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Storboss Mountaineer MHD Storage Shed Review

Size (ft) 15.5 x 10.25 x 7.7
Weight (lbs) 503
Storage Space (cu ft) 1000 (approx.)
Assembly time 16 – 24 hours (2 – 3 people)
Price (see below)
Country Made in the USA

Storboss Mountaineer MHD Storage Shed Review

“A home for your larger toys”

When I was younger I did up a jeep. It was my pride and joy, but it kept getting in the way. I was always worried about it getting rained on, and moving it when it wasn’t ready to be moved. The thought kind of spoilt the experience…

Unfortunately my Jeep  never had the home it deserved. And now, years later when I look at the Storboss Mountaineer MHD Storage Shed , it’s like going back in time. A HOME FOR MAN SIZED TOYS and projects, and maybe a second Jeep restoration.

It ticks all the boxes that need to be ticked when it comes to storing your pride and joy.

Large door opening No windows or skylights
Reinforced steel for strength Instructions are tough to understand
15 year limited warranty No vents (we can see)

1st Tick – Security

It’s strong and safe. There’s no way for opportunist eyes to see what’s inside, the steel panels are thicker than average, and the trusses are reinforced to take a heavy snow load (25lbs per square foot.)

The shed’s appearance is also under the radar. It DOESN’T DRAW ATTENTION like some others do. Its single tone color scheme and modest appearance doesn’t scream ‘open invitation’.

Project car
Hot Rod
Car Trailer


2nd Tick – Size

There is plenty of room inside. To start, the swinging DOORS OPEN 8FT WIDE, which is more than plenty for ride on machinery and any other equipment.

It comes in sizes from 10×10 to 10×30 which is large enough for your boat, hot rod or even your dragster.

The minimum height inside the shed of 6’2” tall, so unless it’s a horse (and we don’t recommend keeping horses in it) then you should be able to ride or drive it in and out do problems.


3rd Tick – Price

You can get this shed for a very modest price, which is great because toys cost money. Although be sure to price in a concrete slab in your costing’s. The shed doesn’t come with a foundation.



There are a few pitfalls however, but NOTHING THAT CAN'T BE FIXED WITH an angle grinder, a welder and some imagination.

  1. There’s no way for natural light to get in. A window or two wouldn’t go astray, or skylights if your security conscious.
  2. There are no vents. You might want to keep the place ventilated if using chemicals.



This is a strong secure shed, with plenty of room that’s great value for money. Get yours before I get them all.

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