes you plan to hang or are they likely to come crashing down on your car or worse yet your head?

What About When The Bike Hanger Is Empty?

No matter which of the different bike hangers you choose, it will always be there, even when your bike is not. Wall mounts tend to have long “fingers” or bars that stick out and can be dangerous. 

Look for racks that are designed to fold out of the way when not in use to save yourself and your family from the risk of serious injury. The same can be said of many ceiling mounted bike hoists. They must have a way to be locked out of the way when not in use.

What About Security?

Depending on where you live and where you plan to store your bike, you may need to keep your bike(s) locked up.

Many of the bike hangers on the market offer a way for you to lock your bike(s) securely in place to help reduce or eliminate the risk of them being stolen.

Is Hanging Bad for Your Bike?

There are a few people who sincerely believe that hanging your bike by one or even two wheels is bad for it. Ok, now think about this for a moment. When you are out riding around on your bike, not only is the weight of your bike resting on the hubs, bearings, and tires, but so is YOUR weight.

Now, since all of this weight fails to cause any damage... why would hanging your bike be any different since the amount of suspended weight is far less?

Wall Mount Bike Hangers

Wall mount bike hangers can be further subdivided into two categories, those that hang your bike in a horizontal position and those that hang it in a vertical position.

Each of these has their advantages, for example the typical horizontal mount is inexpensive and easy to hang your bike on. They also tend to keep your bike close to the wall out of the way. Consider these wall mount bike hangers.

Vertical Wall Hangers

A small bike hanger by Bike Lane

Vertically hanging your bike an inexpensive way to hang your bikes on the wall out of the way.

Vertical bike hangers typically hold all sizes of bike rim and can hang 1 or two bikes vertically. When deciding on a hanger, look for hooks designed to protect your bikes from damage.

Frames should also be strong (solid steel or similar). This way they can handle the weight of your bikes easily and without collapsing.

The vertical design minimizes the amount of space needed to store your bikes, and is good way to store more than one bike.

Generally hanger kits will come with all of the hardware you need to mount it to your wall. They should also be simple to install. It should take you less than 30 minutes from start to finish and then lift your bikes up into place where the hooks hold them securely in place.

Good for holding multiple bikes
Tires can dirty walls
Doesn't take much horizontal wall space
Can take up floor space
No lifting may be needed

Horizontal Wall Hangers

GVDV Bicycle Hanger Hook

Reasonably priced vertical bike hanger by Clarian

Horizontal wall hangers tend to be simple. They usually include only a bracket to attach to your wall and a set of hooks to hold your bike.

And they can be used for practically any type of bike, including mountain bikes, folding bikes, street bikes, adult bikes, and kids bikes.

Unlike vertical wall hangers, these racks are designed to hang your bike via a frame and therefore have a weight limit rating.

When purchasing, look for a protective layer (silicone, pvc etc.) to help protect the paint on your bike’s frame from scratches. Some also fold away when not being used.

Installing is typically easy with wall bracket mounting on stud or brick wall. 

Some kits come with a place for helmet/gloves etc.
Some lifting required
Doesn't take much floor space
Can take up some floor space
No dirty walls
Weight rated

A Note on Horizontal Wall Hangers

Floor to ceiling bike hanger - courtesy Swagman

Horizontal bike hangers can also be attached to floor to ceiling stands.

This gives you a little more freedom with your placement.

It also makes the hangers able to put up without tools. Great news if you are renting and don't want to have to repair walls

However, these floor to ceiling stands tend to be more expensive than straight wall hangers, so you will pay more for one of these

Ceiling Mount Bike Hangers

Depending on the amount of space you have available and where you plan to store your bikes, a ceiling mount rack can also be a good idea. However they tend to be more expensive. By suspending your bikes from the ceiling you get them up and out of the way.

You can even hang them above your work bench or where you park the car. Leaving you with plenty of room to park the cars or work on your next project. However, unless you buy a hoist type lift, you are going to have to lift your bikes up into place by hand, which can be tricky. Consider these ceiling mounted bike hangers.

Ceiling Hoists (Horizontal)

Not sure how a bike hoist works? Watch this 44 second video courtesy of RAD Cycle

The bicycle hoist is perfect for anyone who wants to store their bike way out of the way

You even can mount a bike hoist on a 12 foot high ceiling, leaving you with plenty of space to park your car, or work on your workbench.

Installation of the unit will vary depending on how easy it is for you to get to the ceiling/roof bolting point. Once it's in place bolting it to a rafter or ceiling beam takes only a few minutes to complete

Most good models have hooks which are coated in rubber to protect your bike’s frame from damage.

Also look for a thick rope and robust design when purchasing. This will allow you to lift heavier bikes more safely. Some hoists will comfortably take bikes up to 75 pounds off the ground.

A must is good quality safety locking mechanisms that ensure your bike cannot be accidentally released causing injury and damage to anything below your bike it

No lifting required
No space for helmet/gloves and other accessories
Doesn't take up any floor space
Can be hard to install depending on situation
No dirty walls

Roof Hangers (Vertical)

Gladiator Claw Bike Storage

A vertical bike hanger storage solution - 'The Claw'

You can also hang your bike from the ceiling vertically

Mounted bike hangers are designed to hang your bike by the rear (or front) wheel, allowing it to hang vertically.

There are two options to hang your bike from the ceiling vertically. Custom made vertical bike hangers or standard steel hooks

Any hook or vertical bike hanger is designed to be hooked to the ceiling rafters. To install them all you have to do is drill a pilot hole and then fix the hanger's hardware directly into the beams.

When purchasing, look for ones made of strong materials (steel or durable high strength plastic).

A big advantage of this storage method is the hooks will work with both children’s and adult size bikes.

Also look for the total weight that the hook can hold. 50 pounds is about normal and plenty for a standard bicycle.

No lifting required
No space for helmet/gloves and other accessories
Doesn't take up any floor space
Lifting required
No dirty walls

Note on Ceiling Hangers

TEKTON 7646 Bike Hook Sets, 2-pc.

Standard Hooks courtesy of TEKTON

You can purchase a purposely made solution or use a standard screw in hook to hang your bike(s) vertically from the ceiling

The hooks can also be a cheap way to hang a bike horizontally.

This is good if you don’t like the idea of hanging your bike in a vertical position.

You can buy two. One for each wheel.


There are many things to be considered when looking for the ideal bike hanger for your home, garage, or shed.

While both wall and ceiling mount racks will both do the same job, they each have their advantages and disadvantage. Before making your final decision, consider your ability to lift each of your bikes off the ground. Wall mounts typically require less effort, but may cause space issues. Ceiling mounts may give you more space. But unless you buy the hoist type of rack you will have to be able to lift your bike up into the mount.

Space is another big consideration, especially of 

The most important thing to remember is that you should never have to spend a lot for the perfect bike storage rack to meet your needs now and in the future.

Thanks for reading. Why not start a conversation with your friends about how they store their bikes by sharing this article.

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