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The Best 8×12 Sheds Available Online Now 2022

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Some New Space…

Got a HOBBY OR FAVORITE PAST TIME that's best done away from the family? Maybe you just like your space when your working (or playing) the day away.

Here at ZacsGarden.com we like any reason to get a shed, but especially this one. A shed can take you OUT OF THE HUSTLE AND BUSTLE of your daily life, even for a short time.

Getting some extra space to get away can be very important, especially for a man. It's easy to feel like your attention is always taken up by something… Work, the kids, fixing things, the wife.

So TO GET YOU ON YOUR WAY, we found the 10 best 8×12 sheds. So you can spend less time dealing with things, and more time enjoying things.

Top 10 Picks For 8×12 Shed

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1. Lifetime 8×12.5 Storage Shed

The popular choice

This clean and neat looking shed does all you expect it to do. It keeps your equipment dry, secure and has enough space for your riding mower and other yard equipment.

A big selling point of this shed is the ‘set and forget’ factor. For starters, a one man assembly is not a problem, but two people will help put the roof on easier.

There are even assembly videos online to help get you started.

And being plastic there is no maintenance, not rust or rot issues and it’s easy to clean. It’s easy to see why this shed is so popular.


The masses agree, and it’s hard to argue for 8x12ft of maintenance free storage space at this price.

Limited shelving options
No Maintenance
Not as strong as wood

2. The Danbury Wood Shed Kit

Quality and Convenience

The shed is designed to be easy to build. It is a lot easier than building a wood shed from plans.

For starters the tricky stuff is done for you, the doors are pre-built ready to be installed. The framing and trim come ready to be installed.

The shed comes with detailed assembly instructions, and 24/7 support if you get stuck.

But just because it is convenient, the shed doesn’t take away any of the quality. The best lumber is sourced around the world for the frame, and the siding has a 50 year warranty on it.


A quality unit delivered right to your driveway. One click to find out more.

Great Value
Smaller door opening
Neat looking
No windows

3. Majestic Storage Shed

The Value Option

If you are looking for a nice shed for a nicer price, then this is it! It looks like a classic, custom built shed, and it’s all made out of lumber.

You need to do provide the shingles, paint, drip edge and foundation, so expect to spend about another $375 on these extras, but even so it’s a great priced shed.

There are added extras available, such as windows, a ramp and a skylight so you can customize the shed to exactly what you (or your HOA) want.

Being wood it is a bit heavy so we suggest you get it delivered for a small extra charge. Comes with a 10 year warranty.


We’ll say it again, great value! See it at its best price here.

Great value
Material can come warped/bowed
Can be too high for some HOA’s

4. The Everton

Everton shed with above door slimline shed window

Everton shed

On a budget?

Then you will be pleased with this all round shed with plenty of storage space.

It is quite a high 10ft tall, which is great for storing those odds and ends. The 8 x 12 footprint also allows you to store your riding mower, ATV and motorbike all in the same space.

The Everton has a nice look, it looks so nice in fact your neighbors will think it is a custom building!

It comes with good instructions but as far as strength is concerned, the shed is a little light on. Some homeowners are adding extra studs to help strengthen the roof and floor.


A good standard shed that will serve you well. Available at Amazon.

Great Value
Wood can come bowed/warped
Classic Style
Could use more framing lumber

5. SunShed Garden Building

Going to be working in your shed?

If you are an avid gardener, have a hobby that’s better done away from the family home or just want a retreat to relax, then ‘Outdoor Living Today’ has a shed for you.

An issue with some sheds is there is a real lack of natural light. When inside, it’s hard to see what you are doing.

But that isn’t the case here. There is a row of windows and skylights that provide plenty of light.

It also gives the shed a nice view out, which is a great feature if you don’t want to be disconnected from your yard.


This is a unique shed which will suit those who want a separate space to work (or play). Available at Amazon and home depot.

Great looking shed
A little pricey
Easy to assemble
Opportunists can see in through windows

6. Shed Plans

A family project?

Looking for something you can build together with the kids? Teach them a few things about woodworking and spend some family time together, in the outdoors?

If you are then these plans are less than a night out and include over 40 sets of plans, so you can choose what you like after you know how to build it.

They all come with material lists to make ordering easy, even for non DIYer’s. You can even send the lists off to lumber yards to get quotes and save money on your materials too.


These are the best value plans we could find on the internet. If your thinking of building from scratch then definitely have a closer look.

You have control
Require some building experience
Hard stuff done for you
More time consuming than a kit

7. Classic Wood Gable Shed

Classic wood gable 8x12 shed

Classic wood gable shed

All the essentials

This classic looking shed has everything you need, and nothing you don’t. That means there are no windows, shutters, or flowerboxes included with this shed.

All you get is a strong, no frills shed. But what you do get is robust. 2×4 pine studs set on 16 inch centers mean that the shed is built very strong.

The siding is also high quality, and the doors come preassembled. The door handle is lockable, and fine air vents are provided for the front and back.


It’s a no nonsense shed with nothing that you don’t need.

Nice looking, good value shed
Some experience required
Can customize to your yard
Not everything is included

8. Cedarshed Gardener Storage Shed

Cedar Shed Gardener Shed

Cedarshed Gardener Shed

Always wanted a log cabin?

It doesn’t come with its own lake or secluded forest setting, but this natural cedar shed is the next best thing.

The cedar paneling on this shed gives it a more natural look and it will fit in well in tree lined areas. The lining is also made from cedar, which we think makes a big difference to the look.

Practically, it is a nice shed also. With an okay sized double door opening (5 ft) and high roof making it accessible for the taller folk.


If you want the wood look, this 8×12 shed fits the bill nicely. You can compare prices at Amazon, or at Lowes here.

Looks great in the garden
Only single door opening
Good value
No shelves included

9. Shed Framing Kit

Want to do it yourself but lack confidence?

If you’re looking to build a barn done your way, then this framing kit is enough to help any DIYer get the job done.

This kit is the next best thing to having a carpenter by your side. The brackets take out the need for angle cuts. This means no expensive equipment is needed to make your frame. A material list is even included which gives you all the sizes you need, how easy is that?

The kit is great for those who want something custom made. It is easy to make the door a little bigger, add some windows, and raise or lower the roof of the shed to whatever you want.

Please note – You will need to buy two kits to get an 8×12 shed


Easy to use for those who want to do it themselves. Get more info here.

Removes difficult cuts from building
Can be an expensive option
Customizable to suit your needs
Requires nails/screws and wood

10. Banks Barn Style Shed

Bird Boyz 8x12 shed

Bird Boyz 8x12 shed

Looking for plenty of storage?

This shed is designed with those items you (or your wife) just can’t live without, but don’t seem to use often.

The sheds height gives it a massive 4ft loft, which is great for those Christmas decorations or that old dinner set that doesn’t see the light of day much.

The shed is solid and sturdy, built with 2×4’s and primed t1-11 siding (which is plywood). The double doors open to a large 6ft wide opening, making it easy to get your larger items in and out.


A great size storage shed, but check with your HOA and/or local government for approval.

Huge storage space
Some experience required
Nice, simple look
Height can cause HOA problems


The 8×12 is one of the most popular shed sizes - it's practical and answers the needs of most home owners.

Of the top list, my recommended shed is Lifetime's outdoor storage shed. It comes highly rates by hundred of buyers. It's not easy to set up, but sturdy once completely built.

If you're considering building a shed, I suggest you start with a complete guide to building a shed. When you feel confident about kicking off this weekend project, decide on what shed you actually need

Thanks for reading.

Know of a 8×12 shed that should be here? Contact me.

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