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The Top 10 Best 10×12 Sheds

Man seeing his 10x12 Shed

Time for a new Man Castle?

Can't wait to escape out the back in your shed with a book, a hobby or just your own thoughts?

Or maybe you just need a spot for your NEW MOWER, SNOWMOBILE OR MOTORBIKE.

Either way these 10x12 sheds will do the trick. These are our top 10 for a reason. THE ARE GREAT QUALITY SHEDS AT REASONABLE PRICES.

We recommend wood with a shed this size, even though they are typically more expensive. They are stronger and more durable.

We hope you find what your looking for.

And if you know of a shed that should be in this list, please tell us at the bottom of the page.


10 x 12 Shed Comparison Table

Little Cottage 12 x 10 ft. Pinehurst Colonial Panelized Garden Shed

Pinehurst Colonial Panelized Garden Shed

Want a great looking, quality shed and someone else to take care of all the details?

Everything is thought of with this shed kit, partly because the manufacturer has a lot to live up to. The Little Cottage Company is situated in Ohio’s Amish country, which gives them some shed building ‘cred' in our books.

So when we saw this, we weren't surprised. If you want A GREAT SHED THAT WILL LAST, then this is it.

With the assembly, everything that could be done for you is. The trim and siding are 98% pre-primed ready for top coat. And ALL THE HARDWARE IS INCLUDED ready for assembly. The siding is treated and resists rot and termites. The shed even arrives with a PRINTED COLOR INSTRUCTION MANUAL.

You do have to provide the paint, shingles and drip edge flashing (roof material to stop leaks). But the ready-made doors, window and custom crafted louvers come standard.

There are plenty of added extras to customize the shed including a flower box, in door windows, and a floor kit.

Our verdict:

If you’re looking for quality that only comes at the top end, then this is it. Expect to pay a little extra though.

Great qualityA little pricey
Added extras allow for customizingRequires shingles and other pieces
Great looking

Best Barn Cambridge

Best Barns Cambridge 10′ X 12′ Wood Shed Kit

Want an amazing looking shed but without all the math?

Everything is thought about with this shed.  All the shed pieces are cut for you, and THE DOORS ARE EVEN DELIVERED PRE-BUILT.

The siding is man-made which comes with a 50 year warranty. And the timber used for the frame is selected from the most stringent grading system. This means your shed frame is being made from some of the best wood available.

The instructions are detailed and easy to follow, but there is also a TECHNICAL SUPPORT LINE YOU CAN CALL 7 DAYS.

There are a few added extras for the shed, including windows, and a treated wood ramp. A premium floor is offered which raises the shed, but you are required to cut and construct it yourself.

Our Verdict:

Although it could be a little pricey depending on your added extras, the biggest downside from owning this shed is that you may like it so much you might want to use it as a man cave. Then you have to buy another shed for your mower. It's available here.

Great quality shedSome parts owner must provide
Easy assemblyA little pricey
Simple instructions

Vinyl Coated Murryhill Shed

Vinyl Coated Murryhill Heavy Duty Shed

This shed is made for larger boys toys…

From your ride on mower to your snow mobile or motorbike, THE ROLL UP GARAGE DOOR will make it easy to get in and out of there.

The siding is heavy duty steel, coated in vinyl to help protect it from the elements. THE EXTRA THICKNESS OF THE VINYL also provides some rigidity in the structure.

Although the lack of natural light really prohibits this shed from being a full on work shed, the roller door allows enough light for you to do a job or two.

This shed really deserves a concrete slab, and having a flat level surface will make it easier for you to install it to.

Reviewers tell us that the instructions aren’t very good, so you might want to look them over before installing.

Our Verdict:

A heavy duty, low maintenance shed with EASY ACCESS TO YOUR TOYS AND EQUIPMENT. Available here.

Heavy dutyAssembly a little tedious
Roller doorInstructions poor
Second doorNo windows or skylights

Woodville Wood storage shed

The Woodville 10×12 wood shed kit

Need to please the family too?

The Woodville 10×12 wood shed kit will easily store your ride on, and other garden equipment. But the fun is in the shed raising.

Because it’s MOSTLY ALL DONE FOR YOU, it’s a great family project. The wood frame and trim is pre-cut and the panels and doors are ready to install. All you need to do is teach the kids (or wife) how to paint!

The barn roof INCLUDES 3FT HIGH LOFT STORAGE, for extra capacity. Great for those once a year items like camping equipment, and Christmas decorations.

At Bestbarn, they go out of their way to GET GOOD LUMBER. The framing lumber is sourced and imported in from Sweden. The SIDING IS MADE IN THE USA and comes with a 50 year warranty.

To build the shed, you do need to provide the shingles, roof edge and level base, but the quality of everything else is taken care of.

Our Verdict:

A well built, family friendly shed. A great quality storage solution/small work shed for the price.

Great quality shedSome parts owner must provide
Easy assemblyA little pricey
Simple instructions

Arlington 10-Feet by 12-Feet Steel Storage Shed

Arlington Steel Storage Shed (AR1012-C1 )

Looking for a 10×12 shed on a budget?

It is still the same size and will hold the same items, such as ride on mowers, bicycles, garden tools, and patio furniture… it’s only QUITE A LOT CHEAPER THAN ITS COMPETITION.

The shed comes with precut and pre drilled parts, making it easier to assemble. It comes with many screws and washers which are required, but are quite fiddly. The instructions are available online so you can see what you’re in for before it arrives.

For those who are wary of cheaper purchases, the shed comes with a LIMITED WARRANTY FROM ARROW FOR 12 YEARS. The steel is also galvanized and the paint finish is baked on enamel which is quite hardy.

There are accessories available for this shed which are needed for some. Especially the roof strengthening kit for those who live in snow conditions.

Our verdict:

Great value for your money. A 10×12’ shed with a good finish.

Great ValueSome added extras are required
Looks neatSteel is quite a thin gauge
Sliding doors open wideNo natural light

Arrow Steel and Vinyl Shed

Arrow Steel & Vinyl Siding Garden Storage Shed

User friendly, and budget friendly

If your wife is nagging you about your tools cluttering up ‘her' house, then this shed will get your marriage BACK ON TRACK QUICKLY.

It is user friendly with the sliding doors open up 4.6ft wide which is enough to get a ride on mower in. The top of the shed also measures 7.1ft so it is plenty big, even for taller folk.The 10×12 size makes it EASY TO STORE YOUR GARDEN TOOLS and pool equipment, along with a mower and any excess patio furniture.

Assembly is a little tedious. There are plenty of screws and washers that come included with the shed that need installing. We recommend a cordless drill rather than a screwdriver.

The siding is vinyl coated to help protect it from the elements. The HORIZONTAL SIDING HELPS ADD STRENGTH AND RIGIDITY to the shed which will also extend the sheds life.

Like all Arrow sheds, the foundation isn’t included but there is information in the instructions which cover how best to do it. It is a cost factor to add into your budget though.

Our verdict:

Again another value shed from Arrow, however the added extras do raise the total cost.

Great ValueSome added extras are required
Vinyl adds durability against weatherSteel is quite a thin gauge
Sliding doors open wideNo natural light

Suncast Storage Shed

Suncast Storage Building

A decorative solution to your storage needs…

The window shutters, flower pots and gable roof are all LITTLE DETAILS THAT ADD TO THE APPEARANCE.

It’s user friendly with a tall roof, and the floor is included. Although you do need to build a flat, level foundation for this shed to sit on. (Details come in the instruction manual)

Unfortunately, the walls are too thin to hang your items from. But the roof is quite strong and the manufacturer claims that it can hold heavy snowfall @ 15 lbs per square foot. It is MORE THAN ENOUGH TO KEEP YOUR STUFF DRY.

The 10 x 12 size means that you can’t park a tank in it, but it is ample for your garden tools, pool equipment, odds and ends from your garage and even your ride on mower.

Our verdict:

A good looking, plastic all-rounder available at a reasonable price.

Looks goodSecurity Questionable
Good valueWalls are too thin to hang items from
Reinforced roof


DIY Storage Shed Plans

Do you like a project?

[threecol_one] If you love working with your hands, then here's a great opportunity to build your own storage shed.

DIY is a great way to GET A GREAT QUALITY SHED AND SAVE MONEY. All the plans you require are available here.

There are many different sizes and styles, so you don’t have to spend your time working out length sizes and drawing plans up yourself for the Council or Home Owners Association.

DIY is not for everyone, but if you want to take on a project then building your own shed is something YOU CAN BE PROUD OF. [/threecol_one][threecol_one]

Get good quality at good priceDIY can take some time
Get a custom jobRequires some DIY experience

Lifetime Storage Shed

Lifetime Storage Shed

When it’s time to get your space sorted…

Lifetime makes sheds simple, and this one is no exception. There are really NO BELLS AND WHISTLES HERE just a shed that requires no maintenance to store your stuff in.

The look is nice, without being great and the design is functional. It’s beyond the first glance is where this shed excels. The walls are double thickness, and the windows are shatter proof. There are also two vents to moderate temperature inside the shed.

The plastic construction allows for easy cleaning (pressure washer) and the steel reinforcement gives the shed some strength where its needed.

THIS SHED IS GOOD VALUE, especially for 100ft of storage space. [/threecol_one_last]

Our Verdict:

A good set and forget shed, proudly made in the USA. Available for a decent price.

Good valueGood without being great
Easy to assembleInstructions are hard to understand

ShelterLogic Peak Style Shed/Storage Shelter

Want a temporary solution which offers plenty of light?

The ShelterLogic Peak Style Storage Shelter is perfect to keep the weather off your ATV, Jet skt, ride on mower, firewood, or garden equipment.

The frame is made from HIGH GRADE STEEL, which is then treated with a powder-coat finish to enhance life expectancy.The fabric is held on via a ratchet tight system which secures it to the frame.

The fabric shelter is sold with what the company calls ‘temporary anchors’ the more permanent ones are available here.

Our Verdict:

Recommended for warmer and more moderate climates, and great for serious campers and nature lovers.

Easy to moveTemporary solution
Quick and easy to assembleFabric can wear

Thanks for reading!

Got a 10×12 shed that you think should be on this list? Leave a comment!