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Building a Metal Storage Shed in 6 Steps

Arrow Hamlet Shed

The Arrow Hamlet is a standard metal shed. See more info here.

Metal sheds can be tough to install…

They don't forgive mistakes well. A slip with the drill can leave a hole in your shed. The panels are also thin and flimsy, and are hard to hold when assembling.

It can really help to see an example of one being built. It helps answer simple questions like how did they hold that panel there. What part goes first, etc.

So without any more babble, here is our guide to….

The 6 steps of Building a Metal Shed

1. Install the floor frame

The floor frame is where all of the wall panels slot in. So after you have built your foundation, this is your first job.

Make sure that it is square by measuring diagonally from corner to corner. The measurements should be the same for the frame to be square. You can then fix the floor frame into your foundation.

2. Put the walls up

Put the walls up and secure them together.

This can be fiddly because the panels are flimsy until they are all held together. It does help to have another person help you with this.

3. Secure the walls

There will be braces that secure the walls so they stay together. This includes the door trim which will make the area around the door much stronger.

4. Put the roof on

Install the gables (which are at the front and back of the shed), then install the roof beams. The roof beams will give you a strong foundation to install the roof panels on. They are also where you will screw your roof panels into.

5. Make the roof watertight

The roof on metal storage sheds have center and side coverings. These need to be on to keep the water out successfully, and secure the roof.

6. Install the doors and windows

The last thing you do is install the doors and any windows.

An homeowner time lapse video that shows all the running around that you do building a shed!

Tips for building a metal shed

  1. Use a drill. If you have a helper, get them a drill to. Because there are a lot of screws.
  2. You will at a minimum need a drill, measuring tape, and ladder to complete this instillation.
  3. Make sure the surface/foundation is flat and level. The holes wont line up during assembly if you don't and it can lead to water entering the shed
  4. If you are finding water in your shed, its because something has not been put up properly. For a quick fix you can use silicone to plug the hole.

Thanks for reading. If you're building a shed not out of metal, please have a look at the shed assembly page or at the homepage.

If you have any comments or constructive criticism, please leave a comment.

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