Arrow Brentwood 5 x 4 ft. Shed Review

Arrow Brentwood 5 x 4 ft. Shed Review

This Compact shed is a neat and affordable way to organize your yard

Size (ft)5 x 4 x 5.8
Weight (lbs)186
Storage Space (cu ft)93
Assembly time3 - 6 hours (1 - 2 people)
Price(see below)
CountryUnknown to us

Looks neatMetal panels are little flimsy
Can be moved after constructedInstructions are not clear
Great valueSome necesities are added extras


An economical, serviceable option that does the job well

This Compact shed is a neat and affordable way to organize your yard. Its durable paint finish is baked-on enamel over galvanized steel, to resist the harshest conditions.


For a shed of this size, it is quite tall with a 70-inch peak height so you can store your shovels, rakes and tall garden equipment standing up. You can buy or make your own shelf to allow storage for smaller items.

Larger items will have a tough time getting and fitting in. A push lawn mower for instance, may only fit if the handle is folded up. And even then it will be a struggle to get it in, once you have other equipment in there.

Arrow Brentwood 5 x 4 ft. Shed

Good for storingNot for storing
Golf clubsPush lawnmower
Garden toolsSmaller items
Old paint tins
Long handled tools


The panels are all pre-cut and pre-drilled for easy assembly, although some reviewers had trouble with the holes not lining up as they should. To combat this, you must construct the shed on a flat surface, and be prepared to put the screws in on an angle sometimes.

Once constructed the shed is so light that it can be moved. A fit person can stand up in the middle of the shed and lift the roof to place it where it needs to go.

Because of this, the shed does need to be anchored down well to stop it moving when installed. Arrow does sell a range of anchoring kits to do the job, otherwise you can build your own wooden frame, or lay a small concrete slab down.


It is important to note when doing your costing, that the floor is not included. So you can either make your own, or purchase the floor kit from arrow.


Our Verdict:

The Arrow Brentwood 5 x 4 ft. Shed is a very affordable, quick and easy way to store your garden equipment. For its size it is a price leader and worth the investment, but don’t expect any extras.

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