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The Suncast Cedar and Resin Hybrid Shed

This shed combines the natural beauty of cedar, with the durability and practicality of hard plastic.

Size (ft)8 x 8 x 8
Weight (lbs)890
Storage Space (cu ft)400
Assembly time8 - 12 hours (2 persons)
Price(See below)

Suncast hybrid shed

Natural timber lookTimber can come warped
Convenience of Plastic roof and floorNeeds to be varnished/painted
Windows included for natural lightA little pricy
Durable and Sturdy
Easy to assemble

The Suncast Cedar and Resin Hybrid Shed gives you the best of both worlds…

The strength and aesthetic appeal of a timber frame and cedar panels, and the convenience and durability of resin (plastic).

The cedar paneling looks awesome. And the shed is framed in them which gives it a classic look. The windows even have outside shutters which add to the look.

Suncast Cedar and resin hybrid shed openReview:

Practically, the door opening is big enough for your ride on mower, and the resin doors are steel reinforced to add strength.

Two medium sized windows allow natural light into the shed, while the timber cladding insulates the shed against the outside elements. The timber helps regulate temperature, which allows the shed to be used as a work shed. All-resin sheds typically get too hot or cold to be worked in comfortably.

Every part of this shed has been thought about with the outside shutters for windows, vents and even cast aluminum handles. The resin roof is strong, and is much easier to install than traditional shingles.


Timber isn’t perfect and the wood in this shed is no exception. This being the case it will require some adjusting. Although if you believe it is too warped or cracked you can ask for a replacement part from Suncast customer service.

With that out of the way assembly is quite easy. All the pieces are precut and most are labelled, they just need to be assembled and fixed in place. The instructions are easy to understand making this a fun and quick build.


The shed needs to be finished, so whether that is clear or paint it gives you (or your HOA) the option on the final look.

Our Verdict:

But whatever color this shed looks great, will enhance your property and will make your neighbors jealous.

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