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Portable Storage Sheds

10 simple portable storage shed

Need to free up some space in your home?

Can't put up with the clutter in your garage, basement or hallway? How about some temporary storage, that you can use when you need to?

Portable sheds are a quick and value for money. They are great for renters and anyone who needs a convenient storage solution.

This list is full of portable sheds and portable storage ideas for very household storage issue. Some of these sheds are more portable than others, but they can all be relocated when needed.

We're sure hope you will find what you are after.


Portable Storage Shed Comparison Table

The 10 Best Simple Portable Storage Sheds

I comprised this list of top 10, out of all the storage sheds I reviewed so far. If a portable or basic storage shed answers your needs, you'll find the right model below. 

1. Keter Woodland Storage Shed

If you don’t need much storage, then this little shed is for you

Keter Woodland Storage Shed

Image courtesy of Amazon

It's lightweight, easily moved and is a perfect size for two bins or some pool or garden equipment. It will keep the water off your equipment while looking nice in your yard.

A simple solution, assembly is easy and can be done in less than 1 hour. The unit can also be easily moved with a hand trolley.

Some reviewers have complained about the longevity of this unit, however it does really require a place that is protected from the sun, and other harsh weather. You also can’t be rough with it; otherwise its lifespan will be significantly shortened. It is a cheaper unit not built for harsh weather, so don’t expect the Taj Mahal here.

Overall, the Keter Woodland Storage Shed  is a good little shed if treated right.

Easy to assemble and move
Small storage space
Looks nice assembled
Might be a little too light weight - note if you live in a windy area
More affordable than other models on the list
Floor is a little weak and could bend

2. Flower House SHSM655 StorageHouse Walk-In Storage House (Large)

Looking for a cheap and easy solution to your outdoor storage problems?

Flower House XL

Image courtesy of Amazon

Look no further. The flower house is a storage tent that is mobile, inexpensive and does the job.

It is easy to move and has enough room for two adult bikes, or your push mower and garden tools. Assembly can be done in under an hour, but requires 2 people.

Being a cheaper solution, the wall lining is thin and can tear with any moderate force. It is easily repaired with duct tape however, this doesn’t leave a great look for your yard.

Overall, the Flower House is a good little temporary storage unit, especially for those in moderate climates (like California).

Thin wall lining
Easy to move
Not for rough conditions
Easy to assemble
Seams could open when pressure applied

3. The Yardstash IV

Need a place to store your bikes and small garden equipment?

Yardstash half open

Image courtesy of Amazon

Then the Yardstash is constructed like a tent, which makes it easily movable and very well priced.

You can set it up almost anywhere from a balcony to a designated car park in a large complex.

It is strong, the material in the Yardstash is a lot stronger than other storage tents,  but it’s not a wooden or metal shed. It does tend to work better in semi-sheltered areas like under a pergola or alongside your house.

The size is a little limiting, because of the nylon you can’t really put any shelves up. It will however fit a push lawn mower and some garden accessories in there. The large flap door allows easy access to all your equipment.

The YardStash IV is great buy for renters, those without much room, and campers who take the mountain biking seriously.

Setup is easy
Not for fully exposed areas
Portable and easy to move
Durability questionable
Accessories come in a storage bag
Zippers failed for a few customers

4. Suncast Storage Building 6ft x 3ft

A great storage shed for the money

Suncast Storage Building

Image courtesy of Amazon

The Suncast storage building sits very well up against a fence or an outside wall of your home.

The two doors open up quite wide and you can easily get a push mower, garden tools and other odds and ends inside. When the doors are shut, they are lockable to keep little prying fingers out.

As for moving it, the shed is tougher to move than other sheds. If moving it from one house to another you will need a pickup or similar to move this. It will require some planning on your part. Although moving this shed does void the warranty, reviewers seem to have no problem moving it around.

This 7.5 x 3 ft storage building is a great shed, especially if you are renting and like to keep your gardening and outside equipment outside.

Well constructed
A little pricey
Looks Great
Requires base built using 2x6's
Easy to assemble, considering its size
Dimentions are a little off than advertised

5. Suncast Utility Storage Base Cabinet

If your laundry, garage or shed is overflowing then here is an inexpensive compact storage solution.

Suncast Garage Cabinet

Image courtesy of Amazon

Lockable double doors allow for plenty of storage. This compact unit contains 2 shelves that can hold up to 75 pounds each.

This is great for many small items, from cleaning products to paint tins and other odds and ends. But the best part is that you can stack these cabinets on top of each other, for added extra storage with no extra floor space required.

The Suncast utility unit can be stored in semi sheltered areas and the plastic makes it easy to move and clean when needed.

It is easy to assemble, set up and use which is why it made our top 10 list.

Easy to move
Not for large items
Requires some creativity in assembly - some alignment issues
Sturdy, once assembled
Indented top collects water

6. Rubbermaid 3749 Vertical Storage Shed

Looking for a neat way to store your garden equipment outside?

Rubbermaid Vertical Storage Unit

Image courtesy of Amazon

If you are, this vertical storage shed from Rubbermaid is made for you.

The shed has lockable doors, is easy to assemble and easy to move with a hand trolley/truck. It looks neat and has a small footprint which helps it fit into any yard.

You can put shelves in it, but they aren’t included (can order direct from Rubbermaid). The shelves sit back so you can still fit your rake and shovel in there along with other smaller equipment.

Because of its size it is a little top heavy and needs to be supported by something, whether that’s the side of your house or a fence. Especially in windy conditions.

Overall, Rubbermaid 3749 Vertical Storage Shed, 17-cubic ft is a good little shed which is easily movable from one place to the next.

Easy to move
A little top heavy
Great for long items
Shelves and hooks not included
Some customers required a rubber mallet to assmeble the unit

7. Suncast Vertical Tool Shed

Made from resin, this vertical tool shed has plenty of space to organize your yard

Suncast Vertical Tool Shed

Image courtesy of Amazon

The color is neutral which will fit in with any house and yard. And the shed looks like a domesticated shed, not a storage locker like some others do.

The small footprint will fit easily on a patio, deck or balcony which is great for people living in a condos and apartments. The shed comes with hook holes that allow you hang items (like rakes and brooms) and internal spaces for shelves.Although the actual hooks and shelves do not come with the shed.

Being a vertical shed, it does need support especially in windy conditions, either to a fence or the side of your house. And it isn’t for storing electronics or documents, and it’s not large enough to store a mower in there.

Overall the Suncast Vertical Tool Shed is a good looking solution with plenty of storage for a small space.

Easy to move
A little top heavy
Great for long items
Too small for mower
Tool free assembly
Some customers noticed panel gaps

8. ShelterLogic Round Style Auto Shelter

Looking for a large portable shed that’s great value and easy to move?

ShelterLogic Round Style Auto Shelter

Image courtesy of Amazon

This round style auto shelter is huge, almost echo huge. There’s enough room for a car in there, so there’s plenty of room for your bikes, mowers, or even a ping pong table.

The shelter itself is made from UV treated fabric to stop fading, and the steel frame is powder coated to give it more durability. Both ends have zip doors for privacy or to keep the rain out.

Although the steel frame gives the shelter a solid frame, it’s covered in fabric which is not designed for tough weather. This shelter is really a Spring, Summer and maybe Fall shelter, and is not a permanent structure. There is also no floor but it will sit on lawn just fine.

This extra large, portable round style auto shelter is a good buy… if the weather near your house is nice and calm, and you have the room for it.

Light duty
Easy to disassemble, move and re-assemble
Not for harsh weather
Great value for a temporary solution (up to 2 years)
Consider a wooden/metal shed for a permanent solution

9. ShelterLogic Shed-in-a-Box

Don’t like fabric based sheds because they are not strong and durable?

ShelterLogic Shed-in-a-Box

Image courtesy of Amazon

The Shed-in-a-Box might change your mind. It is quite sturdy for a fabric shed, and is secured to the ground with metal plates and auger anchors. There is also a ‘ratchet tite’ tensioning system that keeps the polyethylene cover connected to the frame.

To suit your needs it comes in a few different sizes (8x8x8, 6x6x6, 10x10x8, 6x10x6 and others) and is a great place to store firewood, your ATV, a ride on mower or even patio furniture.

There is no shed with the floor so you will need to put a tarp down if the ground gets wet.

Also, like every other fabric shed it is only really a temporary solution. The fabric rubbing back and forth on the frame will sooner or later cause the cover to rip.

Our verdict is the Shed-in-a-Box is a good value, multipurpose temporary solution. It does come with a 1 year warranty against manufactured defects for peace of mind. The cheapest we’ve seen it for is at Amazon, but Home Depot sells it as well.

Good Value
Assembly can be tedious
Holds 3 bikes
Extras are required
Stand up to snow

10. Portable Storage Tent Garden Shed Motorcycle Storage Cover Garage Tool Shed

Need a place for your motorbike, ATV or ride on mower?

Portable Storage Tent Garden Shed Motorcycle Storage Cover Garage Tool Shed

Image courtesy of Amazon

This affordable, portable storage tent comes with 2 shelves for your knickknacks, some see through panels to allow light in, and can be assembled in less than 30 minutes.

The design is good, and the shed is supported to the ground with a PVC frame, string and stakes. Although it is quite tall, strong winds shouldn't blow this unit over if it is installed correctly.

It is covered with a heavy duty canvas lining, but like all fabric sheds this will not fare well in rough weather conditions. It is better placed with some cover in your hard, e.g. against a fence or your house.

This portable storage tent doesn't look great, but it will keep what’s in their dry and out of the sun.

Easily movable
Not for harsh climate
Long enough for motorbikes and ATVs
Doesn't look good


These sheds will work fine if you're looking for a portable solution. These would not hold in rought weather or for long, heavy duty use. If your not sure what shed type you need, I usggest you read through my guide on picking the right shed for you. 

Thanks for reading, if you know a great portable storage shed that isn't here, please let us know on the contact page!

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