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Building A Wood Shed In 6 Easy Steps

Want to see what your in for?

Building a wood shedThere's nothing worse than a project that turns into a frustration. Something that doesn't work, isn't included or wasn't thought of.

That's why we have simplified the steps of building a wood shed. And there are plenty of videos explaining how to build the shed.

**Note – We covered the foundation in previous page. If you have not put a foundation down yet please revert to that page. (See that page here)

Building A Wood Shed

We have found that building a wood shed takes 6 steps.

1/ Build the panels

The first step is to put the frame together. If you have a kit, then find the pieces and put them together, you can use your foundation for somewhere level and flat to help you build it.

If your building from scratch then measure and cut the pieces for the frame and put them together.

It can save time having a nailgun to do this step, but you can get away with just a hammer and nails.

It also helps to build your trusses here too. Use the flat foundation to make sure that they are together and hold strong.

The builder builds the wall panels before putting them up

2/ Put up the walls

Next is to put the walls up. You want to erect them on your foundation. It can help to have two people do this, although you can use props and spare pieces of wood to brace the walls individually.

If you erect two walls that go next to each other, then screw or nail them together they will hold.

A great example of putting up and lining a roof

3/ Put up the roof

The roof is the third part of the shed to be assembled. Put your trusses on top of the walls and fix them in. You need to measure the distance to make sure that they are evenly spread.

For this part, you can cut pieces of wood to the size of the gap and then attach those pieces to the trusses. This will give the roof some rigidness.

Trusses are usually fixed to the top of the walls with nails or screws

4/ Cladding

If you haven’t yet clad your walls or roof, now is the time. But before you get started, you can insulate your shed with sarking if you need. It can help keep out water, if it were to sneak past your panel.

Clad the walls and the roof. This will help strengthen your shed. The easiest way, depending on what your cladding yoru shed with, is to use a nailgun, or a hammer and nails.

When cladding the roof, it is best to put some board down for lining, before you attach your outside material (shingles, corrugated iron, etc.) You will also want to add some drip edge to your roof to stop and water running down the roof and inside the shed.

5/ Doors and windows

It’s time for the fiddly stuff. The doors, trim, windows, shutters, vents and other accessories tend to go on last. This way they don’t get in the way while your building the structural stuff. This step can take as long as all of the previous steps combined, so be patient!

From 6.20. The video shows the attachment of accessories and trim

6/ Paint

Paint the thing! Wood sheds look nice with a two tone color scheme, but as long as its all covered then its all protected! It can be a good idea to paint the inside a light color, to help keep it bright in there and make it easy to see.


A quick video that shows the overall process

That’s your shed assembled. If you have any questions or want to share your experience building a wood shed, then please leave a comment!