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Suncast 98 Cubic Foot Shed Review

Size (ft) 4 x 4.6 x 6.6
Weight (lbs) 140
Storage Space (cu ft) 98
Assembly time 1 – 3 hours (1 person)
Price (see below)
Country Made in the USA

The build quality is good and the unit is secure…

Suncast Horizontal Storage Shed Review

Easy to clean A little top heavy
Easy to assemble Can’t lean heavy items against walls
No maintenance required

“Easy, out of the way storage”

All the benefits of a maintenance free, plastic shed on a small footprint. It’s height makes it great for storing long handled garden tools, while it can also store paint cans, hoses, extension leads and other smaller items.


Being plastic it’s easy to clean, DOESN’T ROT OR RUST and the color doesn’t fade either. This makes it a great maintenance free addition to your yard. It’s a set and forget solution.

It looks quite neat and the two tone color scheme is universal, it looks smart up against almost any cladding. It’s an unobtrusive appearance that isn’t going to attract attention.

The shed will sit happily in a corner of your patio, deck or balcony. We do recommend that it does back onto something like your house or a fence because it can be a little top heavy.

[twocol_one]Suncast 98-Cubic Foot Horizontal Blowmolded Shed background

Long handled garden equipment
Patio furniture
Hoses + garden supplies
Weed Wacker/Weed Eater


As for installation, the shed MUST BE INSTALLED on a flat, level surface. Because it is tall and not so wide, this is very important. It effects the way the shed sits and also the operation of the doors. If you are putting it in your yard, then we recommend at least some pavers on a flat bed of sand.


SHELVES ARE AVIAILABLE for this unit although not included. Suncast does provide instructions on how to cut a possible 4 shelves to fit in the unit.

If you have trouble, the manufacturer has a customer service line that is easily accessible.

AS FOR SECURITY, The build quality is good and the unit is secure with a padlock able to be put on the front handles, but it’s by no means Fort Knox.


This is a great companion for the little yard, or balcony, if you have run out of space and your garage.

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