Looking for Helpful Metal Shed Reviews?

Metal Shed Reviews

metal shed reviewsMetal sheds have been popular for a long time and sit in MANY BACKYARDS WORLDWIDE.

They are used in many factories and warehouses, because it is strong and cheap.

But they are NOT ALL BUILT TO THE SAME QUALITY, some metal sheds are better than others.

To make it easy, we've had an in depth look and found what they do well, and not so well. Choose from the metal shed reviews below and get started.


Metal Shed Reviews

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What to Look for in a Metal Shed

The Gauge (Thickness) of the Metal

Thicker metal gives a shed better rigidity, but it is also strength and durability. It means that the shed is stronger and can take more punishment.

Manufacturers also can't easily fake thicker gauge metal, so when you look for a shed, judging them on the thickness of the panels is a good way to tell a quality shed.

Height of the Roof

Typically its the height of the shed that suffers when manufacturers are trying to save money. And although we all like a cheap shed, hitting your head is something you'd probably prefer to avoid.

Of course if your not fussed about your head, a shorter shed is a good way to save money.


One reason we buy a shed is to secure our stuff. And although metal is a tough material, some metal sheds can be easily broken into.

Cheaper metal sheds tend to have holes for a padlock, as opposed to an internal mechanism to lock the doors, which is a lot more secure.


Strength is important in any shed, especially if you live in areas prone to heavy snow fall. Some sheds are reinforced to deal with heavier snow loads, and some are not.

If strength is important to you, then there are reinforced metal sheds out there.

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