10 Cheap Landscaping Lights – That Do the Job of More Expensive Lights

10 Cheap Landscaping Lights – That Do the Job of More Expensive Lights

Cheap Landscaping Lights - A good example of a nice effect for little money

Having a yard you can use at night doesn't have to cost a lot of money

LOOKING FOR A WAY TO LIGHT UP all your hard work out in the yard at night? Welcome to the club, you could, of course, go out to your local discount hardware superstore and spend a fortune on lighting if you really want to.

The good news is that you can get the exact same results by looking around for cheap landscaping lights that can get the job done. Bear in mind that just because these lights cost less, it doesn't mean they won't work just as well as their more expensive counterparts.

Top-Rated Cheap Landscaping Lights

Below you will find my "Top Ten" picks for cheap landscaping lights. If you are like me, cost plays a pretty big role in everything I buy for my garden and landscaping projects. My goal is to get the most "bang for my buck" I can.

Not only does this keep my wife happy, but it also keeps my bank account smiling. In this list of lights, I have looked for low-cost but high-quality products to ensure you are not going to be wasting your money.

Sogrand Solar Light 3 Mosaic, Solar Lights Outdoor

A low-cost way to add a splash of color

You get three solar-powered mosaic lights in blue, purple, and yellow. These lights can easily be stuck in the ground to provide a decorative glow to your pathways, driveway, gardens or flower beds.

They are completely weatherproof and can take anything from the hottest days of summer to the coldest days of winter. Made from stainless steel and pieces of colored glass. They are solar powered so you never have to worry about changing batteries or running wiring out to them.

Stainless steel won't rust
On/off switch hard to find
Solar power – No batteries required
Stake glued into head cannot be removed
Colors look beautiful at night
Glass might break

24 Outdoor Garden Stainless Solar Landscape Light Lamp

One light at a time create your own lighting

Add a charming glow to any area of your lawn or garden. Light up walkways, flower gardens and more with several of these easy to install stainless steel lights. They are solar powered but use the pre-installed Ni-Cad rechargeable battery to ensure you get maximum light over the long haul.

Light comes from a single LED bulb. Lights will come on at dusk and go off at dawn and feature an on/off switch for those times you don't want to light up your world. Will provide light for up to 10 hours.

No wiring required
Not extremely bright
Battery back-up for maximum life
Plastic spike may break when pushing into hard ground

Vivian LED Solar Lights Color-Changing

Add a splash of ever-changing color to your yard

Why not add a touch of color to your gardens/paths with these amazing lights from Vivian. They are made from stainless steel and plastic to withstand all that Mother Nature can throw at them. The lamp is a cool diamond shape and rotates through a myriad of colors all night long.

Add several of these cheap landscaping lights to your flower gardens and along the pathways in your front yard and garden and impress your neighbors. They can be easily pushed into the ground and require no wiring.

Low Cost
ABS lens may discolor over time
Rotating colors
Lamps may break off posts
No wiring required
May only run for 6 hours

Myfun Corp Solar Powered Wall Mount Light Outdoor Landscape Garden Yard Fence

Put your fence to work lighting up your yard or garden

If you have a fence around your yard or garden, why not put it work. These nifty solar-powered lights can be mounted on any wooden fence and provide you with plenty of warm white light.

Like most solar powered lights, they come on at dusk and will burn through most if not all night long (depending on the time of year). They feature an ABS plastic shell that is waterproof and will not fade or crack.

Add several of them along your fence line to help illuminate pathways and your gardens.

Lightweight easy to install with screws or double-sided tape
Batteries may not have long life
LED light is warm white not harsh white typical of LED bulbs
Must have full sun to charge not for shady areas
Stay light for many hours
Not super bright

Garden Collections Purple Plastic Solar-Powered Tulip-Shaped Stake Lights

Add a touch of spring color to your gardens that lasts all year long

Add a touch of the whimsical to your gardens with a few of these solar-powered purple tulip-shaped lights. They feature an automatic light sensor that turns them on and off as needed.

The built-in solar panel charges the battery all day long to provide your garden with gentle purple light that lasts all night long. They also feature a manual on/off switch and measure 12 inches tall, perfect for use in gardens and along pathways.

Beautiful purple color
Flower heads are small
12-inches tall
Plastic materials may break
Solar power charges battery
May receive various colors if you order multiples

Paradise GL22458CI Low Voltage Stamped Aluminum Round 7-Watt Deck Light, Copper

Add a touch of class to your deck

Your deck is just as much a part of your landscaping project as your gardens so why not add some extra light? These aluminum deck lights come with a copper finish that will last for many years.

They are not solar powered but do come with 12-inch SPT-1 18g wire, connector box, and 7W wedge base bulb to make installation a breeze. They can be used with any 12-volt outdoor lighting system and are very easy to install.

Copper finish looks great and lasts
Must have your own power supply
Provide plenty of light
Cannot be converted to LED
Bulbs are easy to replace
Bulb is not protected by any type of globe

Solar Powered Mosaic Glass Ball LED Garden Lights

Can be used in the garden, on tables, or for outdoor Christmas cheer

These solar powered lamps are designed to be used virtually anywhere outside and are made from high-quality crystal glass. They feature an automatic on/off switch so you never have to worry about going outside to turn them on.

There are two modes of operation, single light mode or an RGB mode that constantly cycles. They are completely water and weatherproof. As they are solar powered, these cheap landscaping lights require no wiring.

Rotating Colors
Switch is weak
Crystal glass won't fade or discolor
Solar battery sits on top not secured
No wiring required
No protection for glass bottom

Frostfire Small Solar Post Lights

Compact yet they provide plenty of light and come in packs of 2

Use several of these solar powered lights to brighten up your gardens, sidewalks, and pathways around your home. You get two lights in each set that will charge all day long and then light up your gardens and pathways at night.

On a full charge, they will remain lit for up to 8 hours. Since they have no wires, you can place them anywhere in your gardens where there is enough sunlight to charge them during the day. LED bulbs are used to ensure you get maximum duration each night.

LED bulbs for maximum duration
Top can be hard to remove to access battery
Large globes for maximum light
Light level is a bit on the low side
Have a soft bluish-white light
Can be challenging to remove battery protector tab

Moonrays 93381 Solar LED Spotlight, Landscape Floodlight

Perfect for highlighting those special shrubs or flowers at night

Sometimes you just need a little more light or perhaps you have a special plant like a huge rhododendron you want to show off, even at night. This solar-powered spotlight is just the ticket. At 20 lumens of light output, it will do just that, without blinding anyone.

The entire light is made from heat and weather resistant plastic and measures 12.8 inches tall. Once you push the stake into the ground, the light sits 9.5 inches tall and the head can be adjusted up or down to ensure you hit the right spot.

Plastic housing is weather resistant
Not super bright like you would expect from a floodlight
LED bulb for maximum battery life
Some issues with batteries not charging
Bright enough to light up a plant or sign
Battery life is 3-6 hrs.

QPAU Waterproof 6 LED Solar Light, White

Perfect for placing just inside your garden borders

This solar-powered light uses 6 LEDs to add directed light in your gardens. The design is completely waterproof so you don't have to worry about rain, snow, or your automatic sprinkler system. 

You can mount it on a fence, a wall, or simply place it up against your border rocks or pavers. The solar panels spend all day in the sun recharging the built-in battery pack and will give you plenty of light for up to 8 hours on an 8-hour charge.

Lightweight, compact design
Limited range of light
Runs for up to 8 hours
Overall size is a bit small
Is not fully sealed against water intrusion

And Now for Something a Little Different

Outdoor Garden LED Solar Landscape Spotlight

Rock your garden with plenty of colored lights

Nothing highlights your gardens more than adding a splash of color at night. This solar-powered spotlight has two settings one for more light and one for longer light.

The light can be adjusted through a full 90 degrees as can the solar panel to ensure maximum power. The automated switch will turn it on at dusk and off at dawn.

Multicolor output on a rotating basis
Light has a low footprint
200 Lumens output
No option for color rotation
Runs 8 hours on high 14 hours on low setting
No on/off switch

Before You Turn Out the Lights

If there is one thing I have learned over the years, it is that as long as you shop wisely, it is possible to buy cheap landscaping lights and get the exact same results as you would buying the expensive ones.

I like to save money every chance I get. By saving money on lights, I have more to put towards big ticket items. I have several different styles of landscape lighting scattered around my home, but the ones I use most of all are the simple stick lights like those above that can be purchased by the case.

I hope these ideas for cheap landscaping lighting help you shine a light on all your hard work out in the yard. I have a complete section of the blog dedicated for garden ideas for the garden I started a long while ago. 

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