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The Top 10 – 8×8 Sheds

8x8 shed and chessboards

8x8 shed and chessboards

8×8: The Standard Size Shed

8×8 is a great size shed to compliment any yard. Everything you use to service your small, medium or even large yard fits in an 8×8. Your push or riding mower, long handled garden tools, and gardening equipment.

It will even hold all the stuff that's in your garage that shouldn't be. Like that old cutlery and china that has sat there forever, and of course the Christmas decorations.

An 8×8 shed can easily be the only outdoor storage you will need, so buying the right shed is important.

To help, we have found all the top sheds and put the information in the one place. So now all you need to do is assemble it and clear out that garage.


8x8 Shed Comparison Table

1. Rubbermaid Roughneck 7'x7′ X-Large Storage Shed

Looking for a great shed for a standard yard?

If you are looking for more storage in the easiest way possible then this is your next shed. Not only does it store all the usual suspects, the push mower, long handled garden equipment and your leafblower, but also the wide entry doors allow for riding mowers to be stored as well.

The shed comes with a floor to keep your items clean, and hooks to store items on the walls. Skylights are standard in the roof to provide natural light and keep spiders and insects who like dark and damp places away.

Like all plastic sheds it does require a good flat base. A concrete slab is preferred but a timber frame or even a flat bed of gravel will do. Unlike all plastic sheds the instructions are easy to understand, making this shed EASY TO ASSEMBLE. It can be done mostly with one person.

The Roughneck shed is also quite durable and dent resistant.


A great all-rounder for general yard and garden use. See what fits in it here.

Great value
Can’t paint it
Plenty of natural light
Requires flat, level base

2. 8′ x 8′ Sunshed

When you need your own space…

Got a large yard and need a place to do your gardening? Maybe you just need a spot in the garden to yourself, when you can go and unwind.

There is not a more picturesque place to do what you like in than this Sunshed. It comes with 6 windows and 4 skylights for amble natural light during the day.

There is also a wrap around workbench for those days when you feel like potting some plants or fixing something.

It is easy to put together, with the shingles already attached to roof panels for convenience. All panels are cut to manageable sizes and made from natural, renewable sources. The lumber is specifically chosen to repel pests.


The most expensive shed on our list, but its quality throughout. See exactly how much, here.

Natural wood look
Wood pieces can come warped
Windows included for natural light
A little pricey

3. 6411 Outdoor Storage Shed with Window

Something to be proud of…

Although the construction is plastic, the look is classic. Wood style wall cladding and imitation slat roof enhance the look of the shed, although the neutral two tone color scheme DOESN’T DRAW THE EYE.

Two large front doors give easy access to the shed and allow riding mowers to be stored inside. The extra height (given with cleverly made roof trusses) makes it easy to stand and move around inside.

Shelving (available as an added extra) gives this shed great storage options for small and tall items.


The reviews are above average for this shed, and many homeowners who have bought the shed, said they would buy the same in future. It is a QUALITY SHED AT A REASONABLE PRICE. See exactly how reasonable, here.

Neat and tidy appearance
Nothing special
Plenty of height in shed
Shelves are added extra

4. Suncast Storage Shed

When strength is not negotiable…

Suncast 7′ is a multipurpose storage shed that does a great job of keeping your property safe in various climates.

Assembly is easy all you have to do is snap the pieces together. There are no tools involved. When you're done putting everything together your shed will be sturdy with no leaking. And after assembly you’re ready to go, no painting required.

The Suncast she is great for storing lawn mowers, yard tools, mulch, bikes, and even furniture.

The doors are extra wide so that if you need to store something large, you will be able to put it in and take it out of the shed with easy.  Using this shed will definitely provide you more room in your garage or home because it can hold a lot.


If you needed a good shed that will get the job done, this shed delivers. Find out the exact price, here.

Good all-rounder
Bland appearance
No painting or ongoing maintenance required
No windows

5. Bedford Steel Storage Shed

8×8 on a budget?

8×8 is still 64 sq ft, no matter what it looks like. If you need the storage space and not the excess price tag then you’ve found what your looking for in a metal shed.

Metal sheds are reliable, they do they job and they are durable. And this one is as bare bones as it gets.

There are no mod-cons. It is quite low, the instructions are hard to understand and the look, well we’ll let you be the judge.

But at the end of the day, it still has the same square floor space as the more expensive ones. And this one is backed by a 12 year warranty.


Same space, superior value. Wan't to put a number to great value? Click here.

Great value
A little flimsy
No windows for opportunists
Doesn’t look great

6. 90190 Shed Kit

For a contractor like job without the contractor like price

If you are not confident building your own shed, but want a quality job then this shed kit is for you.

The kit provides brackets to remove any angled cuts from the job. Also included is a material and cutting list so all of the working out is done for you. All you need to do is go to the lumberyard and get the lumber!

The great thing about kits is you can choose the cladding and roofing materials to suit your own taste. And if you want a custom job, (i.e. chicken coop or something tailor made for your garden equipment) you can easily make a few changes.


An excellent way to go if you want a shed on a budget, and you're happy to do some of the work yourself. Get yours here.

Removes difficult cuts from building
Can be an expensive option
Customizable to suit your needs
Requires nails/screws and wood

7. DuraMate Vinyl Storage Shed (with foundation)

Tested in harsh conditions…

The shed is designed to meet tough height requirements from HOA’s so it’s not as tall as the other sheds. Taller folk will consider it a little low and have to bend down in there.

It’s selling point though is its strength. Tested against 115mph winds and it will also stand up to a heavy snow load. This is a great feature for the price. The foundation being included does help save money but you still require plywood to go over the top.

The instructions are tough to read but all the panels are labelled so some common sense and you should be assembled in 6 hours.

Another oversight is that there are no vents with the shed. They are available as an added extra. We do recommend you have ventilation of some kind.


Good, simple and strong, although you will need to make some adjustments to get it functioning properly. See the exact price, here.

Strong and sturdy
Not for tall people
No ventilation
Quick and easy assembly

8. When only wood will do

Classic Wood Saltbox 8x8Classic Wood Saltbox 8x8

If you’re looking for a quality wooden shed, then you can’t go past this. The classic wood saltbox shed from Little Cottage Co. is a striking looking wooden shed with detail and character.

The best thing about wood is that it is easy to work with. If you want to attach some shelves and storage racks, it’s easy and only the price of the lumber. There’s no need to buy any added extras from the shed company.

This kit comes primed ready for paint, but requires you to provide the roof cladding and drip edge. The shed could become a small workspace depending on how tall you are. The front wall is 6ft high.


For someone who is proud of their yard and wants only the best. See the exact price here.

Nice looking, good value shed
Some experience required
Can customize to your yard
Not everything is included

9. Cedar and Resin Hybrid Shed

Suncast Cedar and resin hybrid shedSuncast Cedar and resin hybrid shed

Want the best of both worlds?

If you are torn between the convenience of a plastic shed and the look and durability of a wooden one, then why not choose both!?

The cedar and resin hybrid shed looks great and is low maintenance. You get the benefits of a plastic shed; an included floor, little maintenance and easy to clean, with the pros of a wood shed, old style look, strength and sturdiness.

The 8 x 8 size makes this shed quite universal. Along with the generous door opening allows your riding mower to slot in nicely.

The walls being wood give them the strength enough to be able to attach shelves and hooks for better storage options.

The color of the plastic suits the cedar well, but the cedar does require some ongoing maintenance. It can also come warped (like all wood) so some experience working with wood is preferable when assembling.


A fine, smart looking shed that’s practical to live with. See the exact price here.

Natural wood look
Wood pieces can come warped
Windows included for natural light
A little pricey

10. Peak Style Shed (ShelterLogic)

Quick and easy

If you are after some refuge for your larger garden equipment, or just a storage solution that is easy to set up and portable, then this fits the bill.

The doors allow for easy access for your ride on mower, ATV or snowmobile, and the shed is tall enough for you to ride it in there.

Although it is a fabric shed it is made quite tough. The fabric is treated for UV, color fading and is waterproof. The fabric is ratcheted onto a 1-3/8 inch steel frame for strength.

Reviewers who live in snow conditions are happy with how the peak style roof handles the snow, “just like a metal roof.”


Great for larger garden equipment that could use a break from the weather. Get yours here.

Easy and quick to assemble
Can be noisy in the wind
Cheaper option
Offers no real security


Thanks for reading our top 10 – 8×8 sheds list. Anything you think should be on here that isnt? Why not leave a comment?

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