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The Pros and Cons of Wood Sheds

Almost Complete Wooden Shed With Window

The tradition and beauty of wood…

We do love wood sheds. The rustic and classic look enhances any backyard, and adds value to any home.

We can't put our finger on it exactly, but there is something special about wood. Maybe its because wood is a natural product and every piece isn't perfect. Or maybe its the character of wood, with every piece being different.

Either way, we believe that wood is a great material for building sheds… But in order to be fair, we have put together this pros and cons of wood sheds list…


Traditional Shed Material
Wood has Imperfections
Wood is a Great Insulator
Requires some Maintenance
Appearance is Up to You
Wood is Prone to Pests and Rot
Create a Custom Size
Assembly Time
Very Strong and Solid

5 PROS of a Wood Shed:

1. Traditional Shed Material

Using lumber is the traditional way to build a shed. Wood sheds have been around for a long time, and is still heavily used as a shed building material because of its looks, strength and versatility. It's also a renewable resource, and environmentally friendly, if that stuff floats your boat.

2. Wood is a Great Insulator

If you plan on spending much time in your shed, its better off being a wood shed. Lumber is a great insulator meaning that it resists the outside temperatures, leaving the inside of the shed more pleasant than a metal, fabric or plastic one.

3. Appearance is Up to You

Want your shed the same color as your house? No problems. Being able to choose how your shed looks is great, especially if your HOA has certain rules on colors.

Wood sheds are also relatively easy to work on, so if you want to put a window in later, or extend your shed you can do it. You can customize a wood shed this way, where you can't with other types of sheds.

4. Create a Custom Size

Just like the appearance the shed size is also up to you. This works well if you need a shed to fit a particular space, or you need to put something in particular in it. You can build a wooden shed to fit in all circumstances.

5. Very Strong and Solid

Wood is heavy, and when a shed is put together it can be quite heavy and solid. The frame is strong and takes the weight, but the sidings provide the lateral strength which really stiffens up the walls of the shed. This means that in strong winds, it isn't going anywhere.

4 CONS of a Wood Shed:

1. Wood has Imperfections

Movement is caused by the moisture going into and coming out of the wood. This can lead to warping, twisting and bowing which, in the most extreme cases can leave timber unusable.


  • Be sure to purchase Kiln Dried wood. This is where the lumber is heated to get all of the moisture out, which prevents it from moving. It is typically denoted by the letters ‘KD’ at the lumberyard.

2. Requires some Maintenance

Wood sheds require the most maintenance out of all of the shed materials. They need to be finished (painted or varnished) every so often, and parts replaced when they rot, break, or move to the point where they don't fit anymore.


  • If you are using roof shingles, make sure they are rated to at least 20 years. It can be costly and time consuming to re-roof your shed.
  • Paint your sidings on both sides before you put them up, this will seal them and create a barrier against rot, and also stop them from moving.

3. Wood is Prone to Pests and Rot

Lumber is a natural product and can attract pests such as termites but also rot. Rot happens when water is stagnant and pools around uncovered timber.


  • Be sure to buy timbers that are naturally resistant to pests and rot such as red cedar.
  • It is best to also buy pressure treated lumber for your decking, base and frame. Pressure treated lumber is treated with chemical substances and preservatives to prevent decay and insect pests from eating it. More information is available on pressure treating here.
  • To avoid rot, paint or varnish all of your lumber and keep the water out and away from the base of your shed.

4. Assembly Time

Building a shed out of wood is the longest route to building a shed. Simply because you are doing everything yourself.


  • If time is of concern to you, look at wood shed kits available from Amazon, Costco and all good hardware chains. They include pre-cut panels which will save you time.

Recommended Wood Shed Reviews

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6. Classic Wood Saltbox Shed Review

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If you need a shed and considering building one, you now know if a wooden shed would answer this need. We covered the pros and cons, and ever mentioned a few recommended sheds you can pick from. Still not sure whcih shed you need, have a look at the different types and get a better understanding of your options.

Thank you for reading through. Please let me know if there's anything you'd like me to add to this article.

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