Arrow Hamlet HM Steel Storage Shed, 10 x 8 ft. Review

Arrow Hamlet HM Steel Storage Shed 10 x 8 ft. Review

Size (ft)8 x 10 x 5.8
Weight (lbs)186
Storage Space (cu ft)401
Assembly time5 - 10 hours (1 - 2 people)
Price(see below)
CountryUnknown to us

A great value shed for anyone looking to clean out their garage, patio or house and get their space back

Arrow Hamlet HM Steel Storage Shed, 10 x 8 feet

Easy to assemble, even with 1 personThe packaged instructions are a little hard to understand
Great value for moneyEverything is an added extra, and you do need some of the added extras.
Easy to understand instillation guide available online
Electrogalvinanised steel is long lasting

Metal sheds represent great value for money and this one is no exception

On the outside it looks neat, and will fit in with most properties with its clean white exterior. It is easy to install, with pre-cut and pre-drilled panels and parts for simple DIY assembly.


One big issue that we see with metal sheds is corrosion and rust. This sheds metal panels are electro-galvanized, which provides some resistance against the elements corroding the shed.

Being metal though it does have its strengths. It will not rot, or be affected by the heat, excess sunlight or cold temperatures. This allows you to place a metal shed in those fully exposed areas of your yard.

With Arrow sheds, everything is an extra. This includes the ground fixing kit (so the shed doesn't blow away as it is quite light), the floor kit, and a roof strengthening kit (if you live in snow prone areas).

An instruction video of two people assembling a similar Arrow shed

The floor kit also requires you to provide the plywood for the floor. Reviewers recommend the thickest plywood you can afford, and say that you can get it cut to your exact dimensions from hardware stores (like Home Depot).

All sheds like to be on a flat, level surface which allows the doors to open and close freely. The sliding mechanism on Arrows Hamlet shed will give you some forgiveness though if you do place the shed on slightly unleveled ground.

Good for storing:

This is an economical way to store your garden equipment, along with any excess stuff from your garage. There is enough room for a ride on mower, bikes, pool supplies and general garden equipment. It is secured with a padlock on the doors, and has no windows for would be thieves to peer into.

It keeps out the rain, and will stand tall against all the elements. However, it is not a work shed. There is no natural light and its height is too low to stand up straight in.


This shed comes with Arrows 12 year limited warranty

Our Verdict:

All in all, this is a great value shed for anyone looking to clean out their garage, patio or house and get their space back.

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