21 Secure Bike Shed Ideas from Around the Globe

21 Secure Bike Shed Ideas from Around the Globe

Time for a secure bike shed

ACCORDING TO THE FBI, over 1.5 million bikes are stolen in the U.S. every year.

So how do you stop from becoming another statistic?

By investing in securing your bike. And one of the best ways to do that is with a secure bike shed.

By leaving your bike in the shed instead of parking it on the porch or out in the backyard, you won't become just another statistic for the FBI.

For our own curiosity, and to help you find the best solution for your circumstance we put together this list. Use it to shop, or get ideas for your own DIY project.

1. USA - Bosmere Bicycle Storage

Bolted Down Super Security


Courtesy of Bosmere

The Bosmere bicycle storage shed is built from PVC-coated galvanized steel. The doors are spring loaded to make them easy to lift up and out of the way.

It is designed to be bolted in place so no one can steal the entire shed and has two places for padlocks for added security. Holds up to three bikes of all styles safely locked up, out of harm's way. Take a closer look here.

2. EUR - Roll Up Bicycle Bin Storage

Austrian Built Fast Access Security


Courtesy of howbertandmays

The Roll Up bicycle storage unit is made from hot-dipped galvanized steel and aluminum for maximum lifespan and added security. Can be ordered in a variety of colors and features a cylinder lock for added security.

The roll up lid slides smoothly out of the way, making room for up to three bikes. The perfect secure bike shed for out in your garden.

3. UK - Asgard Metal Bike Shed

Three's Company in this Shed

asgard secure bike shed

Courtesy of Asgard

Not only is there room for up to three bikes in the Asgard Metal bike shed, there is even a shelf for your helmet and gloves. The Euro-style cylinder lock is virtually impossible to pick, keeping your bikes safe at all times.

The Asgard has a built in rain guard to ensure your bikes and gear stay dry no matter how hard it's raining. Steel floor can be bolted down for added security. Large double doors make for easy access.

4. EUR - Bikedock Solutions Access Bike Shed

Peace of Mind for Four


Courtesy of BikeDocksolutions

If you want the ultimate in security for your bikes, this shed is made from heavy-gauge galvanized steel with reinforced front doors. It features one internal and two external locking points and comes with two discus style padlocks.

There is room inside for up to four mountain or road bikes and shelves for accessories like helmets, chain lube, gloves, whatever goes with your bikes.

5. UK - Safestore Double Ended Bike Storage

When You Have Limited Space


Courtesy of leisurebuildings

So many secure bike sheds seem to be made for those with lots of room. With doors that open on both ends instead of the front, the Safestore unit was made narrow for small spaces.

You can access your bikes from either end. Each unit is designed to hold one bike, but you can bolt multiple units together to create all the secure bike storage you need. Features a 3-point locking system, including a rail inside you can lock your bike to for even more security.

6. USA - Vestil Multi Bicycle Storage Shelter

Plenty of Room for the Whole Family


Courtesy of vestil

The Vestil shelter is more than just a secure bike shed, it is a family sized bike storage shelter complete with a bike rack designed to hold several bikes. The frame is powder-coated steel, the sides and roof are galvanized steel.

You can easily lock your bikes to the bike rack to ensure they stay put. The entire shed can be bolted in place using the included lag plates.

7. USA - Bosmere Wooden Storage

Natural Wood Styling


Courtesy of Bosmere

This shed is great for securely storing bikes, outdoor toys, garden equipment and more. Features honey brown dipped finish and double locking doors for security.

Sides are 1/2-inch shiplap siding, inside is a tongue and groove floor, and the roof is solid wood covered in roofing felt for optimum weatherproofing. Offers space for at least two bikes and all of your gear.

8. USA - Wedge Shaped Bike Lockers

Unique Shape Perfect for Tight Spots


Courtesy of ameribike

These wedge shaped bike lockers are made of molded fiberglass and plastic to provide you with years of secure bike storage. Each unit is designed to hold a single bike, but you can park more units next to each other minimizing the footprint. This makes them ideal for small areas where you need to secure several bikes.

Come fully assembled with built-in cylinder lock for maximum security.

9. AUS - Individually Accessed Bike Lockers

One Shed One Bike

Individual access to bikes

Courtesy of La Trobe University

These bike lockers are designed for use in a range of locations such as home, school campuses, workplace, and more. Each unit is designed to hold a single bike along with any riding gear.

Bikes are secured using a padlock making it possible for anyone to store their bike safely out of sight.

10. UK- The Lambeth Bikehangar

Award-Winning Secure Bike Storage

Courtesy of cyclehoop

The Lambeth Bike Hanger is an award-winning storage solution that can be parked on the street and takes up about half a parking space. It offers secure storage for six bikes.

Gas sprung door stays up while bikes are inserted or removed. Bikes can be locked to the bike rack where they are kept safely out of the elements.

11. AUS - Vertical Bicycle Lockers

Stand Up and Be Counted

die motorrad garage secure bike shed

Courtesy of autolift

Not everyone has room for a long bike shed. These lockers are made from 12 mm galvanized steel and are designed to let you hang your bikes vertically from the built-in hook.

The heavy gauge steel and three point locking system will keep your bike safe and secure from would-be thieves. Perfect for use at home, school, or in the workplace.

12. UK - 'Pedalbase' Bike Shed

Low Profile Attractive Storage

bikeshed company bike shed

Courtesy of 'the bike shed co'

This secure bike storage unit is perfect for those who need low profile storage. This shed comes in two sizes, one that accommodates up to three bikes, and one that can hold up to five bikes.

For ease of use the shed features a hinged roof and double doors. The Pedalbase is construction from wood that has been fully sealed for extra weather protection.

Both of the doors have bolt style locks on the inside and then a padlock hasp on the outside to provide your bikes with complete security.

13. UK - The Bike Vault

Super Simple, Easy Security

the bike vault

Courtesy of Bike Vault

Made from low-density recycled polyethylene, this super tough bike storage unit is just big enough for one bike. Inside is a place to install a D Lock or chain for extra security, the door offers stainless steel hasps for a padlock.

The Bike Vault is completely weatherproof, and there is just enough room for your helmet and safety gear. The Bike Vault comes completely assembled and ready to use.

14. UK - iniko Bike Unit

Step-In Storage

iniko secure bike shed storage

Courtesy of iniko

The iniko bike unit is constructed from powder coated aluminum for maximum corrosion resistance. The roll up door makes accessing your bikes simple and fast.

Inside are adjustable hyperglides that help support your bike in an upright position. Each unit is designed to hold two bikes, but the XL version offers just that little bit of extra space.

15. UK - Wiggle Bike Infrastructure Unit

Modular Storage for Your Bike

iniko secure bike shed storage

Courtesy of hbdesigns.co.uk

The Wiggle is a modular storage system made from wood with a galvanized steel frame. The unique shape is ideal for areas where rain and snow are common. It is designed to last for 30 years and offers storage for a number of bikes.

Total interior space is 47.25 sq. meters. Access is through a standard man door that can be locked. Bikes can also be locked to bike racks on the inside.

16. AUS - BikeBox Storage

Bolted Down Security

spec net secure bike storage shed

Courtesy of specnet.com.au

The BikeBox is designed to be securely bolted in place to give you added peace of mind. The lid can be easily folded all the way up for maximum access. All steel construction with a powder-coated finish is made to take on the elements.

Offers room for up to four bikes and plenty of gear. Three-point locking system keeps everything secure.

17. UK- Secure Shed in the Snow

Simple but Effective

spec net secure bike storage shed

Courtesy of shedforce

Nothing beats a simple steel shed for secure bike storage. These sheds are made to handle the weather and anybody interested in stealing your bike. The solid steel construction can handle a fair amount of snow load while at the same time resist all but the most dedicated thieves.

Single lockable door entry with a drip shield overhead to help keep ice and snow at bay. Sizes vary making it possible to choose the right size based on the number of bikes you need to store.

18. UK- Treesaurus Secure Bike Shed

Green Storage - Literally

treesaurus secure bike shed

Courtesy of treesaurus

The Treesaurus bike shed offers secure storage for 2 or more adult bikes and is made from solid wood with an aluminum frame. It even offers built-in hangers for your helmet and safety gear.

The unique thing about this bike shed is that it comes complete with a plantable roof. You can order yours with wild grass, wildflowers, or a mix of wildflowers and sedum.

The inside section of this shed slides out on runners from the end instead of the front, minimizing footprint while maximizing secure storage.

19. GER- Die Motorrad Garage

Pull Out Storage

die motorrad garage secure bike shed

Courtesy of die motorrad garage

Not everyone has room for a full-size bike storage shed in their driveway. This unit is built from several sections designed to be collapsed into a very small unit when not in use.

You can bolt the first section of the shed to a wall for added security. Each subsequent section slides over the others allowing you to expand the shed to meet your needs.

The fold-up front door makes access easy. You can literally open the door, park your bikes and then pull the shed out around them before using the Euro-style cylinder lock to secure everything.

20. AUS - Horizontal Bicycle Lockers

Simple and Secure


Courtesy of autolift

When space is not an issue these galvanized steel horizontal bike lockers are the answer to secure bike sheds. Each unit can hold a single bike without the need to hang it up.

There is room for your riding gear inside along with one bike. Each unit is fully weatherproof and secured with a built-in three-point locking mechanism.

21. US - Bike Shell Lockers

Composite Storage for the Win

bike shell

Courtesy of ameribike

These bike lockers are made from a composite of e-fiberglass and plastic that will never corrode and is highly stain resistant. Each unit is big enough to hold a single bike, but you can place multiple units next to each other for added storage.

Shipped pre-assembled and ready to go. The door is made to accept a padlock for added security.

One Last Word

Your bike represents a pretty hefty investment, the last thing you want is for someone else to be riding around on it. Even if you chain it to a fence post or patio rail, someone can easily cut the chain and make off with it.

These secure bike sheds show you just how easy it is to keep your bikes locked safely out of sight and out of the weather. Give your bikes the storage they deserve by adding one of these to your home or place of work.

If you already have a shed, there are shed accessories for you to consider. Specifically, bike storage solutions for home or shed. 

If you know any other good bike lockers you would like to share, contact us via the contact page.

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