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The Best Shed Storage Ideas and Designs for More Space


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REMEMBER THE LAST time you looked around your garden shed and wondered how in the heck you were supposed to find anything in that mess?

Yeah, I reckon you know this one only too well, same for me.

One day I simply closed the door and walked away.

No way I was dealing with that mess anymore, so instead I started looking at my options with regard to shed storage ideas and designs to help me get rid of the clutter. Here is what I found, hope these ideas help you as much as they did me!

1. Ceiling Mount Shelf

Overhead Storage Made Easy

HyLoft 50175-10 60-Inch by 45-Inch Pro Ceiling Mount Shelf, White

HYLOFT Pro ceiling Mount Shelf

What better way to store things you only need every once in a while, than putting them up and out of the way?

This ceiling mount shelf can hold up to 300 pounds when properly mounted and can be adjusted from 31 to 41 inches in height. The design will fit the distance between most joists and can be used on both vaulted and flat ceilings.

2. Collapsible Storage Rack with Wheels

Storage When and Where You Need It


ORIGAMI Storage Rack with Wheels

There may be times, like Christmas, when you need temporary storage for a large number of items. This handy collapsible storage rack opens and folds up in seconds, but can hold up to 250 with the wheels installed.

Folds ultra-flat when not needed so you can store it out of the way.

3. Garage Organizer

8 Feet of Pure Garden Tool Storage


If you are like me, you have probably been storing most of your garden tools by leaning them against a convenient spot on the wall. This of course leads to them falling down and creating a huge mess.

With this 8-foot-long garden tool organizer, you can hang your tools in one convenient spot and clean up the mess once and for all.

4. Wall Mount Storage System

Hang Just About Anything You Can Imagine


TRITON Wall Mount Storage

Whether you are trying to organize your tools, find places for smaller items, need a shelf for bigger items, this wall mount storage system can hold up to 750 pounds of your gear when mounted to the studs in your wall.

Comes with a host of straps, hooks, tool keepers, and more and is guaranteed to help clean up the clutter in your garden shed.

5. Deep Ceiling Mount Shelving System

Nothing Could Be Easier


As long as you have space on your ceiling, why not make good use of it? This deep ceiling mount shelving system uses eyebolts that can be screwed into your ceiling joists or boards mounted to your ceiling into which shelving hangers are inserted.

You determine how many shelves and how deep they are by which hangers you choose.

6. Adjustable Wire Shelving

Super High Capacity Chrome Steel Storage for Your Shed


SANDUSKY Heavy Duty Adjustable Wire Shelving

Do you have lots of heavy tools and boxes in your shed and need somewhere safe to store them?

This set of four shelves can hold up to 2400 pounds, which is 600 pounds per shelf. They measure 72 inches wide, which should be enough to store just about anything in your shed and more.

Shelf height can be adjusted in 1-inch increments for even more flexibility.

7. Deluxe Tool Tower Rack

Take Back the Corner of Your Shed


RUBBERMAID Tool Tower Rack

Yeah, you know the one where all of your garden tools are piled on top of each other. This tower tool rack offers places to store up to 40 different tools and is on wheels!

What a great way to store your garden tools, it even has a special place for your weed trimmer complete with a cord holder.

You can use this to increase the amount of storage space in your shed by quite a lot and save yourself time looking for the right tool.

8. Expandable Garage Shelves

Because You Can Never Have Enough Shelf Space


EZ SHELF Expandable Garage Shelf

Have you ever noticed that you never seem to have enough shelf space in your shed? I did and then I found these amazing expandable shelves.

You get three sections of shelf that can be used to create a one or more shelves ranging from 45 inches to 72 inches long. The best part is that they only take a few minutes to install.

9. Cord Organizer

When You Have Too Many Extension Cords


GORILLA GRIP Bungee Cord garage Organizer

What are you supposed to do with what seems like a mile or two of extension cords slithering all over the floor of your shed.

This nifty bungee cord organizer is the perfect solution as it can hold up to 50 pounds of cords, hoses, tools or virtually anything you can hang with the enclosed bungee cords.

Can be used inside your shed or on the outside wall for garden hoses.

10. Wall Control Galvanized Steel Organizer

Take Control of Your Shed Wall


WALL CONTROL Galvanized Steel Tool Organizer

This galvanized steel pegboard not only looks cooler than standard pegboard, but it can handle a lot more weight. Slots and holes design lets you use a range of pegs, hooks, brackets, and shelves to create your own unique shed storage system.

 It also comes with a selection of hooks and brackets to help you get started.

11. Stack-On 12 Bin Organizer

The Perfect Place for the Nuts in Your Shed


STACK-ON 12 Bin Organizer

Storing small items like nuts, bolts, screws, connectors, and more typically involves using things like jars, tubs, bowls, and just about anything you can get your hands on.

This handy 12 bin organizer has lids on each of the bins and can be stood upright, laid on its back, or hung from a wall and gives you huge amounts of storage for the nuts in your shed.

12. Heavy Duty Storage Cabinet

Stainless Steel Security When You Need It


SEVILLE CLASSICS Heavy Duty Storage Cabinet

This is literally a portable locking storage cabinet you can use in your shed or garage to securely store just about anything.

At 72 inches tall, you can adjust the shelves to fit your most expensive tools, flammable chemicals, or anything else you want to keep everyone else out of.

The cabinet is fitted with locking casters that let you move it into location and then lock it in place.

13. Storage Rack with Adjustable Shelves

Simple Yet Highly Effective Storage


EDSAL Black Steel Storage Rack

The last thing you want in your shed is expensive and complicated storage. Nothing could be easier to put together than this simple storage rack with adjustable shelves.

The frame is all steel for extra strength, and the particle board shelves use double riveted beams and braces for add weight capacity. Assembling the shelves does not require any tools and should only take you a few minutes once you get the parts out of the box.

14. Store More Standard Storage

When Your Shed Doubles as a Craft Room


PROVEN SOLUTIONS System Standard Storage

Not everyone uses their garden shed to store tools, many, like my wife, use theirs as part art studio and part craft room.

The Store-More System offers a wealth of different sized bins that can be stacked in a honeycomb pattern that is designed to let you get the one bin you need without having to take the others down.

You get a total of 30 bins, 6 extra-large, and 12 each of the following, large and medium. The bins are made from clear plastic so you can always see what's in them.

15 Weathertight Storage Box

Keep Mother Nature at Bay


IRIS USA, INC. 46 Quart Weathertight Storage Box

No matter how dry your shed is humidity can still be a problem or maybe you need to use the area under the porch for added storage.

These storage boxes measure 11"H by 16"W by 19.7"L giving you plenty of clean dry storage space that uses weathertight seals to keep Mother Nature at bay and everything inside nice and dry.

16. CD Cabinet

Not So Old School


CD RACKS Media Furniture Solid Oak CD Cabinet

Sure all of the kids store their music digitally, but some of us still have huge collections of CDs we use to keep ourselves entertained out in the shed where no one else can see.

This CD cabinet has space for 376 CDs in their cases. Not bad, in fact this is a lot of room, it only took three of them to have enough space for my CD collection. But at least I will never get bored "working" out in the shed.

17. Collapsible Storage Container

Storage When You Need It, Out of Sight When You Don't


CLEVERMADE Collapsible Storage Bin

If you are like me there are times when you seem to have a bigger need for storage than others. For me it is in the spring for seeds and bulbs, in the winter it is a place to hide Christmas gifts.

These collapsible crates fold flat and are only 2.8" thick, yet when opened up can hold up to 46 liters of your gear. Interlocking nesting lets you stack several together to create a storage center. Crates can handle up to 88 pounds.

18. Tool Tamer Organizer

Storage On the Go


TOOL TAMER Garage Organizer

The Tool Tamer offers fully portable storage that is designed to be hung on the wall.

The organizer features a number of storage pockets of varying sizes to accommodate a number of tools and miscellaneous items.

Best of all, you can take it off the wall roll it up and take everything with you and hang it back up when you are done.

19. Easy Organizer

Have a Barrel of Fun


This simple cardboard barrel can be found at many businesses who deal in bulk items like nuts and bolts, flour, sugar, and many others. It offers perfect storage for long-handled tools like rakes brooms, and shovels.

If something happens to it, you are not out much money and it can be easily replaced with another one just like it.

20. Tube Organizer

Totally Tubular


You don't have to spend a lot of money to create useable storage in your shed. Here we see a series of metal tubes welded to steel plates so that they stand upright.

This makes the perfect storage for long-handled tools like mops, brooms, and rakes. Low-cost and easily portable, you can find room for several of these in your shed.

21. Cling It

Getting Simpler All the Time


Simple is sometimes the best solution when it comes to shed storage. Why not take a slice of your firewood, drill few holes in it, add pegs, and then hang it on the wall?

Drill holes in your long-handled tool handles, add a loop of string and then hang them from the pegs. Practically free storage except for a little of your time.

22. Keep It Hanging

Going with the Simple Theme


All you need is wood, dah da da dah, ok so bad play on a Beatles tune, but truly all you need for tool storage in your shed is a little wood.

This simple storage has a 2 x 4 frame with more 2 x 4s used to create the slots to hang your tools in. Total construction time a couple of hours, total tool storage time practically forever.

23. Wall Organizer

More Wood


This tool storage unit is made from a single piece of 2 x 6 with slots cut into it for things like brooms, rakes, etc. Then add a couple of block to supports like these and nail the crosspiece in place.

You can make this storage rack from any scrap lumber you happen to have laying around, in fact, you should plan to put several of these up in your shed.

24. Tool Rack

And Even More Wood


This tool rack is a little fancier and better suited to shorter tools like garden forks, shovels, spades, weed trimmers and the like.

The simple frame can be built from scrap 2 x 4s and made to fit just about any space you have to work with. Add pegs between the bigger tool slots for even more storage.

25. Stock It Well

And Finally yet Even More Wood


Wood is the ultimate tool in your inventory to use in creating a wide range garden storage designs and ideas. You can drill it, cut slots in it, add nails and screws to it, basically use it for any type of storage you can imagine in your shed.

You are only limited by your imagination and your needs.

How "Wood" You Create the Ultimate Shed Storage

Creating storage inside of your shed and outside for that matter is not just a matter of going to the store and buying a variety of storage units such as those above.

If you are like me, you need a range of different types of storage for an even bigger range of gear. I ended up buying some of my shed storage and making the rest to get what I needed.

Hopefully everything depicted here has given you some great shed storage designs and ideas to work from.

I hope you have enjoyed looking at the pictures of these amazing garden shed storage designs and ideas as much as I have enjoyed collecting them and that they have inspired you to go the extra mile in creating the ideal storage for your shed.

If you liked what I have put together for you here, please let me know.

Let everyone know you enjoyed reading this on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Thank you for reading this.

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