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Leisure Season Horizontal Refuse Storage Shed

This striking and functional unit will keep your front yard tidy, on a very small footprint.

Size (ft)2.8 x 4 x 5.1
Weight (lbs)95
Storage Space (cu ft)58.55
Assembly time30 to 90 minutes (1 to 2 people)
Price(See Below)
CountryUnknown to us


Attractive shedNot waterproof unless caulked
Easy to assembleWon’t stand up to much abuse
Easy to cleanWon’t store large bins (42" clearance height at front)
Great value for money (almost half price of some comparable units)
Lockable doors and lid

The unit looks great once installed; in fact it looks worth more than it costs.

Leisure Season Horizontal Refuse Storage Shed White
Good for storing
Trash and recycling bins
Kids Bikes
Outside Washer and Dryer

It is easy to use and the design makes everything easily accessible. The front doors allow easy access as does the lid. The lid is curved to reduce snow and ice buildup.


This striking and functional unit will keep your front yard tidy, on a very small footprint. Whether it’s hiding bins from sight and from pests, or your outdoor washer and dryer combo, the Leisure Season Horizontal Refuse Shed will do the job.

The curved lid and cypress timber gives the unit a sharp look, while making it a practical and easy to use storage shed. The struts hold the door up for easy use, however the lid on the shed does not completely keep the rain out. It can be caulked to help with this issue.

You will also want to measure your bins first to make sure they fit. You can fit three regular 32 gallon trash barrels and close the doors fine. However, this unit will not fit all bins such as the City of Toronto bins being one example, so it’s best to measure before ordering. (42″ clearance height at front)

The timber, although not cedar, is pest and weather resistant. Although, some of the parts are a little flimsy, including the latch on the front door, the struts, and the front doors which could warp easily if not coated with something before installed.


The instructions are easy to follow with the spots that need to be screwed are indicated with pressed in dots.

It is very light and easy to move, so it can be built and then moved. There is no floor in this unit, so to strengthen it; there are two rails that run along the front of the unit, one at the top and the other at the bottom.

Our Verdict:

This is a great little shed for the price. Although it won’t stand up to much abuse, it will organize your bins or other equipment conveniently, and enhance the look of your yard.

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